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Oh Tertia, as per usual you do your bit to brighten my day. And I am the first to comment! Yeah!

Bwhahahah! You really do suck! You are lucky she knows you well enough to not be worried.

HAHAHAHAHAHA...that is just hilarious

Bwahahahaha...thanks for the laugh.

Classic - you think I can do that for Christmas ;)

That is perfect! Thanks for the laugh!



You take the cake! I thought I was bad about buying AND wrapping gifts. Once I showed up at my friend's house with unwrapped Xmas presents. My excuse was "I don't have any wrapping paper", but I did. I was promptly sent into my friend's bedroom to wrap using her leftover paper.

This is so dam true to trying to do anything today on the phone or computer....


Dorothy from grammology

I even sent her a card!

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