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If you hate it, you can call it the "hell stand".

You should so go out and buy a pair of shoes, just to get even!

(ok, not *really*, but maybe it'll help you "relax"?)

Post a photo of it - we want to see.

A scene from earlier this week comes to mind mind:

Husband has a day off and calls me:
"We're thinking of going to Brussels today"
Me: "Ok, let me just check if I got the home keys..."
Husband: "Well actually we're already there".

A couple of hours later, phone:
Me: "Hey, while you're there, can you stop by at xyz-store for me?"
Him: "Well actually we're thinking of going all the way to Amsterdam"
Me: "Then hurry, just a quick stop before you go!"
Him: "Yeah... you see, we're already there."

Men. At least he got a "My very first Hard Rock Café Amsterdam" t-shirt for the junior...

[Brussels = ~3 hours drive away]
[Amsterdam= ~6-7 hours drive away]

I have a husband who does the same to me, he got home one day and very proudly told me that he had found the perfect outside furniture for the lapa and outside braai area (pls note I had been begging him for months to get a set for there, preferably a nice wooden set).
My response, "cool, so long as it is not like the fake wooden ones they have at the school!"
My hubby,(now with a more serious face) "why don't you like those one's?"
Me, "no, we discussed that the other day, remember?"
My hubby, (frowning) "oh, I forgot, I will have to cancel the order then!"
Me, "ok, do that then!"

The order was cancelled and 2 years later, I am STILL waiting for my outside furniture, and now we want to sell the house, do you think I will still get that furniture???? In the meantime.....we have a old secondhand plastic table under there, that a friend gave him!

Have fun, men are all the same:)

I think a surprise purchase on his part warrants a surprise shopping trip on your part.

Sounds about right to me ;)

Sounds like there is something going around in guy world - my husband recently adopted the motto "it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission" oyyy

The hell stand!! Tee hee - that cracked me up! So agree...go get some shoes...or that fab desk chair you really need...et al

AT LEAST HE GIVE A SH*T. My man couldnt care less what furniture we .... we would eat at the kids table and chairs (blue,plastic, small) except he cant fit his knees under the table....

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