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There must be something wrong with me because I rarely get any of these chain joke e-mails! Or maybe my tactic has worked and people see it's no use sending me them: I never reply, I never forward, and I never initiate anything. I must say that as I don't receive that many, I do take the time to have a look at some of them. Except if they are powerpoint attachments. Particularly the painstakingly long, animated ones where you are supposed to hit enter to make every single letter appear and when they do, they are accompanied with gunshot sounds, and after each screen there is a picture of a sleeping kitten. Those are evil.

Usally.... I can tell from the subject if its anywhere near being good or not...
I read this email the other day.. hmm it was about some woman and a gym membership that her husband got her..
And I was like COME ON... and the top line was
"If you dont think this is funny there is something wrong with you.."
Well I thought it was the most un hilarious thing EVER so I guess im a terrible persn with a bad sense of humor..

My rule definatly is "subject line is god"
If its something cheesey, or has FW: 29038492038409283 in the header.
It's gone.. unless im REALLY bored.

That being said, I'd never tell someone not to send me emails because I can just delete stuff I don't like.

I confess that I read almost all of my emails. However, I rarely if ever forward anything (and if I ever do I edit out the forward crap).

I delete without reading based on the subject line...and if I do read it, I almost never forward. Sorry, friends!

I hit delete faster than you can say OMGheresanothercrappychainmail! And - I don't think twice about it! Yes - I know I'll have bad sex for a year and bad luck forever, where as, had I fwded it on, in exactly 48 hours, good fortune would be knocking on my door....
Bovvered??? Not

delete. every single one.

If it isn't a personal message to me specifically from someone who has taken the time to think about me and ask me how I am (or tell me how they are), I delete. I don't forward chain messages, and I don't read the joke e-mails. I have in the past asked people to please take me off their mailinglist when they send jokes, as I tell them that I only read personal e-mails. It may have hurt their feelings when I asked them to take me off their list, but that wasn't my intention.
I'm not half as busy as you, Tertia, so it's not a time issue with me. It's just that I don't like feeling that I'm a number on a mailing list. E-mails have now replaced old-fashioned handwritten letters, and when was the last time you mailed a joke to 72 of your closest friends?

Delete until they get tired of sending them...no time!

I just delete. And say the truth if asked. If I am really annoyed at a stranger I will use the 'bounce back' command on my mac.

I don't read those either. I delete them, but if they kept sending me, I tell them. My mother-in-law started using computer last year, so all those email were new to her, she kept sending me. I finally told her to please stop, I don't read those email. Truth is the only way to go.

I ask most people to stop. One uncle I haven't seen or heard from except with those emails I assigned to the trash folder.

The worst I have is someone I went to grad school with. We haven't spoken or emailed or anything in over 10 years, but she still sends me junk emails, despite being told not to. It's a rare thing now, but it infuriates me every time.

I used to worry about using delete...there was a certain amount of guilt attached to not replying to the random well meaning spam. Or at least reading it. Now I'm delighted to delete with impunity!

delete, delete, delete.

I did, just last week, ask someone not to send spam around (I got a powerpoint on some weird kind of breast cancer and help we all gonna die send this to all the women you know) and I have regretted it ever since. I won't do it again. It was just.... bad... and she stopped talking to me and the next day I printed something and she threw it away before I came to collect it (really, she did, she sits next to the colour printer and she just looked at it, saw it was from me, and in the waste basket it went) and... f-it, what a ball of crap, really didn't need that, my goodness... office emo. So, whatever, send the stuff. I'm not making a peep, ever again, to anyone! Just... spam the world up for all I care!

It depends who it is. If it's someone I'm not really close to, I just delete and move on.

When my sister was forwarding a lot of jokes/cutes, I asked her to knock it off. So now she includes me in only a few mass-forwards a year, and leaves me off her list for the other ones. I think I should have tried appealing to her vanity by telling her that mass-forwarding is for the 50+ age group.

Some aunts and uncles had gotten in the habit of mass-forwarding the alarmist crap. "This store hates veterans!" "Don't flash your headlights at a car driving with the lights off because it's a gang initiation and THEY WILL SHOOT YOU." "This cancer will kill us all unless we demand that our doctors perform these tests on us!" "Computer virus OMG WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!" I taught them all how to check the truthfulness of those claims at snopes.com before they forward these things—and now their mass-forwarded alarmist e-mails are all prefaced with "I checked this out on snopes.com and it's true." I still don't need to read those e-mails, but at least they're no longer inadvertently disseminating lies.


Seriously. My worst is some people have no skaam; they dont even 'clean up' the mail and its been forwarded, like, a gazillion times.

Honestly - its frigging ridiculous.

I also delete! I know who the ones are who send me geniunely funny stuff, but I summarily delete prayer requests, motivational and cutesy stuff, poems, chain letters and petitions.

I should actually tell the people who send me these things that (a) I don't have time and (b) I'm not interested. As you say, it's my bandwidth!

most of the time i have a quick look and see if there is anything that i relate to, then delete. I VERY VERY VERY very rarely send anything on, but my f.a.f. know that if i do, it is worth a look (they think i am funny . . .). and sometimes, there is something meaningful and beautiful, even if it is a mass mailout. i like that i am being thought of. i also like the ones that take the piss out of those very sorts of messages.

i don't like it that sometimes this is the only time i ever hear from people that i am close to, and i don't respond on principle, but continue actually emailing them, as in saying my own stuff that is personal to them and me - kind of following the thought that we teach people how to treat us by the way we treat them.

i like quality communication, and am getting more and more joy out of writing an actual letter or card - real ink, real paper or card, and a stamp. tangible tactile stuff.

I have certain people that everything that has FW in the subject line goes directly to deleted items. The rest I will peek at and delete. I can't even think of the last time I forwarded some sort of joke/chain email to anyone.

I have a lot of storage space for my email, plus I'm always afraid of deleting something that I will need to refer to later (and I often DO need to refer to it later!) so I don't spend a lot of time deleting. I may not read it until later - or at all, if a Windows Media video is attached - doesn't work so well on my Mac! But I rarely bother getting that annoyed about it anymore.

Exception: fake warnings and inaccurate information that could be easily dismissed with a quick visit to snopes.org. It really chaps my hide when people indulge in scaremongering. The world is scary enough, and we all have access to search engines! In some cases, I have written back to the offending party with the correct information, and when I'm feeling really evil, I CC EVERYBODY THEY FORWARDED IT TO!

For some reason, I get fewer of those emails these days. Wonder why?

Delete--it's a good way to spread computer viruses. And if someone asks, I tell them exactly that.


Delete delete. Not sure why anyone would think they will get a free phone from Nokia or Lifetime Veuve Cliquot just be sending the email onto to 10n people. Duh!

Unless like Webmacher above it is one of those scarmongering health ones. Being in the medical profession I feel I have to read/send them the correct info. Snopes.com is the place to check if you are not sure.

Sheepishly raises hand.......I sent you one the other day, but it is THE ONLY one I have ever sent you. (I am pretty certain).

Usually I glance over them and delete them, but I am not NEARLY as busy as you.

Won't do it again - promise.


I'm exactly like you, Tertia. Then you get people like my MIL who sends the same email to my work address AND my 3 personal emails (they all direct into one box) and they're big powerpoint presentations that eat up all my bandwidth!


I send the person an email saying please don't send me this kind of stuff again - I delete it anyway because I'm so busy.

If they persist, I set up a rule that sends it to my junk mail. Then of course, they send a legitimate mail and say did you get my email? I don't feel bad to tell them, well you wouldn't stop so "my computer" must have sent it to my junk mail!

I'm like sister mel with the Lordy ones - I actually write back and say...God is not into the blackmailing business - He is not going to send you bad luck , etc. for not forwarding emails
My feeling is if they get all huffy and in a mood, they're not really worth knowing anyway, because anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I have ZERO patience for that nonsense.

My Mum sends 'nag mail'. I ignore it. Sometimes I ring her up and tell her to go away (Mum has OCD and is a pain in the rump to most people when she gets going on a hobby horse). Unfortunately my Mum has a special filter in her head that works kinda like this 'if this is something that I don't want to hear I can't hear it', so most of the time she doesn't listen and just talks over the top of the person speaking. Worse, she just drives over to you even though you email her not to come as you are busy.

With innocent Spammers, I just stick whatever email they are forwarding about a hacker through Hoax Slayer cut and paste the relevant link into a Reply and put a 'Hi - this is a hoax, here's the link. It's designed to make you panic and email everyone you know'. People don't constantly forward me stuff once I've sent them a polite email about Spamming.

I have very few people who spam me incessantly. My SO's grandmother is notorious for spam... so I just put up with it and delete it automatically. I rarely read the FW subject line.

At work, we send a few of the cute animal ones around, mostly because we are bored out of our minds. (It's our slow time-of-year right now.)

I have a friend group who, when we see/read a really stupid one, we send it around as a joke. It's pretty funny actually.

I don't forward emails EVER. I generally read them if I have the time but even if they say "and if you send this back I'll know you really love me!" I delete that sucker and count on the strength of my relationship to tell that person of my love. Seriously, if you are counting on a forwarded email as reassurance of my love for you, I have failed you in far greater ways than a forward can fix.

And those Lordy ones? I'm with Mel on those. God knows I love him. I think forwards like that make Him mad. Want to prove you love God? Change your life!

I, like you, delete most of them straight out. Some, from a few senders are read. Hardly ever do I forward any unless I KNOW the specific person I'm sending it to will appreciate it.

I delete all of it. I had a talk with a couple of my church friends who were sending me the Lordy chain mails to remind them that chain mails are COMPLETELY missing the point and that as Leigh said, "God is not in the blackmailing business..." (that's pretty funny btw)

What really makes me nuts is when someone emails me their blog comment...because they don't like filling out the blog comment form or whatever. It's mostly family members, but really, I'd like comments to stay in the comments section, and emails in my inbox...

I delete all the jokes and lordy stuff. I only fwd on if its ABSOLUTELY hilarious and I know the other person would enjoy.

Well, I don't delete any emails from my favorite father :-).

But, I don' read forwarded emails very carefully, and I almost never click on links.

I just hit "delete". Like 15 times a day. Most are from one particular friend that I've been friends with for the last 28 years, so I don't want to hurt her feelings.

Oh gosh - I was just about to send you an email with a link to my daughter's blog she is keeping while she lives in Capetown and goes to UCT but I think I'll skip it. That is a mother's way of gloating about how fabulous her grown-up kids are - she sends you a link to their blog.

I have a pretty solid reputation for debunking Urban myths and doing a reply all with a link to snopes.com. The other stuff I just delete.

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