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This gives new meaning to your blog title. Your kids are going to be able to ride their bikes to grandma's house in a couple of years.

Is the new house in a gated community. Is it safer than your last neighborhood?

Wine route - that figures! :oD

It must be great living close to your parents, and I literally mean _your_ parents - I can't even live in the same country as _mine_ ;o)

How very cool! Your kids are going to love living so close to Grandma and Grandpa.

BTW, I just finished your book and it was incredible.

Congrats on the new house! It'll be great that the kiddos will be so close to your parents!!! Our daughter would be over her grandparents all the time if we lived that close to my in-laws. The house we built 3 years ago is also in the middle of a wine trail too! We could walk to our favorite vineyard.

I miss living close to my parents...it was such a blessing when we did.

Everything looks so clean and wonderful there, even if just from an aerial view. Of course, the wine-status makes it that much MORE appealing...

that is one MOTHER of a house..its gonna be fantastic. We'll be waiting patiently for our dinner invite, with copious amounts of wine (after max is born OF COURSE :-) xxxx

very nice, my wine trail is usually the path between my couch and the box of wine in the fridge

Wow! That looks like some serious house. How awesome to be close to your parents. I would love to be that close to my mother. I think. She is an hour and a half to two hours away, and we definitely do not see her enough. I would love for my kids to have a closer relationship with her.

I am so glad you posted this. I've been wondering if you lived in Durbinville given some of your posts, and now I know you do. ...Husband's job has been toying with the idea of sending this there and I've been hee'ing and hawing about whether you'd think it was weird if I asked you what it was like.

At least I know you like it :-)

Do you have much of a garden? All the houses in the area look huge on small lots. We are moving next month to a big house on a big lot because we need 'running around' space for the boys - they are driving me nuts on a small lot.

Am I mistaken...? I don't see all the wildlife wandering around...you know, giraffes, elephants and Godzilla?? ;) You'll have to be sure to do up one of those pictures for your new place!

i'm thoroughly jealous of the relationship and proximity you have to your parents. after reading your book in one sitting, i wish your parents would adopt me! ;) i think it would be really something to know you...

Ooooh! It looks so green and lush! I'm from AZ, USA, a very dry desert, so any green is foriegn to me. The house looks large and beautiful! I'm sure the kisd (and you) will love being so close to your parents.

Very cool!!
For the record I live next door to my sister and a 10 min walk from my parents. It is awesome :)

What did we ever do before Google Earth???

This makes me most unhappy of course. I wish she had shown you where the other sister Nina lives, right frikkin' next door!

Not to burst your bubble, but is it safe to post views of where the houses are? You don't know who is reading your blog, and these days...

Agree with concerned delurker, unfortunately.

Hmm, I did take the coordinates off, just in case, and I did have a think about it (only because you Americans make ME paranoid), but then I thought - so what? So what if people know where I live? What are they going to do? (not being factious, genuine question!)

Actually, maybe this calls for a blog post! We can have a proper discussion. Ok, will see if i can stay awake long enough to write something up (way past my bedtime already)


>>So what if people know where I live? What are they going to do?

Hopefully absolutely nothing but drop flowers at your doorstep!

We Americans ARE very good at paranoia. I'm a 40 year old mom, long-time reader, rare commenter here in Atlanta, USA, and just to see if it was possible, I went to google maps and, using the three pictures you posted, I found exactly where your house is, intersection and streets names and all, in less than 10 minutes. And I certainly have no devious intentions, whatsoever.

I just feel protective of you, after reading way back when about that wacko who was posing as you, and just want you to be careful, sweetie.

Oh.My.FUCK!!!!! just spent 30 minutes typing up a blog post about this and I LOST IT ALL. I hate life. Am going to bed. Bye.

Wow - so nice to see something green!! We are all brown - black from fire. I would like to have our green back. Maybe we can borrow some from you guys?

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