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I love downloading songs onto my iPod and was also a bit clueless as to where to find all the songs that I wanted! Also, I'm a stickler for NOT BREAKING the law, so I refuse to download pirated songs. So, in my quest to be law-abiding, I came across www.legalsounds.com. It's not super user-freindly, but it's good enough. Obviously you have to pay for each download, but each song costs about 9 US cents, so it's no biggie. Good luck!

I've had my iPod for just over a year, and to date, the number of songs I've bought hasn't even reached double digits. Okay, the actual number of downloaded songs is 4. For shame! Like you, Tertia, I'm a big fan of talk-radio and that's pretty much all I listen to on the iPod. I do listen to music, CD's and radio, but haven't got around to organising my favourite tunes on the iPod. Anyway, all 4 songs mentioned above were downloaded from iTunes (two songs by Eric Carmen, "I Vow to thee My Country" and "Die Perlenfischer" - beat that for nerdy!). To be honest, I didn't know you could buy individual songs any other way. There. I've admitted it and, yes, the shame is now VERY intense! So, I await, with interest, the answers you receive to this post.

If you like talk radio, have a look at www.ted.com. They have great talks that you can download as a podcast or mp3.

Also, try audio books. I don't often get a chance to read, and they are a very good substitute.

Have you tried Musica.co.za, there's stacks of stuff to download there.

if you need any tips on the blackberry bold, i have one- absolutely love it!!! :) itunes is probably the best place for new/old music.

Wanna feel even older, ask your 12 year old nephew, he has over 200 songs downloaded and he knows the words to every one.

Pandora.com! It's like a personalized radio station. Select a band you like and it plays other music it predicts you will also like based on your selection. You can have several different stations. When you hear a good song, simply make a note of it and find it on iTunes. Pandora is based on the Music Genome Project, I believe, and I have found some great songs I never knew existed before.

tells you new stuff you might love.
also, dooce USED to have a review column, dooce plugs in,
old columns are at
i think you are looking for someone with taste to tell you what to sample,
is that correct?

I listen to a lot of talk radio too. NPR (America's National Public Radio) has a bunch of great (free) podcasts. I especially like WNYC's Radiolab - it's a very accessible show about science. I also like Storycorps. Search in the iTunes store, and you'll find both. Subscribe for free. Then, once they're downloaded, drag and drop them onto your iPod.

My mom hasn't read a book in years, but she's listened to a ton of audiobooks on Audible.com. As far as I know, Audible integrates very smoothly with iTunes.

If you like talk radio, there's no reason to change just because you have an iPod! :)

I'm trying to think of current artists that I like - I'm stuck in the late 80s early 90s myself. But I love Christina Aguilera - she has an amazing voice. She's a naughty girl, though. Probably don't want to listen to her where the kids can hear. I also really like Blue October. The lead singer has a haunting voice, just beautiful. I like Maroon 5 and Matchbox 20, too, if you're feeling mathematical. I really enjoy Cake, although they may be a little less current. I really like Pink, too. And Alanis Morrissette.

Let me know if you like any of these artists, and I'll go through my iPod and find similar stuff. Although to be honest, a lot of what's on my iPod are kids songs!!

Amy @ http://prettybabies.blogspot.com

Try i-tunes for any and all music you can also down load music videos to your ipod.Try all the oldies like Michael Jacksons classics, Robbie Williams,Madonna & West Life their videos are great.You can also download top 40 from KFM ya I know 'Big People' listen to Cape Talk but they have the current stuff.Enjoy ipod I love mine and use it all the time it's especially great in the car for the kids get double ear phone connector and they can listen together keeps them amused and quiet,well sort of unless they singalong!!!

Go to iTunes, search for an artist you like. On the right hand side of the results page you'll see playlists people have made using songs by the artist you searched for. This will lead you to similar artists that you may or may not know but may like. Enjoy!

I'm also quite the fogey when it comes to technology, but from what I understand, you can load songs onto your MP3 (and, I'd assume, an iPod?) from CDs that you already own. Just pop the CD into your computer, plug the portable into your computer, and shoot a copy onto the MP3/iPod. I hope The Masses will correct me if I'm wrong...

Curious, though, where do you find TIME to listen to anything? I used to love listening to music (or audio books) quite frequently, but haven't done that in over a decade. I think because I no longer have a huge commute to work, and/or I'm always listening to kid-friendly stuff! *blush*

I bought my husband an ipod clone (not name brand)last year and we haven't downloaded any music. Just loaded all of our CD's onto it :)

Also, check your favourite radio station's website to see if you can download their podcasts ... that way if you have a favourite ranter you can download them and listen to them whenever you have time.

In a couple of years you can hand it to Kate or Adam, they'll figure it out for you! No help from me, I got an iPod 3 years ago, loaded it and it's still sitting in a drawer...uhm, I like my little CD player!

And here is when being a spry 19-year-old can be useful. Woody's Girl is correct that you can put CDs you already own onto your iPod, but it's a little different than how she said it....

First, stick in a CD. If iTunes doesn't come up automatically, start it manually. When it figures out you have a CD in the slot, it may ask you if you want to import the songs. If it does, click yes, or ok, or whatever. If it doesn't, no big deal-- just hit import, which should be at the bottom right. Tada! Once it imports, the CD will be in your library, and will be on your iPod the next time you sync it. It can be tricky the first few times, but after a little practice you'll be fine with it. (Also, apologies if you knew all of this. Oh well.)

NOTE: You won't be able to play these tracks in Windows Media Player, for example, without doing another step, and if you want that explanation just e-mail me. If you plan on keeping them for just your iPod, though, then you'll be fine.

Also, I second Pandora to find more music you love, and definitely look at TED-- they are educational, and any talk you click to watch will have a link underneath to download to iTunes so you can watch it anytime! Also, podcasts (which are often free!) and audiobooks are great if you aren't a huge music listener.

Hope that helps. ;)

hi, the best way is too take all your cds and load on the pc and then put them on the ipod thats what i do its the best way. if you go to cna they have brilliant ear phones called griffen (in ear) the so comfy and you dont have to put the volume up my ears are very sensitive and they ont hurt mine at all. good luck

*Hobbles closer so you can hear* I said: Where are my teeth?

I have no idea about technology either. Have to have Sarge explain it all to me. FWIW, I really like Marvin Gaye, if you want to download some of that.

jumping on the TED bandwagon.........just do the TED podcasts that's all you need with some tracey chapman for mellow moments

hehe, Talk Radio isn't just for old people. I used to listen to it in my early Teens!! Admittedly, I no longer listen to it - but I know that there are a lot of Night-shift workers that live on it ;)

Also, check out the iTunes store for more talk radio podcasts. They also have video podcasts from talk shows as well as comedy pieces. They have a little something for everyone, even the fogeys.

Seconding the idea to look for podcasts (is there a SA version of public radio?) and also to import your CDs into iTunes.

Also, iTunes has this new Genius thing which is supposed to suggest songs based on the song you're playing. It's pretty easy to set up and use. I don't know whether it's any good yet, as I've just installed it today. Also, I like old classical music and most iTunes users (Genius uses data from its user base) are probably oriented more towards rock and other popular music. It's worth a try anyway.

p.s. I think I am older than you. Facebook still utterly confuses me when it isn't making me feel inadequate.

load your favorite cd onto the computer, and from there to your ipod. also, check out your itunes store for radio podcasts, they are usually free. i like npr health, npr food, npr environment etc. but not sure if you can get these outside of north america.
also i don't think there is anything wrong with listening to what you already love. why search for new music when you like tons of stuff already?
gently touch and turn the wheel on your ipod to change the volume. this works only if you are playing something.

I don't handle the blackberry bold but I do work in technical support and deal with blackberries on a daily basis. If you need any help don't hesitate to ask :)

Try last.fm, they suggest music based on what you listen to. Or you can borrow my music library for a while and see if there is anything there that interests you...

Like others have said, itunes is the best I found so far. It works well with your ipod. It's nice to search through the different genres. Joshua Radin's Simple Times is a great CD. It's great for sensitive ears. Enjoy your new toys!

As someone who has over 4000 songs and podcasts on her iPod, I have to say, it's very easy! Just download iTunes on your computer, if you haven't already (it's free). That will be your music library. Then, take all your CDs that you already own (feel free to borrow from friends, also), open iTunes, and load them all onto iTunes. Whatever you have on iTunes will automatically go onto your iPod whenever you sync your iPod to your computer. I love National Public Radio (talk radio in the US), and I have subscribed to the podcasts of all my favorite shows so that they download onto my iTunes automatically. Just go to the iTunes store online and search for whatever shows you want to subscribe to; and sign up! It sounds lots more complicated than it is; once you get the hang of it you will love it!

P.S.- you turn the volume up by lightly running your finger around the circle on the iPod clockwise (counter-clockwise to turn the volume down). :-)

Try checking out the various Top 100 lists at Billboard.com I just finished accumulating the 100 top one hit wonders...LOL. What can I say? I am easily amused.

podcasts are my thing. National Public Radio in the US has lots of podcasts -- on money (marketplace, marketplace money), interviews with authors (fresh air), local talk radio in my neck of the woods, . . . . A number of universities (MIT, Stanford, etc.) also put courses on the web in podcast format.

(I don't listen to much music).

If you download the most recent version of itunes there is something called the genius sidebar. It suggests music that it thinks you would from the songs in your library - it is such a great way to discover new music. Happy downloading! xx

My husband does the down loading from a website called www.mp3search.ru. Songs are about 19 US cents each- R1,90 and albumss are about 2 dollars- R20,00. It's been a great site , good quality and safe to buy from. Enjoy and good luck!

Bwahah. Bifocals n Greencross. You're such a catch, luvvie.

Listen to www.nrj.com

Great music (on web radio, but without any chit chat or adverts) - plus it shows which songs you are listening to. Will give you ideas.

Is all new stuff. Much as I love nostalgia from time to time, there is great new music out there to listen to as well.

A few ideas...

I am addicted to audio books. They are pretty much all I listen to - I get mine for FREE at the public library.

I love radio shows like, This American Life (which really has very little to do with America and more to do with storytelling)

Another free podcast is Too Beautiful To Live (TBTL) - its charming. http://www.mynorthwest.com/?nid=93

pandora.com does suggestions based on a song or artist, so maybe similar to last.fm. Also, iTunes has suggestions too, I think. And if you like talk radio, subscribe to some podcasts! I like This American Life http://www.thislife.org/ for one. :)

Have you tried mp3obsession.com? There are loads of cheap mp3s there to download on there.

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