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Congrats! You did it! Great thought to have them actually throw the dummies away themselves. I hope you have no problems whatsoever with bed tonight!


And nice belly :) So happy for you!

Congratulations! This is probably a jackass question, but why actually into the ocean? By all means whatever it takes to get the kids excited about it, but it does kinda suck to think about adding to that big floating island of plastic trash in the ocean.

Anyways, I hope it's still going well!

Yea for kate and adam - so brave! I'm sure it will be fine - what a fabulous day!

Congrats!! Altho, I'm waiting for the trolls to come out and beat you up for having the kids throw the dummies in the ocean. Because a fish will start sucking and then what will happen to the world?
Waiting, 1., 2., 3....

OMG! Tertia! What are you teaching your children?! That pollution is ok? That we can use the earth as we see fit?!
LMAO, just kidding :)

Excellent! I hope bedtime goes well. May dummies be a distant memory (for a few months anyway).

Before the environmentalist commentators start yelling at you, you should make sure they know that Marko was hidden underneath the edge with a net so that the dummies didn't actually go into the ocean. I don't know why you forgot to mention that part. I'd hate for the critics not to be aware of it. :-)

Amy -- Yes, you were right about that being a jackass question.

well, you did it! there will be ups and downs...but you have done the first and biggest step. Good luck. You look great, by the way!!

Oh, and remember, if you give Max a dummie, well, I am guessing that it could create some, shall we say, issues?

good luck!!

You look great!

I was thinking the same thing as "jb" - when Max comes along, are you going to forgo the dummies with him? Or are you already talking to A&K about how they are just for babies so Max will get one because he is a baby? Maybe they can each pick out one for him??

Congrats on going through with it. Hope bedtime is ok. You look ver G&D by they way!


I really hope tonight goes smoothly - I was really surprised with my eldest when he gave up his dummy. He was only 12months granted, but he was addicted to those things. Then we threw them all away as I was fed up of them and he kept throwing them. I was dreading the night - but I literally got up once in the night to soothe him and after that its no problem at all. He does have a comfort blanket which helps, but I honestly think I relied on the dummy more than him!

Number 2 is 10 months old and a true dummy sucker too - am hoping to get him off of them at a year as well, but am thinking after such smooth sailing with number 1 with bottle-cup, dummy-free and even potty training that number 2 is going to be a real stinker for change!

Good luck - hopefully you wont have any bad turns for the dummy, and hopefully they wont want Max's when he comes along!

p.s. where are all the birthday piccies? x

Sounds like they are really proud of themselves and I'm hoping tonight goes well!!! I don't think giving the baby will create any issues, since you still have 20 weeks and by then they will be way over it. And they will know they are for babies not big kids like themselves. WAy to go!!!!

What a wonderful photo and story. Really quite sweet and poignant.

And look at that adorable bump! I never looked that good pregnant. Must hate you now, I'm sorry. ;)

Oh wow! Congrats! And I love that photo! Saw that and just had to finally comment.
And your tummy looks gorge!

Congrats! When we took Charlie's "binky" away I was very nervous about how horrible that first nighttime would go - and it was a little rough - but WAY easier than I expected. 15 min of asking for it and crying, and that was pretty much it, forever. Good luck!

lol-If throwing them into the ocean is what it would take to get rid of the dummies without too much pain, I would do it too. Lighten up on your fellow mom, please.

Yippee! Bedtime might not be as bad as you fear. I fretted about H and E giving up bottles AND E's paci when they turned four, but they pretty much never gave it another thought. Turned out it was more MY security than theirs:)

Yay, happy days- beautiful belly you have!!

Firstly, look at you with those two gorgeous kids and a belly full of number three! G&D!

Secondly, I miss summer.

Congratulations! And that is a fabulous picture--of you, of them, of the ocean, and of the moment.

Good luck at sleeping time! You guys can do it.

Very exciting!!

NO more dummies!

This was such a great experience to share with them.

p.s. HaHa @ Katie. My thoughts exactly! :)

The beautiful moment in this photo took my breath away! Thanks for sharing it & for keeping us posted on the progress of the great dummy throw away... what an adventure for all of you!

goodbye dummies... love the tummy!

congrats!!! Too funny that they had opposite reactions to what you expected... you just never know! I bet Kate will be fine in a day or two - hang in there :)

WOOHOO!!! "You did it, you did it!" (In my best Dora voice)

As an environmental auditor I say "Who the fark cares!" LOL They're harmless.

I just finished Anne Tyler's Digging to America, and there was an absolutely hysterical section on a bye-bye dummy party in that book.

Such a cute pic! And I'm excited we got to get a little baby bump view out of it too - congratulations on the transition!
:) Becky

Wow. I do apologize, even though I did say 'By all means whatever it takes to get the kids excited about it...' I certainly wasn't yelling at Tertia, I get that this is a huge deal for the Adam and Kate. I truly didn't mean to be an environmentalist troll or at all critical of Tertia. Trust me, Katie and tanyetta have more angst over my (innocent, or so I thought) question than I do about two pacifiers thrown into the ocean. I see the bigger picture here. Ya'll are kinda bitchy, I like that ;-p.

LOVE IT! What a great way to get them involved in this next step into childhood.

Hold strong... I'm sure within a couple of days Kate will be on the same path as Adam.

Wonderful! I'm glad it went so well and I hope Kate's next bedtime is better.

"Y'all are kinda bitchy, I like that" LOL-That's classic, Amy! I'm putting that in my virtual bag of responses to use in the future. :)

Oh, Tertia, now some poor dolphin mother is going to have one hell of a time weening her little dolphin baby off of those dummies. You should feel terrible...

(laugh? hope so)

your belly looks fantastic.

@ texasmom - thanks, feel free. I figure I can either get overly defensive and actually act like a troll or just try to show I meant no harm. Bitchy's an important skill to hone!

Well done!!! I am trying to wean my 3 yr old off hers, and I think your cold-turkey approach is much better. I need courage, Dutch or otherwise. I hope the Greenies leave you alone, two dummies will probably bob to shore and be appropriated by someone else. Recycled, really. ha ha.

Nice tummy!

Love the bump :)
It takes 3 days remember, hope the next 2 nights are OK!

I walk past that spot often, so I'll keep an eye out for them!

I think it's an inspired idea to have them throw them away themselves, and in an irretrievable spot. Good thinking!

And you look absolutely fabulous! Definitely pregnant!

Way to go Adam and Kate! I hope it continues to get easier without the dummies. Tertia you and Max look great in the photo!

Hope the night continues to go ok. And I pee in the ocean all the time...just doin' my part to make the world a big sewer. :)

Yay! So glad things are getting off to such a positive start. I just want to offer support to still stay strong, though. I think in a week you'll really be able to see where everyone is at, but there could easily be some backsliding these next couple days you need to be prepared for and handle with consistency, ease, and extra love from the Mommy perspective. Yay! So very, very happy for you guys!

P.S. You and Max are looking gorgeous and divine!

yup - I had a funny feeling Adam might surprise you and Kate might be the one giving you a little grief.
Three days and two nights. At the most. You can do it!

Wat'n oulike klein baba boep! You look great!!

Go Adam & Kate! You can do it!

Tertia, you look beautiful! The baby is all in your belly, the rest of you is tiny, tiny, tiny. It doesn't look like you've gained weight anywhere!

I love that you captured the moment with a photo. Terrific!

Beautiful photo! Cute belly too!

Look at you! What a glorious baby belly :)
Oh for crying out loud, for all the toxins, garbage, sewage, poisons dumped in the seas and oceans world wide I think we will survive two plastic soothers being tossed in. Relax people.

I love the photo!

This brought back childhood memories. I grew up on a boat, and when I was a toddler, my soother fell out of my mouth, into the water. My parents never bought me another one afterwards. They still like to mimic my agonized cries of "SUUUUUUE!" when retelling the tale. I turned out relatively unscathed, and pretty eco-friendly, so I'm fairly certain this experience won't turn your children into a pair of diabolical litterbugs. Good luck.

Look at you all pregnant.

Hooray! No more dummies! Love the belly! Max is coming along!

Glad to see that you are still here. Happy New Year to you and your wonderful family.

congrats adam & kate on giving up yuour dummies!

and your belly looks to darn cute!

Beautiful Belly!

Congrats! Im so glad that it hasnt been too traumatic for any of you, thats just awesome. :)

Oh, and Im going to assume those dummies ARE Biodegradable, If an albatros, or big sea mammal swallows one it would be terrible! I hope they degrade fast. :)

An inspiration.

I think I can see my apartment in that picture. My little nephew is now 8 weeks old and is holding onto his dummy very tightly!

Well done glad all went well.Amazing how kids surprise you,you were worried about Adam & he coped like a real trooper and Kate acted up,weird how they trick us just when we think we have them all figured out.

This is the most beautiful picture I've seen on your site since I started reading 4 years ago. Look at you with your two gorgeous children and your baby on the way! My "baby" will be 4 in March and I, too, can't believe he's that old already. They grow, and it's so bittersweet. I hope Kate did alright as the night wore on. Congrats to both kids for being so positive about the big change!

Big step and not an easy one for littlies! Sweet story too, baby fish!

Yay Adam & Kate and especially Mommy! You look so adorable with your little pregnant belly. Such a beautiful family!

Love this picture!! What a great way to say goodbye to them!

And your belly is the best!!

I'm with Amy. I get why you did what you did--nothing is sacred in parenting, not even the environment, but it still was littering/pollution. Granted, nothing compared to industrial contributions, but given that fish populations will crash by 90% in our lifetimes, I did kind of cringe when I saw that picture.

And if that makes me a jackass, so be it.


Can I just say that I'm in shock and turning ten shades of envious green at the fact that you're wearing FLIP FLOPS!! Gah!! Shivering in about three feet of snow right now :(

Hopefully the nights will get easier for poor little miss.

I just love this picture. Beautiful children, beautiful mommy, beautiful baby bump.

My 'baby' turned 6 last month. I still can't believe it.

Look at you and your adorable belly!

My friend got her daughter to give up both diapers and bottles by telling her that they were going to be picked up by the diaper/bottle fairy who would take them to the little children who didn't have any bottles or diapers. They collected them all in a big bag and left them on the front porch at bedtime. Worked like a charm.

I'm sure those dummies will wash up on shore and be picked up by some beach-goer who will have all sorts of fun imagining their origins.

Congrats on good bye to the dummies. They will be okay.

You look MAHVELOUSLY big and pregnant and fab as you stand there with the kids.

A belly picture coming perhaps?

Congrats! I didn't give my kids dummies, because I was dreading this moment. Only one took up with her thumb and then at five, when it was still being sucked, I wished I had given her a dummy I could get rid of. :)I'm glad it went so well for you.

How is the great dummy throw away going??

We bribed Charlotte with a purple bear when she was 4. She was so traumatised by the event she never touched to bear again (of course it cost over $100).

Anti-dummy thoughts are with you.

It's de-lurking week, so (even though I've left a comment or two before) I wanted to say Yay for you! How is it going? Thinking of you, from one Max-mommy to another. :-)

Hey! You're pregnant! ;)

Yippee! CONGRATS ADAM AND KATE! Great idea of the ocean! Whatever to the idiots writing about the ocean and blah blah blah, i live at the sea and love it to bits and I think those people obviously dont have children....
I am ging to steal that idea! Well done and P.S. YOU LOOK FAB!!!!

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