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Now that's funny. Hope s/he manages it well. Good job with being so PC!

And of course remember when they are in their teens they will think you know NOTHING! You got to be where you are by knowing NOTHING!!

I also hear that every day.

welcome to my world : eldest daughter = 20, eldest son = 16, younger son = 6 and youngest daughter =3. i am constantly being told i am too old / etc etc. luckily i can still wrestle the 2 boys AND WIN. great for my ego - kak for their fragile male egos. i love my kids, but luckily i also love my career - which actually makes me a better mom. tried staying at home intermittantly - which ended with them begging me to go back to work. i love reading your blog - it gives perspective.

Lol - oh, the loving things our children say to us!

You're being rude, Mama.

I don't like you, Mama.

I think you're mean, Mama.

(all of that in one fit a couple of days ago)

Like you're going to let him get married. Ha!

just wanted to say congrats on So Close being on international book shelves now

Keep your sense of humor very very close to you as you will need it when they are teenagers. I wish I could say it gets easier. It doesn't. But it does get funnier!

My son is usually so sweet and affectionate with his mommy but there are times when I am suddenly the 'bad mommy'...usually when I say 'no' to sweets or treats or if I won't play games with him.

Yes, Adam is a cutie patootie...not as cute as my boy, of course...

At least he doesn't say he hates you and that he would like to go and live with Kieran (his new best). Also I don't know anything and must go away! Charming

"You are not my friend, and I am going to run away”

“I wish you would die”.

That's called "rude talk" in our house, and it's not allowed. I provide my kid (like you do for yours) with a safe home, a great school, good food, and lots of love. It's never to early to begin learning that being kind and grateful to those around you is a good thing, and being rude and mean to those around you is not tolerated. We give one warning about rude talk, then if it continues, the offender can go to their room for a while until they're ready to apologize.

I know it's cute now, and of course he doesn't mean it per se, but is that really how you want him thinking it's okay to talk to people? Maybe run through some acceptable ways to be angry (Try yelling "I'm really angry at you, mommy"; that's not rude talk! It's how you feel).

"I hope you would die" is not something that should come out of a kid's mouth without a speedy and uncompromising response from the parent: we don't tolerate that sort of talk to ANYONE.

oh lordy...
my future daughter- (or son-) in-law is going to get growled at in the morning when she wakes him up, grumbled at when she asks how his day was, and grimaced at when she suggests he help with the housework...
i have tried to train him, i promise.

i won;t games.com/

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