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as a happy clapper, i am praying for you and your sweet mom.
she makes a beautiful bald woman!!!!

I knew Mimi would look great - she is a gorge older lady.

wow, i think she looks so gracefull. My gran also had chemo, and when her hair fell out she looked beaten, your Mum looks like she is just getting ready to go!!!!!

Wow! What a mom! Having been blessed with a mother who is amazing as well, I can so relate to your feelings for your mom. She must be so thrilled to have a daughter who cared enough to MAKE her go get medical tests sooner than she planned and in doing so put her in a better position to fight this horrid cancer! I can only imagine how horribly hard this must be for you. I'd be devastated, but it seems your mom is keeping YOU strong and you are doing the same for her! My thoughts and best wishes are with you and your family and especially your mom!

Wow. I am in awe of this beautiful, strong woman.
All the best going forward.

Ah now I know where Mel got her good looks from:-)

What a beautiful photo. She has the most stunning eyes.

Your mother is a beautiful, brave warrior woman indeed.

(PS Very Freudian typo in the text - you quoted her as saying she's a "worrier" woman.)

(PPS Not being nitpicky critical grammar police, it just struck me as very poignant.)

Your mom really does look gorgeous here.

Oh she looks stunning. Love and light to her and you too.

Not surprised she is beautiful. :-)
I also like the image of the warrior. This is a good way to handle it. It does not mean the warrior must not weep sometimes. But then she (he) gets up and fights. That is what your mom bravely does ((and so many others do).

Hope I don't hurt you by mentioning something else:

There will be another change once she loses her eyebrows and lashes. But she will be still beautiful.

When my mom was terribly exhausted, when the doctors therefore reduced the last dose rate of the last cycle, when she was weak and her eyes looked tired and her skin was pale she was still beautiful. She was not good-looking then but still brave. Still willing to fight the ugly enemy. And once the side effects eased and no new poison needed to be added she recovered step by step... Just want to say that the power is in your mom's head and heart. You can be so proud of her. And I am sure she is proud of you.

She is so beautiful.

She looks stunning

Wow - she is AMAZING! You are all indeed Warrior Women.... an inspiration to us all. LOL

What a family!

She looks beautiful! What a lovely shaped head!

Gorgeous Mimi.

Beautiful and strong. xx

What a brave, beautiful mother you have! An inspiration to all of us!

Your Mum looks gorgeous - very cool, very hip, very strong.

My spirit is with you. My father-in-law was diagnosed on Christmas Eve with cancer at the young (IMO) age of 58. Like you I can't contemplate my children growing up without him, like your Mum he is now having chemo. The battle can't be fought alone - we stand with them and fight on....

No hair and she still looks stunning! Damn, I wish I had some of her genes!

What a beautiful, strong lady your mum is. Such an inspiration. (Can see where you get your amazing drive and spunk from).....

She looks beautiful. She IS beautiful.

My mother battled cancer as well, almost 20 years ago now, and I still remembered how gorgeous her head was bald. It's great that you're taking pictures now. Hopefully this will all be a distant memory for you one day, and you'll take out this photo and smile and think of how strong and brave your mother was back when she was winning the battle with cancer.

WOW, that gave me goosebumps. What a brave, beautiful and bold woman. Remarkable. What a good role model and inspiration she must be to you all.

Well done to your dad to for helping out.

Tertia & Mel's mom you are simply beautiful and your courage makes you even more so. Your light shines from within you.

Your mom is a very cool, very amazing lady. And, she can definitely pull off the bald look. She is gorgeous!

Tertia...I'm another happy clappers who is praying hard for your mom.

Your mum has beautiful eyes.
She looks great

What a brave, beautiful woman your mum....
Love for both!!

Gorgeous. Love the glasses too. I love her response to your question about posting on the blog. It's that kind of attitude that will kick cancer's arse.

Your mom is in my thoughts and prayers. She looks gorgeous! "Bald is beautiful!"

She has an -excellent- head shape for that look. :D Way to go!

Wow Mom looks so cool.Shes amazing so brave and classy all at once, she will start a new craze where shaving you head is the norm.Praying for your Mom to get through this ordeal with style and grace.

wow, she is seriously HOT!!! what a babe, and what a heart shining through her skin and eyes. you guys rock.

Well Hello Demi erm I mean Mimi... She looks amazing! Warrior woman indeed.



You look just like her.

What a brave, beautiful, strong, incredible woman. Thank you, both to Mimi and Tertia for sharing.

Gorgeous and divine, obviously. I can really see the family resemblance, btw. Sounds like she's kept her spirits up, and she looks so strong! You're lucky to have her for a mother, T, and she's lucky to have you as a daughter (who nags her into things like biopsies).

what a STUNNING woman - inside and out!

She is so beautiful and strong! I am praying for her!

Gorgeous. We know where you and your sisters get your good looks and your strength.

Cancer doesn't stand a chance! Go, Mimi!!!

Amazing, indeed.


Your mother's strength is inspiring. Do tell her we're rooting for her!


Will keep your mom in my prayers.

Well that's a small favor to be thankful for: your mom looks gorgeous with a close-shaven crop. Truly!

What a wonderful, fantastic woman. Obviously, thats where you and your siblings get it from!

You go Mum!


Your Mom is a very beautiful lady.

She's amazing. I had tears suddenly and unexpectedly prick in my eyes seeing that photo -- beautiful, resilient and strong.

My elegant mother-in-law (a now three-time breast cancer survivor) surprised us by dying her hair a magnificent bright blue right before she started chemo. She's nine years in remission now, happy and healthy. I wish nothing but strong good thoughts for your mom and family.

oh t - brave and fierce momma with an ebrave equally and fierce daughter. thought about you on Ben's anniversary - smooches from the States... and today, with this photo, reminding us further of the fragility of it all. smooches to mom, too... she is fabulous and gorgeous.

oops... sorry for typo ... equally brave and fierce daughter, of course...

What a gorgeous, strong woman your mom is.

We are not our looks, we are not our hair, we are not our bodies, we are not our age. We are the spine that runs through the body of our family, and nothing so shallow as the physical will ever change that.

Go, warrior woman, go.

Please thank her for us for allowing you to post her picture.
She is a beautiful warrior!

Your mother is gorgeous! Oh, who kidding, your whole family is gorgeous!!

Wishing for a speedy recovery/remission for your Mom and for a healthy, happy Max!!


OK, how does a woman who feels like hell and just lost a bunch of hair look so gorgeous? It *must* be the strength. Rock on, Mimi. :)

I love the way your mom is approaching this! She IS a warrior! I'll be thinking of her and hoping for the best!

Your mother is the very definition of G&D, that's where you get it from.

She is absolutely gorgeous.

Damn, your mom is even more G&D than you are! It's hard to make bald look good, for a woman, and she actually does. Please tell her that. She's gorgeous - I love my mother, but bald would not look good on my mother (or me, for that matter) - on your mom, it just looks like a new fashion!

Non-invasive hugs to your mom and you!

She looks beautiful and brave and wonderful! Go Mimi! Kick the butt of that cancer.


PS~ Awesome glasses!

She is as beautiful and strong outside as she is inside, I think. Please thank her for sharing this gorgeous portrait of a true warrior!!

Now we know not only where you got your strength from but also how you came to be so gorgeous and divine!!!

What an astounding photo. Beautiful.

She looks fantastic. And defiant. Which are two of my favorite qualities.

Also, as I told my grandma a while back, there are advantages to no hair (or in my grandma's case, white as white can be hair): namely, you get free reign on all sorts of color choices, accessories, and other fashion that you couldn't have pulled off before.

She's likely up-to-hear with chirpy advice, though, so I'll stop.

Now we know where you get your spunk from! Stunning!

You look gorgeous and divine, Tertia's Mum!!!! Rock that hairdo! I hope she continues to do well with chemo. My prayers are with her and your family.

Looking great! Stay strong!

My mother is a cancer survivor. Here's to strong moms...and kicking cancer's A#S!!! I guess we know you got your Moxie from, Tertia :)

Your mom is beautiful, gorgeous and divine - the apples don't fall far from the tree!

I think your mother looks absolutely beautiful!

You know what's funny about that picture is how attractive your mom is. Even as a bald cancer patient, she's really pretty.

Wow, your mom looks stylish and cool bald! She also looks like a very strong woman, just the kind to kick cancer's ass.

She is a lovely warrior woman!

Keep up the fight!

She looks great, definitely a warrior, and you look like her!

Your mom loooks so beautiful. Beautiful and strong. She is truly an inspiration. Thank you (and your mom) for posting the picture. Wow. Who needs hair anyway, really. Your mom certainly doesn't. She is simply gorgeous.

She's beautiful!

Go T's mom! You are a beautiful, strong woman - our thoughts and prayers are with you!

She's beautiful.

Wow, your mom looks great bald! Seriously.

She looks so powerful.

She sounds like a great lady, and I love how much you love her.

So beautiful and powerful ! I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers.

She looks just gorgeous.

Warrior woman is right!
:) Becky

Go Mimi!!!!
Your mom is an awesome lady T, its easy to see where you get it from!

Your mom is beautiful! God bless and heal her!!

Your mum really is gorgeous. Sending you all lots of love and luck. You are all so blessed with such a strong caring family. I've also been reading Mel's blog and I know that as a strong family, with such a lot to look forward to, you will come out the other side with flying colours.


Gave me a lump in my throat! She really is a Warrior Woman.

In short - what a hottie! Between your surfin' sister and your gorgeous bald mom I'm starting to get an inferiority complex reading your blog! ;-) You literally have a beautiful family in both physical looks and character. I really admire your mom for her grace in the face of adversity and pray that she weather's this storm easily.

P.S. Don't you South Africans say 'Mum'?

at the cancer center this week i saw a woman with a hot pink wig. she looked like a crazy cancer warrior. (crazy in a good way of course!)
sending your beautiful mother good energy...

She looks beautiful!

Thoughts and well wishes.

We love Tertia's Mom!
You go girl!
I'm getting all misty eyed reading all the posts of support - we're all behind you. I get a picture of us all united with one fist in the air as she yells "charge!"
Warrior Women Unite! Onward!
Warm thoughts of support come your way from all over the globe!


She is just gorgeous! She has a beautifully-shaped head and can carry off the "bald" look wonderfully. I know this is hard on you all, and I wish her (and all of you) well with the continued therapy.

Wow, amazing woman and beautiful too

Your mother is so beautiful!

Am I the only one who thinks your mother now looks like Marko?

Your mom is amazing!

Your mom is so beautiful!

Being raised by a warrior woman is a true blessing. Go Mimi!


loving your mums smile, the robe, and her attitude.


love tess

She looks absolutely beautiful. Her strength is evident. Fight, beautiful lady!

Your mother is beautiful, and she looks phenomenally strong and loving.

Your whole family are warrior women. Gorgeous, too. A credit to your Mom.

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