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I still reckon you should refer to him as MIRACLE Max! VERY thrilled that all's going swimmingly :)
When's the TV interview going to be televised?
Can't wait to see the preggie shot!

That is flipping awesome! Another notch on your belt. You sounded great on Three Talk - very larny! AND they showed the cover of your book on screen for a good few seconds after your call. Holding thumbs this ups the book sales!

Do first, ask permission later!! :-D

She looks beautiful in the shot, really does.
Demi se arlie!


just wondering, can you update and explain why the c-section date is ten days before the due date? i mean, i know you have a (long) history of "issues" (sorry for using that word) that make a planned c-section and lots of mintoring a good idea, but why not plan on having the cesaerean, but set the date closer to, or even on, the due date (and if you go into labour early, obviously move it up)?

i'm not being judgey, i'm just curious! :)

and crap, i forgot to say congratulations on reaching this milestone in your pregnancy! i'm so happy that you and little max are both doing great. you're in the homestretch now, sending you huge baby vibes!

Ooh, congrats - how nice to be past yet another milestone. Glad to hear you have a plan for his arrival (although I personally would be perfectly happy for you to go one day past your due date and have Max share my birthday!).

oh yay.
simply yay.

looking forward to the preggie porn.

and congrats, lady, on making it this far. you're doing well.

proud of your ass.


YAY! May Max stay snug and warm- (in this CT heat- he's bprobably boiled Max by now!!!) until 20th May!Thought you spoke so well on Nolleen- you should have been the guest of honour though!!!!

That is one AWESOME photo. You look amazing. And add me to the list of people curious about the date for the caesarian..

You look absolutely beautiful. Calm and peaceful and just gorgeous, really it's a very poignant photo for anyone who has read your book, followed your blog and knows your journey. It really is serene and brings tears of joy to my eyes. Thank you for sharing it with us. I'm so happy for you. Love you enormously. X

You look hot!


Congratulations on reaching the 26 week milestone! Really beautiful photo!

Congratulations on your big healthy baby and your beautiful, rocking hot bod!

You look wonderful in that photo! Wish I looked that good when I was pregnant!

Congrats! You look amazing and look about 20!!!!
Well done for making it so far. Keep going!!!

I wish I looked that good when I wasn't pregnant! Amazing, congratulations

I've never looked that good, pregnant or otherwise. Congrats on the milestone!

Demi who?

You look so stunning T! I wish I looked like that preggie or now!!! Congrats ... you are amazing and incredible and awesome! xxx

Awesome photo. You look fantastic!
Congrats on passing another milestone!!

Hi Tertia, You look amazing. Big congratulations on the milestone. Love RonelM

You look absolutely stunning in that picture! We can't wait for Miracle Max (I like that nickname from Rindacella above)!

Tertia - you are beautiful when you are not pregnant, but absolutely gorgeous when you are pregnant. All the best with this wonderful blessing!

Beautiful picture!

I was wondering how the boob impants are feeling being pregnant? Is it a lot different then last time? Or do you even notice?

Also, are you planning on breatfeeding? Asking out of a "will it be hardered with new boobs" curisity rather then a crazy whack-o trying to convince you to do it one way or another, lol.

Dear god, I only hope that I look half that good at your age. You look wonderful, woman!

That photo is stunning. It is so well done and you look beautiful.

I'm 40 and not pregnant. I'd kill to look like that! I've ordered your book from Amazon and can't wait to read. Finally! Can I have your permission to write about it on the PFA blog (Portuguese Fertility Association). Luv, Anna

Ah, so very lovely. Just lovely. A pregnant belly is a beautiful thing (and you wear it well).


You look amazing. It's just not fair!

Ooh, a half naked Tertia ... (sorry, just giving a male perspective - congrats on the milestones!)

You look so stunning in that picture!

You look stunning, my dear! Enjoy every second -- it goes so quickly! There's booze at the finish line!

By the way, got your book (via Amazon.com) this morning! Plan to sit down shortly with a large glass of something alcoholic and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!!

Love to you!!!

beautiful, stunning, picture! congrats on making it beyond another milestone... here's to holding out until may 20th (we do c-sections 7-14 days prior to the EDD in america, too). which, by the way, is a wonderful day to be born: it's my birthday. as well as cher's. so, you know, it's a very cool birthday to have. ;D

Jackie - boobs got a little bigger in the first tri, but seem to have 'settled' now

am not going to BF, i couldn't with the twins, so am going to take the medication to dry up the milk. its a great pity, because i would have loved to, but there is no point in getting engorged if the milk as no where to go.

You look fabulous!!

I'm curious on the c-section, too. With your history, will your doctor not let you try vaginal?

Tertia you look stunning, simply stunning.

Congratulations on reaching the milestone date! And you look amazing!!!

Oh wow, you look gorgeous!!

Wow great photo Renee did an amazing job.You look fab for 40 and preggies

You look amazing! I hope if/when I finally manage to get (and stay) pregnant I will look as hot as you mama!! Congrats on making it to 26 wks!!!

You look absolutely amazing! What a gorgeous picture -- I only WISH I looked like that ( and and a few yrs younger than yoU!!) I regret that I never took a naked belly shot of myself when I was pregnant... congrats on the "mental milestones" too!

You look way sexy in that photo...for 40, 30, 20 whatever...you look awesome. I wish I looked like that pregnant!

And hot.

Oh, my Tertia, you are SO gorgeous and divine!
If it make you feel any better, my wonderful son (kid #3), now 26 y.o., was a scheduled repeat c-section. His due date was 6/22, and they scheduled me for 6/8- 2 weeks prior. He was 8lbs., 6oz., (you do the math, I can't figure it out in grams!), apgars 10 and 10, and is now 6 feet 6 inches tall. (again, you do the math). Those last 14 days mattered not a bit to his long term outcome!
Great pic! So thrilled for you!

keep the may 20th date - its my birthday, and i would love to share it with max!
photo is stunning, go you.

gorgeous! You look way better than Demi ever did. Bought a tear to my eye!



a. Well done with the growing Max. Keep it up.

b. Okay...that's it. If you ever write about how fat you are again I am done with you and will never read your blog again. You look fabulous. Now shut up and embrace your gorgeousness please.

I can only HOPE that I look that damn good at 40...congrats on holding tight to Baby Max. I wish you and your family all the best!

you are glowing and radiating and luminescent. lovely picture.

lovely picture. you look radiant. congrats.

you are stunning! what a beautiful, glowing mama to be!

You are gorgeous!!!


Lovely picture, Tertia!

Tertia, you look breathtaking. I have tears in my eyes actually, just so happy that you have made it this far and that everything is going so well. I know you are not a clapper but I have prayed for a miracle for you for so long! Seeing you so happy, seeing Max doing so well is just wonderful.


You look absolutly amazing.


wearing too much i think, but still hot stuff.

you look absolutely beautiful!!!!!
I am glad you have made it past a very important date. Congrats.
Your blog is one of the few things that keeps me going on my journey.
u give me hope!
thanks for blogging for all of us and yourself!

You look GORGEOUS Dahling!! Hell I didn't look so good when pregnant with my first at 26!

Stunning Lady!

Congrats on the passing the milestone!


Congrats on everything being great with Max. Congrats on the tv interview. And that photo... You look amazing and amazingly pregnant. You should take more photos....oh, wait I bet you did. Come on, give us a few more!

Wow! You look stunning. Glowing, in fact. ;)

STUNNING. No other words come to my head! Thanks for sharing! You are beautiful! Look at that perfect belly! Absolutely stunning!


awesome - on all milestones & the photo!

What a GORGEOUS picture. Makes me want to buy some new lingerie since I have been feeling fat and dumpy at almost 12 weeks along. Congratulations on making it this far into your pregnancy- past another major milestone. That is wonderful.

What a beautiful mamma!

Demi is, oh so, last year. Tertia you look absolutely stunning.

I know our hospitals try and schedule c-sections for 10-14 days before due date, especially in 2nd+ pregnancies - something to do with pre-empting the contractions and minimising risks. Also a lot easier than a mum going into labour at 39w and having to schedule an emcs. I have had 2 emcs, and think when I have 3rd baby (if I'm lucky enough) it will be by section because of my history, and will be around 10 days before edd.

Tertia, you look bloody stunning. My god - dont use that as your facebook photo or it will increase the number of hot blooded men requests 30 fold! And huge congrats on getting this far already - is it a lot different to the twins? Do you feel different physically as well as emotionally? I know my 2nd was a "miracle" baby after the 1st was fertility drugs, and the pregnancy was so different in so many ways. Less time, less stress, it was like my body took to the pregnancy so much better? (too well, when I went 3 weeks overdue!!)

Wow. 26w already. 2lb 2. Thats going to be one bonny baby!!

okay, I have to formally object to may 20th, and request may21st - that's my birthday :)

lovely picture - I want to look like that when I'm 40!

Beautiful photo. Thank you for posting it. XXX


you are gorgeous. never mind demi! (btw: love your boobs ;-))

congrats on the milestone - keep the spirits up!

Natt - It is unbelievable how different this pregnancy is, from every point of view. The first pregnancies I was so anxious, I rested all the time, now i am on the go ALL THE TIME and i feel so strong and healthy. Totally different!

Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. I'm 23, pregnant, and you look a LOT better than me.


You look absolutely beautiful.

Well, least now we know that Max has got first class accommodation. Five star luxury boutique hotel.

Congratulations on your milestone! You look absolutely friggin' G&D!

You look absolutely lovely!

And please, do tell, how you managed to get a c section date 10 days early, you lucky cow! My C was scheduled at 39 weeks 4 days. You want the biggest baby in the nursery? That's the way to go. My sweet little girl was referred to as "The big one" during my entire hospital stay. She came in at a not too shabby 9 lbs 2 oz.

May your Max be big, healthy, strong, and mellow. sincerely, your 1 millionth facebook friend ;)

Wow, you look gorgeous!

Congrats on passing another milestone :)

Awsome picture! I am not even 30 or pregnant and my thighs don't look that good. And, yeah for May 20th! That is my birthday.

Oh my, you look divine!! And Max is looking pretty good, too. :-)

Gorgeous photo - proud warrior woman moment in another area of life. Take that, Infertility!
Wishing you all the best!

PS I have a planned C-section date 8 days before my due date. (July 2nd for a July 10th due date) I've been told they like to go about a week before because if they are planning a C-sect, then they don't want you to go into labor. I suppose it's much easier to do surgery on a uterus that isn't having contractions, etc.

Lovely lovely lovely. SO beautiful. I am not close to 40 and would like to look that good NOT pg! So glad you did this for yourself, to remember how G&D you looked with little Miracle Max. (Btw, I think that the name "Miracle Max" is the from the movie "The Princess Bride? Billy Crystal's hysterical character, if I'm not mistaken.)

The Ovaries on you! LOL. You look fantastic and I'm loving "Miracle Max" as well - glad everything is going swimmingly. And I say this because I bought your book Friday night and the character sperm on the cover, demand attention.

This is a fantastic picture - you look so serene and beautiful!


You look gorgeous!! I wish I looked that good not pregnant!

What a beautiful picture! I'm really sorry I don't have any pictures of a pregnant me (though I certainly would not have looked as gorgeous as you). I hope you keep taking more right up to the final moment.

So beautiful. Wow you make 40 look like the new 20! I am so glad that all is well.

So glad to hear you and baby Max are thriving! The picture looks fabulous! You are so not fat! All baby!

You look great!


Go you.


Oh my goodness you look gorgeous. Gorgeous! Divine in fact. My heart is warmed that this lovely suprise is fairing so well. He will be a wonderful addition for your already wonderful family.

If I'd looked that hot at 25w, I'd have had that posted as my profile picture on Facebook!

You go, GIRL!!!

You look fabulous. Much better than Demi.

I abso-bloody-lutely adore this picture and am SO jealous that you're looking so HOT mid pregnancy!

So happy that all is well too, what great news :-)

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