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I am so excited to buy your book. I have been wanting to get it on Amazon, but it wasn't available. I ordering it today. I can't wait to read it!!

So true. I don't even make R1,000 a year on my writing. One of the worst paying jobs in the world.

Happy that you found a way to make your book available in the US. I'm taking notes :-)

I also can't wait to buy your book. It is a birthday present for myself. I just have to wait a couple of weeks and it shall be mine. I LOVE YOU! heh.

Very very true. When people tell me I can get rich like JK Rowling, I just ask them if their investments have paid off like Warren Buffet.

I love my little twenty-something (American) dollar royalty checks I still get for my book nearly 5 years later. I obviously didn't do it for the money either and I find it incredibly rewarding that it sells at all. Oh, and I don't mind the bad reviews. I'd venture to say they're my favorite. #1 everything they say is exactly how I felt about infertility and #2 it's good to know I struck a chord. Better than no-one caring. ;)

I so hear you. My net profits to date on my first book-17 USD, four years later (granted it was an obscure technical tome, but still--those are just as hard to write!)

i always tell want to be writers that writing their great novel is something you do at night, or first thing in the morning. aka: don't quit your day job.

and you look at so many beautifully written novels (may i point to yours, tee)...and then other pieces of trash, and you realise that talent has little to do with what gets published, marketed, positioned and publicised. it's very disheartening and VERY impressive when we see someone like you do it on your own. and with the right motives. xo

A friend of mine writes romance novels. For her to make a good living she would have to write about 3 or 4 novels a year (the big, thick romance novels make about $25,000 US...the skinny Harlequin ones make ~$5-10K US). That's a lot of pages.

Fortunately her husband makes good money.

I'm still trying to find an australian seller so I don't have to pay shipping from the US - if anyone funds an aus site - please post!

And then you are lucky to write in a major language. So you can actually sell your book in more then one tiny country. Writing a book in Dutch probably won't make me rich either.. But I'd love to do it!

I ran out and bought it as soon as you announced it was available! I've been reading your blog for ages (I think about 5 yrs) so it was a necessity.

I bought your book as soon as it was available in the US! In fact, I bought several copies and gave the others as gifts. It was remarkably told, in plain voice — which is not to say it wasn't well-written — but rather, like any good book, the writing disappeared behind the emotion of a remarkable life story, bravely shared with raw honesty. I was about 6 months pregnant when I read it. I stood for two days in the shallow end of our pool weeping and smiling. Thank you for the book. I think it will help a lot of people.

Well done!

I ordered the book the MOMENT you told me it was available on Amazon.com. I e-mailed you YEARS ago to find out how to obtain a copy here in the US. I cannot wait to get it -- I check my mail everyday. So, we are now BFF, yes? Love you, T!!

Been reading your blog for several years. Congratulations on getting "So Close" published overseas. It is a HUGE feather in your cap. Congrats!!!!

Such a shame about SA literacy rates and not being a terribly "bookish" society but I think that more and more places are becoming less about books as our free time minutes have more and more entertainment fighting for our attention. I know that since I started reading blogs and then blogging myself, I read fewer books than I used to.

My favorite book ever, The Power of One, was written by a SA author, Bryce Courtenay.

Good luck with your book Tertia!

Thanks for including the link through Barnes & Noble....I've had a stupid gift card from my MIL and had nothing to buy with it until NOW! Can't wait to get it. I'm sure it's simply fabulous.

Tertia - I read your book recently (Jan) and when I got to you losing Ben I couldn't put it down. I was reading it while putting my laundry on, didn't put in any washing powder and stood sobbing in the laundry room. I then gave it to my mom whose words to me were "we are so lucky that Dylan came along so easily." It gave us all perspective and I wish I could do that to just one person - the money wouldn't matter.

It's too true--self-published books especially are so expensive to produce, that it's really only publishing because you want the world to read it.

My dh writes academic books and has never made any money from them. In fact, for the first one, they made him pay for the artwork so we are still out of pocket LOL.

I just got my book, and now I'm going to be late for work, since I can't put it down. Kind of silly, really, since I do know how it ends.

I love your book so far Tertia. It got to me fast and is just the kind of read I need here in the hospital with Anna. I love the flow of the book, great job!!


My copy of the book arrived yesterday and I dove right in. (I ordered it earlier, but they originally sent me a copy of Macchiavelli's The Prince, which... while a hilariously funny mistake wasn't quite what I was hoping for... your book is far more enlightening, I must say).

I've been wanting to buy it here in America for a while but wasn't able to in the past. What great news to find out that you can order it now. I'm now anxiously waiting for the free shipping bring it to me as fast as free shipping can.

Now this is very interesting, impressive and never thought of. In simple words well done for providing creative information.

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