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Ah, yes. My daughter (who has a very quiet voice otherwise) announced in the middle of the store, "MOMMY I HAVE TO POOP." Of course I abandoned the cart and made a beeline for the bathroom, only to have her hop up on the toilet for about 2 seconds, then hop down and say, "I tried." Sigh.

I nearly peed in my pants - they are so funny!

I remember when I was younger my mom and I went shopping. I was about 7 or so. We were walking around looking at clothes and I asked "Have you ever had a bubble in your butt?" The lady standing next to just laughed hysterically and my mom looked at me like What in the world are you talking about? You know that one look where you just said something and you're parent doesn't know how to answer. That look. I thought it was a good and legitimate question at the time.

Oh my word, I nearly spat my coffee out all over my laptop! Hilarious :)
Got to love those special moments...LOL


oh my they are cute:-)

So darling...for us to read of course & not for you in the moment. Won't it be fun when they are older & you can read these post to them? :) So fun! thanks for sharing, T2

So cute!
School started today and I am almost giddy with relief. So excited!!

Absolutely brilliant. My little cousin wants to know why my tummy is wobbly. The other one keeps showing me his snot. Beeeeooootiful.

heehee! Sounds all too familiar. My cherub farted in the trolley, and then, at full volume, playing all innocent said: "Oops! Who farted?" I wanted to die - seriously!

Bwahahahaha...when I was about 2 1/2 and just potty trained, my mom took me out of church to go poop. Of course, I couldn't wait to tell my dad so, instead of waiting until we were back to our seat, I yelled the news across the whole sanctuary as soon as we stepped through the door.

Kids sure say the darnest things!

I love this post more than I can say!

This made me laugh, but I also started singing the Don Ho song, Tiny Bubbles. HAHAHAHA

I love Jessica's post that is soooo funny. You little one has a great sense of humour.

It must be a guy thing. My husband's male co-workers still have lots of conversations about bathroom stuff and they're in their 30's. For some reason, bodily functions are just always funny. Forever.

OMG the things that come out of there mouths sometimes!!

But the real question here is, did it look like a dog with one eye?

They are so much fun!!!

That is hysterical! Reminds me of the mortifying moment when Jake (3 at the time)proudly told everyone at childcare that "Mummy has a beard on her weewee!". Honestly; one would think it was comparable to one of ZZ Top's the way he made it sound!!! Not true at all heheh!!

tiny little bubbles...that's hilarious!
Henry calls his, bum burps. He knows what comes out his mouth is a burp, he's just two, so the sound that comes out his bum must be the same thing-toddlers say the darndest things.

Hilarious! I love the commenters' equally hilarious stories also.

Here's one I like to share. While browsing the bra aisle in a department store one day, my 2-year-old son grabbed a bra off the rack and before I could pry it out of his hands, he shoved it against my chest, in perfect alignment with my breasts, and yelled (loudly) THIS ONE FITS YOUR BOOBIES MOMMY! BUY IT! My fellow shoppers had a nice little snicker.

Ohhhhh I am trying and failing to stifle laughing at my desk. My two are exactly the same as Kate and can only talk in LOUD voices. I was dragging them out of nursery last night (25 minutes to put on shoes, boots, hat and scarf wtf?!) and I shouted COME ON it's time for Mummy's wine. And my 2 year old son shouted back, in his darling squeeky voice, CAN I HAB SOME WINE?! All the nursery nurses were laughing their heads off!

oh my god this has cheered me up so much.the bubbles one is classic, will never forget it xxx


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