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My son's name is Pierce. Not after Pierce Brosnan, but rather for all of the late nights watching old MASH reruns. Not many Pierce's in this neck of the woods.

One of the things about Finn (I was one of the suggestors for it *preens*) is that I've come across it twice now as a very attractive character in a novel - and definitely not the kind of kid/boychild who'd ever get beaten up.

Somebody somewhere already probably said this (no time to read all the comments) but as long as you're combining your two favorites...
You could always do Jax.

If you like Mack and Jack, what about Zack or Zach (usually short for Zachary) or Dack (short for daiquiri?)

Have you thought of Travis, Trevor, Reid, Rhys, Chase, Brock, Kurt, Kirk, Craig, Colin, Corey, Philip, Kevin, David (no, I'm really not thumbing through a book of baby names!)

Just to keep you thinking...

Mack is whack.

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