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Hooray! Congrats. We are proud of you :)

Huge Congrats!!!

Well done!!!!

Congrats Tertia! I have mad sure my 3 or 4 regular blogreaders knows about your book (and your blog)

Does it count if we buy it on the Uk Amazon site ??

YOU SO DESERVE IT!! Happy days! It really is a year of "birth" for you- Nuture babies, Book, Max & a new house! WOW!

Yay! I have been waiting...and waiting. Now I have to run...must go to Amazon! Congratulations!

Oooo, it's at #1,365 now (6.10pm SA time!) Ah, I could become addicted to this...

CONGRATULATIONS! You really are an inspiration about never giving up...

All I can think to say is it's about friggin time you had things go SO right for SO long. (well except for the news about your mom). You paid your dues and you deserve it.

WOW! Amazing job!

OMG Tertia! Congratulations! I'm over the moon for you. I can't not beleive how far you have come since the TTC over 30 Labor of Love board we were on together. I was on there with you back in... I think 1999. I have followed you since then and cried and laughed with you. Again, congratulations!!!

I hope there are a HUGE number of South African publishers banging their heads against very hard walls at this news (and I see it is in the lower 1,400's now). Can't believe something so incredibly successful took so long to get there. You deserve every moment. So does Mousehand.

Congratulations on your book! I can't wait to read it! Not many people have gone through as many IVF's as us (I'm getting ready for #8 - a DE IVF)!!


Fabulous!! Not surprised. Enjoy it, you've earned it and you will help so many people by sharing it.

Huge congrats!!
I hope you sell oodles of them!

Tertia, I've been with you since 2004 and am so proud of you. :)

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