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Forgive me for siding with Marko... but of the very nice list you've pared down to, it is my favorite. Very strong and masculine.

mack is perfect, if you are absolutely certain that you don't like septimus . . . seriously, it is DIFFERENT . . . and that will be good when he hits school - he won't have 20 other boys in his class with the same name.
no to simon, and to finn . ..

mack is where its at baby.

Oh gosh! I can't believe my recommendation of "JINX" didn't make the list! :) I love Mack too. That's a cool name.


James is a marvellous name. :)
WAIT: I thought of another one last night: Ross. Don't you love it?

You didn't like Evan?


some others...


I love the names Noah and Simon, but they're both happy clapper-ish to me. We gave our son a bible name and it annoys me to no end when people want to engage me in clapper talk because of it.

Jack is my fav name ever ever, but my husband vetoed it for my son on the grounds of kids teasing him with "Jack Off".

Leo and Mack are delicious. Not trendy, different enough to be different, but not so much that you'll get beat up for it. (Like Finn, eke!)

*Smooches* Tertia! I'm so excited for you. I refreshed your page like 20 times yesterday for glimpses of new news. :)

I choosed Max. As for your favorite Mack, as soon as I saw it, my first thought was Mack Daddy. :P

This might be a U.S. thing but "Mack" makes me think of "Mack truck"--a common type of 18-wheeler semis. Sometimes people use the phrase "built like a Mack truck"; not exactly negative, but means they are hulking, I suppose. In contrast "naughty Jack" is a big question mark to me. Must be a SA thing?

I think Jack seems to fit in the best with your tastes. If you like fairly plain/traditional names anyway, they will all be kind of common, no?

My personal favorite is Finn. But I like more unusual names, which I think it is a little, and also it reminds me, distantly, of my son's name (which is also unusual). I think those names often make the parents a little concerned about whether it will get the child beat up. On the other hand, the trend around here is toward very unusual names. More often than not, if I meet a child, I will never have met another child with the same name. Just today I heard a new one--a little girl named "Valley."

When I hear Mack I think of Mack Trucks [http://www.macktrucks.com.au/] but that could just be an Aussie thing!? I like Marc but that is probably too close to Marko to be a contender.

I also like Jake but people could think it's a shortened version of Jacob and I think that could be a happy clapper name, not sure.

James would prob be my favourite from the list above, but that is just cos I love it and its a family name for me.

Anyway whatever you choose I'm sure it will be perfect! :)

I love Finn but it rhymes with Albertyn so it goes all sing songy on me (Finn, Finn Albertyn, kick his arse and punch his chin) Oh no - now I hate myself.

I voted Leo which I think works great with Kate and Adam and with Albertyn.

Actually Neil Finn is one of my favorite musicians and I'm sure no one else is as perverse as me with this rhyming business.

OK, I know I'm late in the game, here, but bear with me. I initially liked the idea of Mack, but I agree about Mack Daddy and Mack trucks. There is also an old song (not sure of singer) called Mack the Knife.

Other ideas: Drew, Brett, Sam (maybe too popular here, but in SA?, I second the Nate vote.... I'll keep pondering.

Still giddy about LN7,

we have a james who we call jack! two birds, one stone i say. this way, when he's all grown up and tooting off to university he can become very MATURE and tell everyone to start calling him james, not jack.

tis a perfect little boy's name and they love loVE LOVE the fact that it's everywhere and on everything. it's like they think the whole world was named for them- jack and jill, blackjack, hijack, jackass, jack-in-the-box, jack of all trades, flapjack, lumberjack- you get the point.

Am loving Simon, Finn and James. Simon and James can hold up to name calling, Finn not so sure about, but is a name I love (Henry was going to be a Finn but opted out). I guess I am into 'old school' names. I like different quirky names too but can be a fine line between trendy and different as it is 'hip' to be different, hmm.... Heck, my kids name is Henry, how old school can you get. One thought about Mack....I can't seem to get 'mack daddy' off my mind...

I am a first grade teacher and with 15 years of experience I will tell you that I would never name my boy Jacob, Jake, Jack or Jackson. Actually the more I think about it I would stay away from J's altogether. :) Except Joe - I love Joe.
In the US Finn is being taken over by the girls.
I like Noah, Alex and Leo.
Best of luck!

charmaine's little man is a mac, and he is just gorgeous.

it is a great name.

Jack Daniel(s) i would just get thirsty.....

hey noah is such a hot name...not sure that it fits in with adam and kate..but i love it. also lone the name kyle. :-)

"love" not lone...sorry typo

"love" not lone...sorry typo


Alex is a perfect fit! I think your criticism that there might possibly be too many A's only lends itself to your first requirement for LN7's name - that it fits with Adam and Kate. "Adam, Kate, and Alex" - how easy is that to say? Plus, name alliterations are fantastic especially for boys whose names won't change. Finally, Alex is one of the most successful names historically. I love it - and I hope you and Marko have fun picking the name you love!

We have similar taste in names. Our son who died was named Benjamin, and Adam was our boy name if the ultrasound tech goofed and either of our girls ended up being boys. On your list I like Jack, Jake, Nate, and Alex the best. Other names I like are Ryan, Andrew and call him Drew, Charlie, Nicholas and call him Nick. Okay, I'm looking at the school list and some other cute names are Dylan, Miles, Henry, Tyler, Bradley and call him Brad, Chad, and Cole. Congratulations!!

Pulling for Leo because mine is Tau (Tswana and Sotho for Lion)

"Mack" Donalds- kids can be mean at school and if he's sensitive? Finn is naffy! You need a strong name.

My fave names off this list are Leo and James. Both are strong and simple names.
Simon - I went to school with a Simon - they called him Simple Simon for the whole 5 years of high school

I don't think Mack is "regular" enough. I hope that didn'nt come out wrong. I don't think it goes well with Adam and Kate.
James- not posh at all.
Finn was ok until I read 21stCenturyMom's comment, hilarious!
Jake is nice too.
and of course, I'm still good with Jack. ( I think I'm biased, I wanted to name my son that!)
Boy, am I full of opinions or what!!!!

oh, i like mack! esp. for the combining of mack and jack. is it just me, or is everyone's four-year-old son named jackson?!?

my son is (hiroyuki) james, i just love it, but we use his japanese name so we don't have to worry about a nickname (though i prefer jamie). james is good (if you don't go with mack lol)

It's got to be Leo. That name is beautiful and strong. It's the total package.

Also, I knew a Mack, who's actual first name was Macgregor but he went by Mack. (they're Scots). I really like the name Macgregor but it is a bit serious sounding. and I knew a girl who got Mack and Macka as a nickname because her surname was Mackenzie... but she is another story all together.

and I Finn is my 2nd favourite.

I like Mack as it reminds me of CSI “Detective Mack 'Mac' Woods” (Gary Sinise)

Hi Tertia

I have a nephew called Mac. Problems with the name include: "Big Mac" "Mac burger" (i.e. McDonalds meals). Especially the teasing if he is a chubby kid and becomes known as "Big Mac". Also, the name/surname thing can get confused: ie. Is his name Mr McAlbertyn? Would recommend against it. Good luck!!

Ooh you forgot Ross!!!! I love Ross the most for you.

And second would be Marc

I voted Mack but would suggest dropping the "k" and making it Mac (ooh no, I just thought make-up.)
My Dad's name is Malcolm which is shortened to Mac so I find it hard seeing it is Mack with a "k"

I LOVE Leo!! It won my vote! I think it sounds great with Adam and Kate. Even though I like the name "Jake", I wouldn't go with it, as it sounds so close to "Kate". What a great selection of names you have!!

I love Alex - it's one of my B/B twins names. However I'd avoid the double A thing too. Go Leo - LN7 is a strong little lion and you should celebrate his strength!

Check out this website. Mack, Leo and Max are all short for something. Personally, I like Jack and James :-)


Umm, don't want to offend anyone but "Mack" sounds a bit too 'made-up' to me. It's more of a nick-name. Why not go for the very similiar sounding "Mark" or "Marc"?

I don't think James is too posh. It goes nicely with Adam and Kate. John would also work well.

It's tough coming up with something so important as a name. And when you say any name often enough it starts to sound weird!

Oooh, Tertia, I love Finn (And it's IRISH!!!) LOL - I am CRAZY!

Second choice Jack and then Alex.

I actually think of all the names I like Alex with your surname the best.

Hmmmm, James is rather posh, isn't it?

(I just realised I automatically put on a very posh UK English accent when I say James) :)

More of the crazy coming through - let's blame it on the hormones, shall we?

Hello again. :)

Lots of insightful posts here, I wish I'd had you guys when we were naming our last Bub! (In the end our eldest Twin, Edward, looked at his Teddy's label and read "o s c a r ... MUM!!! What about Oscar?" And Oscar it is!)

We have Mack Trucks here too, but I'd never heard of a Mack Daddy.. but I cant get it out of my head now either!
I also had a 'simple Simon' at school.. poor guy. :( Jack is so common in Australia, but its a good strong name. I love Leo, but Im also not too sure it goes with Adam and Kate.

Have you thought of Phillip? Or Oliver?

I think Max is great, a good mans name.

Have fun!!!

Congratulations, Tertia!!

I voted for Mack but after reading the comments I'v changed my mind. LOL. I'd be afraid of the Big Mac teasing. LOL.

I think Leo is a great name. It's a strong name for a brave little boy. :) It sounds good with Albertyn. Leo Albertyn. It's a short name so it goes with a long surname like yours.

Max is also one of my faves. It's also a strong name.

Simon: definitely no because of Simple Simon potential.

James is lovely and you can call him Jaimie if you think it's too posh although I've never understood why people name their kids something and automatically use a nickname instead. ???

Finn: no, no. It sounds like a fin on a fish. It's not as strong as the others.

Jake sounds like something a character in a soap opera although it's a good name. It's a pity.

Maybe Adam and Kate will be less jealous of little Jack if he can be blamed for things!! Not sure if Jack will be too happy about that, once he gets a bit older!!!

I suggested the name Mack :) It was my grandfather's nickname. His last name was McLachlan. He was such a sweetheart - patient, gentle, kind and honest. Love the name!

Leo is definitely my second choice from your list. Jack and Jake are SO popular. My boy has three Jacobs, two Jacks and three Savannahs in his kindy class.

I like Leo and you cant choose James coz thats our "choosen" name - for one day....

finn as in huckleberry finn. thats quite boyish and manly right?



Where's the preggie photo ????????

Hi - woke up this morning thinking about you naming your babe - and the names I had were Dale, Dean or Dane, and also Ross - such lovely fun choosing. xxx Jaci (Durban)

I like Jake and Mack. Not too many boys in SA with those names. Did you do the shout test yet? (Stand in one part of the house and shout the name to Marko at the other end. Then try it with Adam and Kate and lastly with the surname.)The test eliminated at least three names off our original list. :-)

What about Liam?

Leo!! I just know he's going to come out looking like a strong little Leo.

Sorry, don't like Mack. People will always ask if it is short for Mackenzie or something. I like Chad which was my friend's son's name, hope she doesn't mind me suggesting it. Out of the names listed I prefer Jake and Alex but agree Alex is too many A's. Will lead to problems later on I think. Brad is also nice but it makes me think of Bad Brad from Big Brother (1st SA season).

Jack, Alex and Leo.
But you're going to get crazy with this picking-method xD
I don't like Mack very much... it sounds to me like "Mac and PC".
Looking forward to know the final choice.


Still loving Jack. It's a good, short timeless name. Simon reminds me of the land of chalk drawings character, and Mack to me is a truck.

And about the happy clappers, Adam's the very first name in our book, y'know. ;)

I like Finn and Mack and Simon James (together). For another suggestion...my oldest son's name is Quinn. We get tons of compliments on it. Normal enough but not too plain or trendy. My other sons are Brody & Cooper (twins). Hope that helps.

I think "Leo" is perfect!

Wait, wait -- how about Josh?

Ross is a divine name!!! Only ever met good-looking, kind hearted, manly men called ROSS!!! ;)

I'm with Ross - my brothers name - and he is strong, kind and gorgeous!!!

"Leo – Love Leo, but wonder if it is too different to Adam and Kate. "

LEOnardo DiCaprio starred with KATE Winslett in "Titanic" and ADAM Scott in "The Aviator"

By the six degrees of separation game they are not too different at all :)

That is so funny because in our house we have "Sassy Thomas" who is naughty in restaurants and runs away in parking lots. In the end Sassy Thomas gets sent to his room all day long.

Of course, Dylan is cute too... but then I'm bias.... my son is Dylan James

My 4-month-old surprise post-IF post-40 baby is named Simon James. So Marko and I have the same tastes!

I must say, you have a lovely selection of names. I like nearly all of them. We must have the same taste in names! In fact, Adam was my #1 choice for my now 9yo son (whom we named Trevor), but my husband didn't like it. (said if we had a daughter we'd have to name her Eve. dork.)

Argh!!! I voted for Simon, but meant to vote for Leo, my mind is in 10 different places this morning! I love the sound of Leo. . .Adam, Kate, and Leo

Max & Mack with Albertyn = MA, Alex with Albertyn = AA, I really like the name James or Simon :O) I am also sure that whatever name you choose, it will be just perfect for you, your family & the gorgeous baby boy. I am so excited for you Tertia!!!

I really like Mack. I wanted to name our first son Jack, but I got vetoed by my husband.

We are planning on having a "not me" in our house. My ILs did it with their children. They would wrap gifts at Christmas addressed to "Not Me." Not me as in "Who broke the lamp?" and the kids would answer "Not me!" So if you opened the "not me" gifts at Xmas then you were taking credit for everything "not me" did throughout the year.

My younger son's name is Jack (nickname for Jackson, which was my mother's maiden name), and from birth we've always referred to him as "Happy Jack".

Hi Tertia! Of your list, my favorite is Jack...which would be my name for a boy if I ever happened to have one. I also think Max or Leo would go excellently with Adam & Kate. And I still like James, even if it doesn't seem to fit as well as the others. Tell Marko that if he'd like to help carry and birth the child, he can help name...otherwise, final decision is yours, IMO. That's what I've told my SO - but maybe that's because his taste in names is absolutely horrid.

I have friends who named their son Malcom and call him Mack for short so it sounds like a nickname to me. Ditto with Max (Maxwell).

I'd have to say Noah, Simon and Leo would be on my short list.

I voted for Max. Jack/Jake/Alex are very popular in the US at the moment. (http://www.ssa.gov/OACT/babynames/)

Mack, don't really like it - made me think of my husband's favorite beer Mack and Jacks. Isn't there a Mack in the Cars movie too?

What about Simeon?

How about Robert, with the nickname "Rob"? I like that, and Jack as well. Mack really turns me off... I guess because it's not popular here, and makes me think of some old derelict, non-descript sort of old man. Also, sounds too much like a nickname rather than a "given" name. Thumbs down on "Mack"...(sorry!) :-)

I voted for Mack - Although I really thought you would like Nick. Mack and Nick are kinda close right? lol

Yay, two of my suggestions made the list! Noah and Max. I like old Testament names (and I'm not a happy clapper -wait, I am! *LOL* But I liked them before I became one.) Noah is my favourite from the list, but I voted for Mack because the two top choices in votes were Mack and Leo, and I really don't like Leo :P So I tried to sway the votes!

I voted for Leo....two syllables, and ends in a vowel like you and Marko!

Oh yeah, here are the names in order of (my) preference:

Finn (NOT too girly, but it does rhyme with Albertyn!)
James-Jack-Alex (Share the bottom place, because they seem to non descript and boring to me and I couldn't decide which order they should go in. No offence to anyone whose child is named that! I AM from England, and these names are SUPER popular here, so maybe that affects me.)





Heh...our naughty (fictional) entity is naughty 'arry. Now 'arry can be Barry or Terry or Harry or Larry or even Mary depending on the situation, the mood of the accuser and the severity of the offense. Larry is very, very bad. Mary not so much.

I voted for Leo, though I also like Simon (except might he be teased...'Simple Simon'?). The problem with having so many choices is there is no clear winner. You might have to have a run-off using the top 3 or 4 choices.

I wouldn't worry about Finn. He'll have Kate to protect him and she is fierce!

I would worry a bit about "Mack" because, at least here in the states, a "mack daddy" is a pimp and "macking" is making out.

Simon and Jake are both good.

Best of luck to you!

I don't think Leo is too different. I find that I'm liking it too. But if you really love Mack and it doesn't remind you of Mack Trucks (not so bad) or "mack daddy" then go for it.

Simon Alexander Albertyn...

Covers both Markos choice and one of your names. Sounds very good together. His intials will be SA, the land of his birth, a country you love. I like it!!!

Leo is really great, and it goes very well with Adam and Kate, in my opinion. I don't like Mack much, but the right kid could pull it off, but how do you know? I'm in the States, so have all the reservations already expressed about Mack. Leo all the way!

The only downside of Mack is that in the U.S. it is associated with "truck" -- as in "That linebacker is built like a Mack truck." But maybe that isn't a problem in S.A. Personally, I like Leo. Or Andrew (you could call him Drew if you don't like all the "A"s).

We have a little Leo. it's an awesome name. He loves it, we love it, and it's not too too popular (well, in the states, anyway!).
My nephew is Finn -- it's very strong, actually. Very Irish, very fun name. This is fun!

My top two picks now are Leo and James.
Adam, Kate, and Leo sounds great, as does Adam, Kate, and James.
"There go those two Albertyn boys, Adam and Leo"
"Why, it's the Albertyn children, Adam, Kate, and James."
Leo Albertyn
James Albertyn
Like them.

Long time reader but not a great commenter - just had to get in on this one. First of all I am SOOOO delighted that everything is normal - please exhale and ENJOY it. :-)

Ok - kind of unusual but you never know . . .



Mack is sweet, but isn't there a risk that people would think he's just one big surname - McAlbertyn? Plus there are all sorts of hamburger jokes that spring to mind.

Finn? Girly? Feeble? As an actual Finn, I resent that :-)

I vote for Leo.

One I didn't think of before: Scott

My friend recently had a baby boy and named him Paxton. Love it. They call him "Pax" and it just fits.

I'm with you about Mack so I voted for it. Adam, Kate and Mack... sounds a good combination. Alex is also a good name but I think you might be right about the too many As.

As for Simon, I associate that with the X Factor too much ;).

Finn is a strong name! It's part of an Irish legend called "Finn and the Fionn." Finn was a brave, strong dude who could overturn tables and beat people up while downing positive chalices of ale. This is not to say that you have to name your child Finn, just that it's a strong name. Any kid named Finn is bound to have six-pack abs by the age of three.


(a little lore from the Fenian Cycle, a collection of poems and stories about the warrior-king Finn: http://www.shee-eire.com/Magic&Mythology/Warriors&Heroes/Warriors/Males/Finn-MacCool/Page1.htm)

Heh. I said A LOT more about that than I meant to. Sorry. I do like Mack as a name.

I do like Max, but what about Luka? I love this name. Short and sweet, just as you like... :-)

It must be Leo - I'm already looking forward to that kiss! ;)

But seriously, I think Leo goes well with Kate & Adam, and he'll need the strength of a lion being a younger sibling of your whirlwinds! ;)

I like Edward and Seth.

If I had seen Finn on the first post I would have voted for that until the rhyme posted above about being punched on the chin! I dont particulary like Leo. I voted for Simon because I think if Marko has a strong opinion it should be considered. Whatever you choose I am sure it will be a perfect fit.

I would vote for Simon or James. I don't think of James as posh at all (it's my dad's first name, and he's not posh!). It also lends itself to the very charming nickname of Jem (not what my dad goes by).

What? No "Monkey Butt"? Tertia, I am deeply offended.

How about Levi or Asher? They are biblical names that are becoming popular again.

Leo! I love how Leo fits right in with Adam and Kate! Adam, Kate, and Leo Albertyn.

Mack might become "Big Mac" ?

I carefully pondered your choices, and Mack and Finn are my two favorites. I went with Mack, but it's close. I still prefer Nick. It's kind of a combination of Mack and Finn. Nick!

I picked James, (my middle brother's name) ... and I don't think that its "posh" but maybe it sounds different with a canadian accent.

His full name is James Andrew, and my dad's nick name was "Jim-Dandy-Andy".
Also, for sugar overload: when he was three he insisted that all his christmas gifts should be addressed to "Jamesie-boy, Sweetie-pie, Mc***"

I have a Jack so I heart that name to smiterines. I see you love Leo for a name, what about Leon? that gels beautifully with Adam and Kate. and doesn't clash with your surname either!

Mmm...I do really like Mack - but it's so different from Adam and Kate! Adam and Kate are 'old school' names whereas Mack is completely new and different?!

I stll think it has to be Jack. It sounds so perfect - Jack Albertyn - manly!
Adam, Kate and Jack.
It just....fits!


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