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You know what they say about boys with big feet! ;)

Just be thankful you live in SA where your kids hardly wear shoes! My big foot is only 2yr 5m and already a size 9 - he's gone up 4 sizes in just over a year and is costing me a fortune!! I have a 2nd big foot who is only 10m and not even crawling, but his feet are already nearly a 4, and I can hardly get any prewalkers/crawler shoes for nursery. Oh how I wish they could go barefoot ;-)

And wow at you lasting a whole month!! Thats fantastic news that everything is going so well - and a pregnancy when there are already kids is a little less nerve wracking simply as you dont have time. But beware of the guilt if you havent had it already - the sit down at 7pm, kiddies in bed and the realisation you havent paid a single thought or counted a single kick of yet-to-be-born child. Thats a bummer one.

I know this is going to be a toughie for you now until baby is here safely, with so many memories from 19w onwards - really hoping its another few months of smooth sailing yet. xx

Cool pics of feet. I remember Daniella's feet were exactly the length of my pointer finger when she was born, which I thought was also very long.

Have fun.

Oh yes and now at age ten the poor child is distraught cos she says that ladies shoes aren't as nice as kids shoes--- she now wears size 5 SA and size 8 Canadian ladies size!!! But still has the heart and desire to dress like a ten year old.

Half-way there? Amazing! Really, that boggles the mind. So happy, so excited for you.

Beautiful pictures. Being too busy to worry is a blessing, hoping you stay busy and not worried.

Sending birthday wishes, too :-)

Wow, that was fast. Cute baby feet!

How lovely! What a lovely thing to do with the kiddies on their birthday! Hope you all had a great day.
P.S My Sarah had such big feet I was convinced she was a boy- they're still big but soooo cute!

Great u/s pics. I have three bigfoots in my house. My 12 yr old wears a men's size 10 1/2. My 8 yr old wear's a men's size 5. And, my 3 yr old wear's a toddler's 10.

The feet are adorable.
I am incredibly happy for you that you are able to not succumb to anxiety this time around. If there is a next time for me, I hope I can too, but this last one was a complete non-starter on anxiety, though curiously I did not turn into a complete basket case until about 17 or 18 weeks... Anyway, half way! W00t!

I'm so glad for you. What lovely feet!

Woohoo, well done to Max for growing so nicely :)

Yay for being halfway already! I'm glad all is well!

Those are some seriously cute feet. I can't believe you're halfway through! Hope the second half flies by too... Happy Birthday to Kate and Adam!

this is the kind of pregnancy i wished for you - a NORMAL one - where you know there are things that might go wrong but don't dwell on them. i think thats how it should be. enjoy it!

and, those aren't feet, those are GOLF CLUBS . . . and they are delicious. how bloody marvelous that you have little max embedded safely in your belly, growing up a storm.

wht did adam and kate think of the scan?

and LUCK with Binkie D.Day and birthday celebrations today. you have so many things to celebrate right now . . . four years of precious little people that were once just a dream, and another just as precious, lurking right under your heart (so he makes sure he is wrapped around it properly), and only a matter of weeks before he arrives). what a great day this will be for you all.

Max has adorable feet. I think it's going by so fast too. You are so brave waiting a month since your last scan. You are doing a great job!

Happy birthday, Kate & Adam! And happy 20 weeks to Max, you, and Marko. Well done, all of you.

Oh those pictures are prescious! ... and he will grow into his feet!

Time seems to be passing so fast. I've followed this blog for over a year and it seems like just yesterday you were saying you were 6 weeks pregnant with Max.

The wee lad is looking good. They say big feet mean they're gonna be tall... I have a brother who's 6'8 and has UK size 14 feet.

cute, gorgeous feet! Just over3cm...! that is just so sweet. I am so thrilled all is well with Max. Just yesterday I was wondering exactly how many weeks you would be now...it sure is going fast!

Take Care


Love pics of little baby feet. It makes me think of all of the places those little feet will take them. One of the places I remember wondering if my children's feet would take them is Africa. Your baby's feet are starting out there so really, what is left? The moon? I wonder what Neil Armstrong's baby feet looked like. Such sweet little things, baby feet.

Wow! Feet to the Max alright!
Also, happy fourth birthday Adam and Kate!

Happy Birthday Adam and Kate and happy 20 weeks baby bigfoot!

Time to post the maternity/ belly shots of you. Happy birthday to A & K, can't believe it has been four years already!

Looka those stompers! Go Max!

Happy Birthday, Adam & Kate!

kids reactions to seeing baby brother on screen, please!!

So freaking happy for you all Tertia :)

Too cute! Glad to hear things are going well! How is your Mom doing?

I've been away from the blog for a while...actually it was a post or 2 before you announced your pregnancy.

So Congratulations! I have caught myself up and am so happy for you all! Yippee skippy! I always wanted one more for you, Tertia.

Love the big feet! Yay Max!

Cute!! I love baby feet! Now - when he's born, remember to take arty photo's in black and white of those tiny baby feet! I did, and I look at them today and my heart melts and I want another one... for about 2 seconds and then reality bites!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE TWINS!!!!WOW! 4 YRS OLD TODAY! FANTABULOUS! Big hugs to Adam and Kate from all your many blog fans xx

Congratulations - I LOVE sonagrams! a true picture of the future! Feet, profiles, have a great one of my (now 18yo son) total profile, sucking thumb... but absolutely has my "family nose" and you could see it then and you can see it now!

I used to time sonograms first thing in the morning - joking to husband, "lets see whats UP" - to confirm boy or girlness! haha :)

I'm adding your blog to my blog roll over @ From My Perspective, hope u don't mind.

Love your blog btw. REALLY love your heading design, very nicely done!

Congrats again...
Meglyn at www.parenalguidancerequired.blogspot.com

Time is flying glad all is well with Max and he does have nice big feet.If you took kids with I presume they are aware there is a baby on its way.

Congrats on such a great scan! And great that the kiddos and husband got to peek. Love big feet! All of us in our house have big feet!

Dear Tertia,

I am so happy for you that this pregnancy is progressing smoothly. I'm just really happy for you and your family. And a Happy Birthday to Adam and Kate!

Anna :)

Beautiful pictures of your new babe, on the day of your twins Birthday! How wonderful for all of you.

My first son was born with 3.5 inch long feet (not quite 9cm). He wore a size 4 from the start. And yes, he grew into his feet. He's a tall lanky kid who now at not quite two wears a size 8 toddler shoe.

My second son, still growing inside at 32 weeks, seems to be on the same track. He had 3 inch long feet at our last scan at 31 weeks.

Ironically, I am only 5'3". I grow big, strong, healthy boys within my womb. I suppose that's what I get for marrying a 6'2" man. That's gotta be along the lines of a Saint Bernard breeding with a Dachshund or something like that...haha!


And yes, flying by. Especially for the rest of us!

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