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Blokes! They're the same the world over...!

Tell Marko that when I met our neighbour Simon all I could think when I heard his name for the first few years was "Simple Simon was a pie man..".

I think personally the person who has to be pregnant and BEAR the darn child has all rights to naming said child!

ask marco if he would like his middle name changed to polo, i am sure the power of the blog could make it happen!

how about jackson?

sorry that i am one of your readers who recommended u to get a doppler. i got my rental one to work after i put the probe at various places of my body to listen to my own hb and pulses, so that i had an idea what the baay's hb might sound like. another useful way of getting it to work is to take the doppler to ur ob and have her/him to try and see whether it works.

What about Hadley? Or Henry?

Get that doppler going, and stat :)

again I say, it's got to be Leo. Mack has all sorts of potential weird nickname problems. Apple Mac, Big Mac, Mack Daddy, Mack Truck...

But Leo, it's just perfect.

Leo Simon Albertyn.

And it has a good ring to it.


I was telling my hubby last night about your names and told him you like Mack..

and he starts singing the irritating Mac washing powder ad jingle!

"mac, mac, mac, mac, mac"

Sorry to bring this up, but all I can hear in my head is "mac-mac-mac-mac" "mac-mac-mac-mac" along with visions of a woman hanging up white whashing... and a bus load of kids chanting "mac-mac-mac-mac".

Damn our South African advertisers!

Hahaha! I actually laughed out loud when I read your blog today! Isn't that just typical?! Men - they're all tarred with the same brush!

Is Mack not too similar to Marko?

Men are SO the same. I told my hubby about 'Mack' and he suggested the middle name Errol. AGain, sushi on the mind? But he does the same with names I suggest for our boy too.
- How about Jet?
- Perfect. His middle name can be Lee.

Maybe you need a couple more options. I don't know if these have been said and I'm not going to check through 400 or so comments - so: Martin, Greg, Oliver.

Holy good catfish!!!!!!!!!!!! You're pregnant? It serves me for disappearing for a year. I'm so very happy for you T. Its been a very long time and I LOVED popping in on a lark to find you in this happy state.

You've put me in an awful position. I'm now going to have to read regularly to see how you're doing. I'll deal with it. Many congratulations to you and your's sister.

Sorry, Tertia but Mack does open a whole lot of doors for name calling and we know you wouldn't want that!

Must admit I had a good giggle and the polo comment too.

It will just have to be Sam then.

Hi T...sorry but I really dont like Mack-sounds like QUACK!He will be teased with a name like that.
My first choice is Jack -LOVE JACK-then Alex then Leo-they all go so well with Kate & Adam. So glad all was well with scan! Good luck with the name game!!
Maybe wait till he is born then see what name suits his face??

Love Mack (although with a nephew called Zack might pose a problem at family gatherings)... Really love Jack too... My top three names were Jack; Joe and Finn... Husband ruled Finn out (also thought he might get picked on) and then while I was still in recovery, hubby and gynae decided on Joe - as in Big-Joe because "he was just too big to be a Jack" WTF ??
So receievd all sorts of congratulatory sms's on Joe and I wasn't even aware he had been named!!

(Secretly SOOOO happy 'cos Joe was my first pick though!!)


Another one - Liam - Liam Albertyn - sounds good - plus Adam and Liam sounds like a good combo for brothers.

Have to say, I also thought about the potential Mack/Zack mixups at family get togethers. My two cents? I prefer Jack. But hell, it's YOUR baby. Call it what you want!

To be honest - Marko's reaction to Mack was mine as well. Or maybe Mac as in Mac Donald or whatever. I like Simon, and what about Leon in stead of Leo? Can not be traced to a movie star, can be used in all languages and has 4 letters like Kate and Adam.

Got my doppler from baby beats as you suggested and it works very well, sorry you're having trouble with yours. Sorry, but I also think Max or Jack is better than a combo. We're each allowed veto rights on names we really don't like. In my case, Chris loves Mika and I don't, so there's my veto used up.

Personally T, I really don't like Mack. WAAAYYYY to many nickname / teasing options with that one.

I love Noah and Leo!

For what it's worth... ;)

It has to be ROSS!!!

Oh and I might be shot for suggesting this but have you asked Adam and Kate what their choice might be? Just for kicks of course...

we have not heard much news about Rose lately.... how is she, what does she say about LN7?

I also love the name Ross.

Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in. My son goes by Mack (Short for Mackenzie, grandmothers maiden name) and he has never had his name made fun of. But then we live in Canada and obviously don't have the same advertising.

Good Luck Tertia!

PS. Mack says he likes his name, it's a good guy name:)

hate to side with the husband, but mack doesn't do it for me. adam and kate are suck classic names and mack just isn't. obviously things are different depending on where you are but in australia mackenzie is really popular for girls at the moment and there are a heap of female macks and mackas running around.

still gunning for james, not too posh IMO, can be jamie or also jack.... simple but classic.

Mack doesn't sound like a "real" name to me, sounds like a "nick name". As if it is an abbreviation for a longer name. For example: Name = Malcolm, goes by Mac.

Asking the kids might be good for a few laughs if nothing else. When the third sister made an appearance in our house, Sister No.2 was very insistant about calling her "Cinderella". She was too young to realise the implications for us two older girls.....

My first choice for our son was "Christopher". But the Mister didn't like it, so we had to keep looking.

At least his suggestions were better than what my oldest wanted to name my middle son...alternately he wanted to call him Chomper (from the Land Before Time movies) or potty.

M E N! ! !

Ok here are a couple of more names - Matt, Matthew, Ryan, Peter??????? Oh deary me - Good Luck :-)

Good luck at your check today. I can't wait for mine next Monday!

What about 'Baldrick' - from the black adder - ha ha just joking.

Men all wear the same smarty-pants! I must say that I too chuckled out loud when I read the post this morning!! I like Ann's suggestion - Ross. Good strong name.

Mack, as in smack?

Leo is winning in the polls. I had never thought of it before, but it's a great name, and goes perfect with Adam and Kate.

Leo! It's my boy's second name - wish it was his first because nobody else is called it. I think it goes perfectly with Adam and Kate!

OK, so Leo is a good option. Or as someone else said, Leon. :)

Hehe...Sushi Albertyn sounds quite nice....
I like leo the best for real.

I still think Tom would be wonderful. Short, classic, sounds good with Albertyn and great with Adam and Kate!! However, I suppose you and Marko know best! LOL

The only times I seriously considered divorce was over wallpaper and baby names. LOL

Husbands.... Can't live with them, can't make babies without them! OK technically that's not true, but it won't be any fun to make babies without them. Ha ha! I hope you get the doopler to work soon. I knew it really helps on the scared side of pregnacy.

Ross is a fav! Troy too... Damn this is hard!

Adam, Kate and... Mack? Yeah, it doesn't really work. Mack is a... yuck name, honestly. It's a made up name, a nickname for those either for a first name with Mc or a last name with Mc. You've already run into the tip of the teasing iceberg.

Honestly, you're better off with Jack, though it's singsongy with the nephew.

Adam, Kate, and Jamie/Liam/Jacob/Alex/John/Jack/etc... with the middle name of Simon.

BOB does everything bad in our house. Bob's around allot.

what IS it with men and names? I can't discuss names with my husband without him making up stupid joke names. Sounds like yours is the same.

Mack Winton Albertyn - MWA! Lovely.

my friend has a MacKay and they call him Mack. It's cute.

how about dave?

Adam, Kate and Dave -- I love it

I agree with Marko on this. His second name could be Andcheese!
: )

Hmm. I like Gem's suggestion... Tom!

Mack is ok, but like everyone says - could lead to name calling.
I really think that Jack, Adam and Kate sound good. So what if Jack is common? That doesn't make any differenc - it was your personal choice and he is an individual so he will make it his own!!!

Otherwise, what about:

Sydney (Syd)
Jason (Jay)
Bradley (Brad)
Clifford (Cliff)
Clinton (Clint)

Will keep thinking of ideas for you...

Have to admint not feeling Mac either - too much like Mack Truck....how about Jeb, Jay, Josh,

My husband is the same way and it makes me crazy. We don't know the sex of our b_b_ (geez I can't even say the word yet) but he's coming up with all kinds of weird names and shoots down all the nice normal :) names I come up with. The only one we sort of both like is Theo -- you can use it if you like it though. The only thing I don't like about it is that it seems like it should be short for Theodore and I don't like that name -- when I said as much to my husband -- he said it was short for Thelonius (as in Thelonius Monk) and he seems to think that is WAY better than Theodore. Oy!

I think Marko needs a blog.

No to the Mack, my friend. Keep looking at the baby name book.

Hehe. You have to admit ... he is a BIT funny ;-)

Also, and you should know this already, but in case you've forgotten, husbands are put on this earth to be pains in our asses and that definitely extends to naming their children.

Yay re the LBC!!! I just still can't believe LN7 is hanging out in there.

We sorted out *Rosebud's name in a very simple fashion. We each wrote out a top ten favorite names list, and the first name that appeared on both was the name my daughter got. All very democratic.

*Please to be noting, this is not her actual name.

If you name your kid Apple Mac, won't IBM be ticked? ;)

Maybe you should name him a PC name, like Peter Christopher, or Ian Bertram Micheal.


The baby's second name could be Donald... Mac(k) Donald :)

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