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One suggestion -- gift bags! We use them year after year, over and over again. And, since they're waiting in the closet each year, we don't have to worry about running out. They're also much less fuss -- no tape, no cutting.

I dont think you get gift bags big enough for the presents Adam and Kate are getting - a big horse and trailer car thingy and a remote control dinosaur. Among others :-)

Merry Christmas, Tertia.
Wishing all of your family a gift that cannot be wrapped: good health.

Merry Christmas Tertia. Wishing you happiness and good health!

Have a wonderful Christmas, Tertia.

I second the gift bag thing - we have bags here big enough for bicycles...and everything else pretty much! Anything that won't fit in the bag gets a big old bow and that's IT! :-)

PS I love newspaper for gift wrap - especially the comics!

Just logged on very quickly......Merry Christmas T. Glad you had a divine day. Best of luck for next week. XXX

lurker here but just had to comment... your son got a [dump] truck and a [wheeled] excavator - from the pic I see! My son who just turned 4 is very particular about the terminology ... just thought I'd help out a gal-pal... Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Glad you survived Christmas.good luck with your Mom starting chemo will be a trying time but she will be fine,there's something about their generation that makes them a bit tougher than we are.My mom is a bladder Ca survivor, was diagnosed 6 years ago and finally had her bladder removed 2 months ago.....and shes just getting on with it as she puts it.

Merry Christmas, Tertia! and the best of luck to your mother.

PS: your children will kill you when they get older and they see that you have published pictures of them in underwear... Worldwide... LOL

Haha, I feel the same re: waste of time, gifts unwrapping etc. Tip to Marko: my dad's signature wrapping paper when I was a kid was the comics section of the Sunday paper. Genius, right? And we kids loved it!!

Hope your Christmas was merry and bright....

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