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Congratulations! I was just thinking abt him last weekend. Thank you for updating us.

Fantastic! So happy to hear that. Our offer stands if he needs anything related to his studies.

Well done Masende!!

Holy crap and Engineering nogal, I can attest to the fact that an Engineering degree is MOER difficult. Even when you have had a good and privileged model C education and a parent in the field, so this is a remarkable achievement indeed! Well done Masende. You should be extremely proud of yourself!!! Keep at it dude. You rock!

How possible is it to send him snail mail cards to congratulate him? That he is loved and cherished from all over the world.

You can send snail mail to my address and I will pass it on to him, email me for my postal address

How's Nontobeko doing?

So now I want to cry. Too emotional today.

Oh wow, congratulations. It is such a difficult course to pass.

thank you for the thoughtful update. how fantastic that masende is enjoying his studies and excelling.


Just what I was in need of today. Awesome!

Congratulations Masende!

Am I the only one with problems with the feed? I normally read Tertia from my Blackberry (Viigo, to be precise) but it has not updated posts since January 11. Somehow the feed is not working... Any suggestions?

Wonderful news!!

Congratulations Masende! Way to go!

BIG CONGRATULATIONS !!! Well done Masende !


YEAH MASENDE! Congrats to the fine fellow!

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