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aww proud sister moment!!!
Very sweet.
And that is defiantly one hot bod.

What a cool article and a proud sister moment!

Way to go, Sister Mel!

Wow, she's hot! Great article and how courageous to take up surfing...

Vomit! She is gorgeous!

very cool

That's one hot mama! Way to go, sister Mel!

Sister Mel is hot! The compliment comes from another happy clapper who voted for Obama, swears like a sailor, loves wearing bikinis and loves fashion in general, and is the total opposite of your friend Zsuzsanna. lol

Oh wow. I have 3 kids, and that picture makes me want to eat nothing but celery (until I get hungry, of course). lol. Good for her, even if I am jealous. I haven't worn a bikini since I was 2.


Hubba hubba.

great shot!!! from what i could read of the text the article is pretty super too!!
oh, and another reader....sela

Yeah, I had a body like that... When I was TWENTY!!

V. gorgeous, Melly! She is cooler that I could ever hope to be in ten lifetimes. Looka those washboard abs!

Oh my word she is one HOT MAMA.Glad I'm not the only one who has a super skinny,fit sister.Mine went to germany to do a marathon for her 40th birthday,I just had a moerse party with friends,not quite the same.

I read the article in the the "Woman and Home!" and funny thing was she reminded me of you - and I had NO idea!!

Sickening, hate Mel!! (Okay not really , I really admire her actually)!

Please tell me those are not her real boobs! I am green with jealousy if they are.

That's so cool! Yes, she looks great.. especially having had 3 kids. Maybe I should take up surfing. If only I weren't petrified of sharks...

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