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He is so gorgeous! Just like the other 2!

Max is such a handsome little man. Looks a lot like his big sister in that picture.

What an amazing boy!

Yay for Max! Boo for gastro!

Wow... I'm so jealous! We have to pay big bucks where I live to get a 4D ultrasound. Neither my OB office nor my hospital have one. :-(

Max is gorgeous; it must be lovely to see his little face so clearly. Hope you feel better soon!

Gorgeous indeed! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Oh, hi baby Max... you are adorable and such a welcomed miracle...

What a beautiful boy! Will you kill me if I say he looks like Marko from here! I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Congratulations! I hope that you are feeling better soon!

looks wonderful!

Got the same freeking gastro bug! Luckily not preggy! Good luck - hope you are better soon. And he is clearly stunning.

Congratulations and I hope you feel better soon!

Gorgeous and divine. Takes after his mum, clearly.

yay! Glad it's going so well.
Hope you feel better soon. Take it easy this weekend.

How wonderful! So thrilled all ok though I knew it would be!! He is gorgeous.

I hope you feel better real soon; and that Adam and Kate don't get sick also!


Max is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing the pic.

Stay hydrated, young lady, even if you can't eat. Dehydration + pregnancy = bad. (Sorry, that was kind of assvicey. Just want you to stay healthy. I know you have a lot of other stuff on your mind that could make you forget to take care of yourself!)

How beautiful and how wonderful. I am so, so, so happy for you (except for being sick, of course).

Beautiful!! (unless he is like Kate; in that case, he looks definitely clever and nice...)
My Max looked great too at his 24-weeks scan... No 4D yet though.
Have a nice and restful weekend.

He is gorgeous!

glad everything with Max is going well, he looks beautiful.
Sorry to hear u are not feeling to hot.

Stunningly gorgeous ! :)

I had 3 babies and never even knew the sex before they were born. These 3D pics of in utero babies are so amazing to me! I feel like I'm from another era. He is gorgeous!

Best wishes to your Mom. What a hard thing to endure.

My littlest baby will arrive in your lovely country in just 7 hours or so! I can't even believe it!

i think he definitely looks like kate! so cute!!!! yay!

So glad that Max is well. Hope you join him in good health soon.

WOW, how special it is to see baby while still in the womb. How did our mothers and foremothers do without?!! Max is divine :) Get better Tertia, rooting for a good day for you tomorrow!

Awwww - that's just toooo gorgeous.
Sorry bout the bug. I had that a few weeks ago. Now I have a cold. Life is great!

Ya know he is the spitting image of Brett Lee, I still think you should call him Brett.

That is flipping amazing! He is G&D!

He looks as gorgeous as his sibs!

Wow, what a cutie!!
This is the third seperate 3D scan I have seen this week, I am so broody now!
Hope you get over the bug quickly!!!

Wow he looks like Kate in that shot!

He's so beautiful!!! Make sure you stay hydrated. You have to stay hydrated when you're pregnant. Stay in bed and keep drinking.

He is gorgeous. Congratulations! I have been following your blog for quite some time and am thrilled for you and your family. Wishing you continued good health and can't wait to see more pics. :)

Very glad for your good scan. Amazing what we can tell now from these scans! Hope you feel well soon.

LOVE! the picture - awesome that they can get so much detail this early.
Still need to book my 20ish week scan.
Off to Disneyworld in the meantime...last hurrah with only one child.


I did the 3D Ultrasound too it was great, the first time at 20 weeks we couldnt see because my placenta was in the way, but the lady let us come back at 30 weeks and things looked awesome :] congrats!

Amanda Little


He's perfect!!! I'd expect nothing less.

Hi there Tertia! I have been away for some time, but when I heard through other Tertia-Blog-Lovers that you were pregnant, I had to stop by! HOW MUCH FUN!!! I'm so happy for you and your family! We're also expecting our third (and final) and we're just about 6 weeks apart it seems. It looks like we're both going to have 2 boys and a girl in our homes. :-) *hug* CONGRATS!!!

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