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Hope you find a quiet spot, just don't turn Twitter on, and I'm sure you'll get through some work then. LOL!

That reference to Greta Garbo really cracked me up! :-)
Good luck with eking out a little bit of 'me' time.

You definitely must get away for a night!

DO IT. How about a hotel with room service?
And cut the guilt! It is not like you are sneaking away for some hot sex with another man Tertia! ;)

I send friends here and they all love it.



I have never been away from my husband and kids at the same time until this past January. I did a conference trip in Jan and 2 in Feb and I missed my kids alot but do you know, I was having so much fun on the last one that I forgot to call home one day....I couldn't believe it either...go have a night of solitude...I never knew it could be so energizing and I wasn't really alone...

Tertia, I go to a fabulous little spa in Rondebosch- it's down a VERY quiet lane, (I didn't know the lane exisited and have lived in the area for 25 years!)the spa is attached to a guest house. The guest house seems very nice but i haven't been in the rooms- it's quiet reasonable- about R350,00. The bonus is that you can go and have the preggie package at the spa, it's R525 and you get a facial, gel pedicure, foot & lower leg massage & an Indian head massage. I had the package the day before my daughter was born- it was divine!!!!!!!! The salon website is revealbeautybar.wordpress.com & the guest house is Ivydene.homestead.com - hope this helps!! Enjoy your time alone!

P.S If you book a the package- ask for Carolyn to do the facial- she is brilliant!!!!

We stayed at BayChris on our honeymoon. It was lovely.

I also feel very guilty leaving my children.....but we are human too. Someimes, we need to re-charge our batteries.


BayChris and Ivydene are really good. Last time I was in town I had a lovely massage at Reveal.

my son (4y) spends this week in the mountains with my parents. last week I said to him, a bit sad: "oh, you will be away the WHOLE WEEK!". he answered pretty cool: "mummy, don't be afraid, you know, we can call each other on the telephone." okay, my son… I know he will be perfectly happy and I am the one who misses him. ;-)

I find it difficult to leave my kids for more than 4 hours. This is with a part-time nanny who is very capable and I trust completely. I still hang around and do the chores and the gardening. I miss them terribly when I am not around them. I think when you fight so very hard to have kids it can be a difficult to let them have 'me time'.

Oh go all out and go to a spa - you so deserve it!

See www.mtbeds.com some good specials espeacially if you are booking at the last minute.

Formula One in Milnerton .... Sue H who BTW feels not worthy of having her emails read.

If you would love to overlook the ocean, I suggest the Sunset Beach Guesthouse in Kommetjie! So wonderful watching the waves, walking along a peaceful beach - the guest house is directly on the beach. It is very laid back with great hosts, you do your own thing - very chilled, good food. Would go back in a flash for some me time. Close enough but far away...if you know what I mean - you really feel like you are somewhere else and not just down the road.

Enjoy...wherever you go!!!

learning to unplug from the kidlets is healthy! you'll get the hang of it :)

Oh yes, I know of a great B&B in Newlands. I've stayed there twice (the last time in 2006). If I was living in Cape Town, this is where I would go for my me time! It is private, cozy, and clean. If it is a beautiful day you can have your breakfast out in their courtyard, you definitely feel as though you are sitting in a garden in Provence.

Celeste Berger is the owner although she may have someone else running it?
Their website is:

Enjoy your "me time!"

you are doing a GOOD THING. you are showing the kids that you trust them to manage without you, to rely on other people for support and help, even when you are not there. that makes for super healthy adults.

think of it this way, you are teaching your kids to be okay with you not there. they need to be able to see you come and go without you or them being overly clingy or anxious, knowing that you are there for them when it matters, but also that it is okay to be with different people, and that they have the skills and ability to manage on their own. if you never gave them that chance, they might become too dependent on you, and that would be a bad thing.

its a balance between being close and attached, while still being able to function on your own, and to be away from the people you are attached to.

go away, enjoy it IMMENSELY, and luxuriate in the thought that your kids will be super capable adults because of your choices.

How do you work that? If I told my dh I was going away, he'd come with me. And, if he told me he was going away, I'd think he was up to something. My me time is work. LOL

Maureen has a lovely place in Tamboerskloof. It may look a little over the top but it's so cosy and special. She'll treat you to a really great breakfast too. http://www.gilmourhill.co.za/index.php

Another place you might like to try is www.phakalane.co.za in Hout Bay. It's actually Retreat Centre but they have a birthing room (for "home-births"- with birthing pool) which they rent out to guests as well. Very quiet and tranquil. It is self-catering though.

OOOOOHHHHH, Tertia, you must try Thorfynn's in Monkey Valley. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. Surrounded by beautiful Tokai-like forrests, views of Llandudno and FABULOUS FOOD! My fave getaway place.

All these places look great! I wanna visit now!

Lezard Blu in Oranjezicht. Stayed there the night before my wedding and it was wonderful. They have the most amazing breakfasts.

I came across your blog on the TopSites webpage. Your blog is fabulous and very interesting! I wish you the best.

No suggestions of where. When I'm in Cape Town I stay with my SIL, who has twins only 8 months older than yours - fun, but not peace and quiet :-)

But I do think you should do it. I went to Knysna in February. Stayed in a basic B&B. Only an hour away from home, close enough that I could rush back if there was an emergency, far enough away that I was free. First time I'd spent the night child-less in 2 years. Best. Decision. Ever.

good for you for being good to yourself. the only time i have ever been away from DS1 (2.75 years old) is when i was in the hospital having DS2. maybe when they are 10 and 13?

you have to take trips without your kids. i think this is a must.

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