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Good grief - your hair is naturally just like that??? Shite woman - leave it already and toss the straightener.

And yes, the boobs look so dang fine. I still have my plans and have spoken to your doktor...just waiting...for the heavens to open with the dollars!

Fantastic pics - all you need is your yummy mummy t-shirt.

That's your hair left naturally? Gorgeous! I'm totally envious, and agree completely with Melody - ditch the straighteners! You look fabulous in those photos, great hair, fab boobs and that top is just such a flattering colour on you.

Why do photos of me never look this good. Sigh...

I think you look absolutely gorgeous and should definitely wear it like that more often.

you look absolutely flipping beautiful!! Gorgeous hair! Cow. I spend ages curling my straight hair. Really, it's amazing.Youre beaaawteeeful! X

Leave your hair alone...IT IS GORGEOUS!

You do look rather gorg, have to go and see your doc!

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long time lurker here.

you need to stop blowing out that gorgeous hair. i say this because i, too, have that same gorgeous hair and i truly believe it to be a gift from the universe

(after spending the 70 straightening my hair with all kinds of wretched products, just to look like everyone else, i vowed i would never do it again. hence my vehemence)

Love the curly hair. Really. Step away from the blow job (heh heh heh, you know we Americans looooooove to make that jr. high school joke).

You look fab!

You look lovely, Tertia. Really nice, natural pic. And love the hair!

And the BBs look great too. I was wondering ... and I PROMISE this is just out of curiosity and not a "loaded question" ... I heard somewhere that breast augmentation can interfere with breastfeeding afterwards. Do you know if this is true? Would you still try to BF the baby, or is it not an option?

Rebekah - to answer your question, I am not going to try BF. I tried with the twins and got no milk out, so this time I am not even going to start. I will take those milk drying up pills straight away.

who's that hottie? sheesh tertia...these are really awesome shots of you!
i looooove the middle one! hope marco realises how gorg his wife is!!!
oh wait...thats why you're knocked up :-)
ha ha ha ha ha
fab darling, just fab!


Those photos are gorgeous! Totally agree with everyone re: the hair - it suits your face perfectly.

Plus, even your friend is gorgeous - you are charmed!

For some reason, I'd have thought you'd be drinking red, not white....?

You are absolutely gorgeous!!!

You look gorgeous and divine. You both do! But mostly you. SCHMMMMOOOOOCH!

Just wondering how the boobs are holding up during pregnancy, and if you are planning to breast feed with them and if there is anything different you will have to do if you are?

I agree, you look Gorgeous Dahhhling! Love the hair, the boobs, the package and of course the person!

You look gorgeous. And divine, of course. I would kill for hair that curled like that.

One more comment. Good on you for knowing what you are doing regarding the breastfeeding and standing firm. I am sure had I not been so darn concerned about breastfeeding the twins only boob milk I would have not had the PPD so bad. Wish, like you, I would have chosen prior and stuck with it!

You look just stunning Tertia. Love your curly hair, why blow dry when you have all that?! You look amazing!

Beautiful pictures! Love the boobs, love the hair! You look stunning!

You are looking so BEAUTIFUL!
After having bigger boobs- while breastfeeding- I'm very tempted to go your route- they look FAB!

Even before I read the entry, I looked and the pictures and thought, "Wow! Great boobs!" And I, too, love the curly look. Totally g & d, Tertia!

Well don't you look totally gorgeous and why do WE NEVER SEE you like this at school.Only joking photos are beaut.

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