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Now i'm worried. My triplets are the same age as your 2 and I have yet to apply to a pre-school in Durbanville. I am only sending them in 2011 as I feel kids grow up too quickly and need time to still be little (ok, Ok, I baby them a little). We were thinking of either El Shaddai or Durbanville Prep - better run off to get the forms filled in.

Hehe... sorry I do have tolaugh at the curses. they such fun curses and I am so gonna use them. Thanks.

good help is hard to find. Might be a cliche but it true. You are so lucky with rose who probable feels like less of a helper and mor of a family support system.

I know Rose is a superstart but hey whaty would you fo if she became president.. ;)

Oh NO - how DARE they not accept Adam & Kate!? OFF with their heads!
Uhm I am now actually blogging again - I am offended to see that I am NOT on your list of real life friends. Ahem. Just saaaaying.... Correct this - IMMEDIATELY! Love you. Mean it. xxx

A pox on them..rofl cute as hell. Argh Tertia..been so bored in Joburg that you not blogging was so sad..The people have no real sense of humour up here. Glad you doing well

Well that must be a horrible preschool not to take such gorgeous and clearly brilliant children. I am sure you will find a much better place for them.

I really need a Rose, desperatley or a week at a spa. I would take either or.

Uh, Tertia, I must inform you that what your children are wearing on their heads are not suitable as bike helmets, and if they wear that garb in the bath unattended, they surely will drown.

(They look great!)

Ooo! Beware what you wish for! I joked about someone else's head lice problem, and see what we got: PINWORMS! It means I'll have to disinfect the whole goddamn house and apparently there might still be some of those bugger pinworm eggs just floating about in the air, just waiting for a finger to touch them and put them in someone's mouth so they can travel into the intestines where they will mature into some more worms. Bugger and yuck.

Oooh...a definite pox on those preschool denying asshats!

Is Rose really going to write a blog? I can't wait.

You'll have to promote Rose to personal assistant at least especially with the cooking certificate and computer expertise.

haha, hope you feel better, but you do know there's only one way to get relief from that ahem, condition :)

I'm still laughing about Kate going about without panties in a dress! Wonder if she had occasion to swing upside down from the monkey bars?!?!

Just a big "Bummer" all around.

Please pass along my sympathy to Rose and her mother. I simply cannot imagine burying my child, let alone four of them. For Rose to have lost so many siblings is equally heart wrenching. I'm in tears for Rose.

Sorry for Rose, and for your mama, and for being rejected from preschool, and for you being tired and without help this week. But I can only imagine how nice it must be to have someone living in your home whose JOB is to HELP you! That sounds so much better than a week at the spa! Sigh. Must go finish the dishes and vacuuming now...the girls will be home in an hour.

you frickin' kill me. may their bums grow closed! ha!

Well, it's about time you started to feel tired! I've been exhausted for months, so to read every day of how high-energy-over-achieving you are was driving me nuts! :-b (Glad I'm not the only preggo one who's had to slow down a little...) :-)

I was just wondering why so many of Roses's sisters and brothers have died - what from? That's tragic for her. Poor gal. So sorry Rose - if ya red this.

I'm laughing my head off about Kate's Knickerless day at school! You are so funny!!

ha ha ha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha...lol....loved that..had such a good laugh :-D

Love & big hug to Rose.

And how DARE those monsters not grovel to admit your munchkins???
They must be the most fabulous dance team in Durbanville!

Why did they not make the cut for the pre-school? I'm surprised that pre-schools have entrance criteria?

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