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I just bought a copy. If you ever come to the US, I expect you to stop by and sign it!

Congrats :)

Ditto to what Egg said..except well Canada :-) WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Well done T!

Same here...just bought one. Also in Canada. We win 2-1 you must come here! :)

I have read this book twice! I also bought it at the airport and paid double the amount for it , but it was worth every cent.

The first time I read it was before I started ttc. I cried, I laughed and I cried some more. The second time I read was after I was told " No children for you" I cried, I laughed and I cried some more but mostly I exhaled because I could now relate, I now had hope and it meant I also had a shot at being blessed.

Yay! Hooray! My copy will arrive in a few days. Am v. excited!

Congrats on getting it on Amazon! Wishing you great sales!

YAH!!! Now when are you going to write another book??? Mine has traveled to all my friends and i have read it 3 times already, just as ttc gets me under i read it again.
sure i will read it a few more times until i am successful with IVF!

YAY! CONGRATULATIONS!! What a big achievement! So proud of you. I just LOVED your book, I bought copies for my family and friends and told them they were only allowed to talk to me about being infertile after they read the book! I read it in 5 hours on my way to Plettenberg Bay. It was the best book I read during my 2 and a half year hell! Mostly importantly it inspired me not to give up, not to let go of my dream to have a babe. It also made me aware of how long the road could be and how much heartache I might have had to endure.It also introduced me to Vicky who I am forever indebted to for her "help"! Thank you for writing this book, which is like a "bible" to infertiles.


Dear Tertia What a wonderful gift to the world

My dh just read it on a business trip last week, and it's really encouraged him now in the midst of ICSI #3. If this one doesn't work, he said "we'll just do another one! Tertia proved it can be done." Thank you Tertia, may your book go from strength to strength.

Even though I am a single gal with no real prospects for mothering for another 8 years or so, I love your writing and I bought a copy as soon as I read this post. Can't wait to receive it!! And yes I agree, you must come to the States, specifically central Florida so I can meet you and have you autograph my book with something naughty and thought provoking. I like your brand of crazy.

Tertia - you are an absolute inspiration. I Loved your book - I read and read and read it, in one go. You made me laugh and cry and cry some more. You are incredible and amazing and awesome :-) Wends x

Hi Tertia

Couldn't someone send Oprah a copy and get her to do a book review for you? Then your sales would just sore!!!! You must have some connections????? It is truly an awesome book and more people need to know about it.

wow! congrats!

it looks like you will have to embark on a world-wide book signing tour soon... just remember to stop off in jhb first!

Hey, I second the Oprah option. How cool would that be!!

T, I read your book sometime in 2007 (I think!!??) and I LOVED it. I started just as I put my son down to sleep, and never stopped until about 2am! My husband woke at one stage to me sobbing (not so) quietly. He asked me what the hell was going on and I told him about Ben. (little did he know that Tertia was going to become "part of the family".)

I loved it, as much as I love your blog, your story and your family. (in a non stalker way).

I am thrilled to bits that you have managed to get "So Close" published overseas. Excellent.

Love a non-infertile - but with so much knowledge now. :-)

Hello, Where can I get hold of a copy locally?


Goodies! Congrats!

Demi - You can get a local copy from Exclusives, Wordsworth, CNA and Kalahari

Congratulations!!! I can't wait to read it.

AT LAST! Finally, you have REALLY arrived ;) Hope you sell millions!

PS: Can you sign mine so that I can also sell it for millions on Ebay...I mean, the value of really old, dogeared, local copies just skyrocketed with this news...


I won't be buying it through amazon though because I bought it last year already and since then have read it 3 times, made my mother read it, told my 2 b/friends about it as well as various bloggers I've come across in the last 18 months.

You do have a terrific way with words.....fancy writing another book? Like "Tertia's guide to *insert topic*". It would be a fab read I'm sure.

You GO girl!!!

Love the Oprah idea - if you could get her "book-club" endorsement it will fly fly fly. I have read any "personal story" books about infertility I can find and yours is by far the best - prescribed reading in fact, before anyone is allowed to talk to me about being infertile or offering silly advice... (best being the "just relax" one. SURE - how do you relax when you have one dodgy tube and are wholly consumed by an IVF process day by friggin day!!!!!)Eish.

Infertility is gaining awareness more than ever before so could be about timing? Holding thumbs for more amazing success for your book x

Wooohoooooo...this made ordering it so much easier. I was in the midst of arranging for a friend's mom (who lives in SAfrica) to get it for me.

Huge Congrats Tertia.

This couldn't come at a better time! Maybe now ppl in the US will become better informed about the IVF process and stop spouting off nonense.


Congratulations! Just ordered it and will spread the word for sure.


Excellent, old bag! - Sorry couldn't think of anything else to say!


I was so happy to hear that your book is now available in the US, just went to Amazon and bought it. Can't wait for it to arrive.

I asked a SA visitor to my former workplace to send me a copy after she went back home. That's how I got my copy, right around two years ago, after my own son died and was stillborn. I don't think I can adequately express what the book did for me then. I am going to participate in Mel's book club, and I am so glad that I can now tell people where to get it for themselves.

*Standing Ovation*

Congrats Tertia - yay!

Congratulations, Tertia! Fantastic. May it sell like hotcakes.

That is awesome news!! So my signed copy is going to be worth a small fortune soon ;)

I read about your book on Kristin's blog. Congratulations! Way to stick with it and do what YOU think is best!

Congratulations!! I just bought a copy!

well done daughter i am proud of you love you all

That is so excititng!!!
Congratulations! So proud of you.

I ordered my copy!!

I posted on my blog (http://snanimals.blogspot.com) and will twitter and fb about it too!

How exciting!!! Congratulations!!! I am going to buy the book. You have to put the link on the top of your site somewhere! I will put the link on both my websites. They get a lot of hits.

I have waited forever to be able to read and buy this book!! I'm headed over to Amazon right now to buy a copy! Congrats!!!!!!

I have never commented before but have been reading for ever it seems like and I am so excited I can get your book! I just went on Amazon and bought it! Congratulations!! I agree if you come to Central Florida I need my copy signed. So who is going to call Oprah??

Congratulations!!!!! I'll get a copy to read after I have the twins. I don't think I have the heart for the pregnancy emotional reaction I'd have to reading it right now. So happy for you!!!

I've been hoping to get my hands on your books for quite some time! Just placed my order -- can't wait to read it!! YAY!

Just ordered it! (along with two friggin' Charlie Brown DVDs...Am@zon saw me coming a mile (kilometer?) away! This is my consolation since D and I crunched numbers last night and we probably cannot afford a DE #3 :( (unless we wait until NEXT year, in which case I will be even MORE ancient...something to do with dog years and multiplying by seven when you're in your 40's...sigh)

I am VERY proud of you.

added it to the wish list and will purchase when the budget allows! Congrats!


I hope the book will be converted into a movie too. Then my hubby can watch it. He`s not very much into reading, I think it would be great if he could start to understand how much IF really takes out of us, and a movie would be great to get the message across!

Well done, Tertia - I am so, so proud of you!

I read it in the early stages of infertility (the "I'm in denial" stage and I'm sure it will happen soon) so I think I should read it again now

HUGE congratumalations! You really deserve it!


Excellent! I'm so glad for you :)

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