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Oh Darling
I am thrilled. And in tears. And also exhaling for you.



I am so happy for you girl - go break out those maternity clothes.

Tertia such wonderful news! I was holding my breath along with you!

Out with the maternity clothes!

let the name game begin. oprah and i are on it.


Count another weeper here. SO VERY HAPPY for you! Lucky number seven indeed!

Amazing!! Exhale and let the fun begin!


WOW! So so so happy for you!!!

Fantastic news! So happy for you all! Here is to a boring 7+ months ahead...

Happy days! beyond thrilled for you and your family! Have you waited to tell Adam and Kate?

So thrilled! YAY!

I am extremely new to your blog and I dont know you at all.
but congratulations!!!

I laughed at your mothers comment.
So true.

FANTASTIC NEWS!!! YEAAAHH! I'm so very thrilled for you & your beautiful family!! May the rest of the pregnancy be plain sailing! I'm so happy for you, that I'm going to give you a big, fat virtual SMOOCH! MWAH! Right on the mouth - just because you love kissing, hugging & hand shakes so much. ;-)
Thinking of you!
Love from JHB

Oh, I am so happy for you. I have goosebumps!! Congrats!!

did i not tell you that this is all good?

Congratulations!!!! Ok here we go, I love making up names: Tim, Nick, Connor, Finn, Isaak (I love how he is the never expected son of an 'older'woman (way older then you of course)), Paul, Matthew, Stan or Colin

Weirdest name I came up with in my search: Brownie. I supsect a strong pregnacy craving..

Congratulations - That's the best news!!! We've been waiting all week along with you!

I don't mean to be rude, but fuck a duck! Who would have thought you could do this all by yourself?

So very, very happy for you and Marko. I look forward to the journey ahead. Congratulations!

Very happy for you. Congratulations.

Phew! I can breathe again. I hadn't realised how closely I was holding my breath. Am so relieved for you and Marko. Way to go baby boy! Now sit back and relax for a few minutes before you start worrying again and just relish in "it's all going ok!". Am so happy for you.

Oh my goodness, I am so happy for you! Been thinking about you all weekend, in a slightly creepy way. Break out the comfy stretchyness of those maternity clothes!

So happy to hear this! I've had a sympathy-knot in my stomach for days now. Looking forward to the rest of the journey. xxgabrielle

That is the most wonderful news - Congrats T!!!

God be praised!

BTW Fav baby name at the moment is Brynn.

Right. Get those maternity clothes out the bag, rip off the tags and FEEL THE COMFORT!!!

Well done T - words cannot describe how I feel for you right now. I joined your journey just after the twins were born, becuase a dear friend gave me your book to read. Who would have thought that this would be the "end" to your story. I am thrilled, just thrilled for you.

YEY!! Now we can look forward to all the posts about this pregnancy, birth and Adam and Kate-e-e being big brother and sister. :-)

Congratulations!!! Now you can start shopping for all kinds of nice cute baby stuff and some more maternity wear! Very happy for you.

Oh congrats. That is great news.

Fucking Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!
Now you can start shopping a bigger car!

In previous blogs you said you felt your body let you down - maybe it just had its own timing and wanted to decide when it was ready. Another Fucking Fantastic!!! I will drink some ice cold Durbanville Hills Sav. Blanc for you!



Waahhaaaaayyyy! So, so happy for you all ;) I like the name Josh(ua). Adam, Kate and Josh.

Brilliant news.

Tertia~!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the best news!!! I cannot believe how wonderful this is!!! Now, what are we naming this boy?

How wonderful!!! I've been keeping all my bits crossed all morning - so I guess I can uncross and exhale too!! Congrats :)

Re the names, can we do that weird SA thing and combine mom and dads names, or both grandpas? lol - we could call him Terko ;)

Oh! What wonderful news! I have shed a tear of joy for you! You deserve all the happiness in the World! xx

Well done now you can unpack the maternity garb.

YAY. Well, since he's being born into the Analtyns, I'm not too sure about 'normal'. But YAY.

Congrats!!! I am so very happy for you!! A healthy baby boy, what a wonderful outcome for all of you!

yay! i knew everything would be perfect. congrats and enjoy it now.


I am so glad for you!! You give us infertiles hope, showing that miracles still do happen. I am SOOOO envious.

Enjoy the next couple of months. Now you can splash out on the shopping.

Names; what about: Jonathan, Craig, Andrew, or Luke. Those names always sound so masculine to me.


tertia, frkn magic. hes never never gonna be normal lets face it, but no huge anomalies . . . YIPPEEEE . . .

NAME: HAS TO BE Septimus Jack . . . septimus meaning seventh and jack's just cute. Sepp for short - Adam, Kate and Sepp. SJ . . . etc etc etc

Septimus Jack Albertyn.

so happy for you all.

Gosh, how brilliant - thrilled for you!!

WOW. congrats. now, crack out that 'Name Game' Post... I am dying to throuw my suggestions into the hat and read all the weird and wonderful names everyone has saved up for a rainy day... This baby boy deserves a really great name. I mean he's such a good boy. He's doing everything right. He's getting straight A's at the Dr's. Pick a name fit for a Prime Minister!

Wow -go girl! So thrilled for you!! Now just relax and enjoy this wonderful time! By the way love the names Alexander and Christian ( a bit biased 'cos those are my boys names!)Also love Sebastian! Congrats and enjoy wearing your maternity clothes!!!!!

Awesome! Get into those maternity clothes now!

that's awesome news!! YAY!!! *happy dance*

Fucking awesome!!!

I do hope swearing on you blog is allowed.



Yay! Woderful!!!!

YAY!!!!!!! (Said with tears rolling down my cheeks). I'm so relieved and happy for you, Tertia! Enjoy your pregnancy!

Wow -- I'm beyond thrilled for you, Tertia!!

YAY!! Awesome news!! Enjoy the maternity-wear :)


congratulations- so happy for you!

Absolutely fabulous news...woooohooooooooo! Time to take the tags off the maternity clothes and start wearing them.

Congratulations on LN7


Nathan - Gift of God (Hebrew)
Matthew - God's gift (Hebrew)
Ryan - Young Royalty (Celtic)
Zachary - Remembrance of the Lord (Hebrew)
Christian - of the Christian Faith (Hebrew)
Kyle - Handsome (Celtic)
Evan - God is good (Welsh)
Devin - Poet (English)
Jaden - God has heard (Hebrew)
Eric - Forever (Danish)

Normal *is* relative. Hopefully he will be as anal as the rest of you.

Flipping Awesome!!! :)
Don't know the meanings, just like the names....

I am so happy and relieved for you and your family. Lucky number seven go baby go, yeah!

Yay yay YAY!!!



YAY TERTIA!! I didn't post a darn thing about this baby because you have me afraid of your jinx!

Congrats, Tertia. I'm thrilled for you.

Woo hoo!

I am so very happy for you!

So very happy for you!!!

GREAT news my friend! THRILLED for you.

Incredibly wonderful happy news!

YES! YESSSS!!! Holy shit Tertia you magnificent creature, you're having a baby!

Oh, Tertia. I am thrilled to know that your astoundingly difficult reproductive journey has brought this fantastic surprise! Many, many happy tears for you here. Endless congratulations, too.

YAY!!!!!! i think we've all been holding our (collective) breath along with you. so thrilled for you!

What a beautiful word - NORMAL - I am just thrilled to read it over and over!! So happy for you.

Just wanted to add my congrats and tears to the rest, I am just so happy for you. Marko must be over the moon, the virility! ( That was my husband's take, guys you know!)

Thank God!!!!!!!


YAY!!!! Tertia I am over here in the southern US squealing at the top of my lungs for you! God, the neighbors must think I'm weird...

Best news ever. :D :D :D

I SO knew that! Didn't I tell you that?? Yay Tertia!
Although - with your genes, I'm surprised it was just "normal male" - surely it should have been "Extraordinary, super intelligent, exceptionally good looking"
I guess it was the male part that killed the above adjectives! Ha - must take after Marko!

Oh how wonderful! I am so happy for you and send your beautiful family the very warmest, best wishes possible.

This is the best news!!! I have been praying very hard. Woohoo!!!


Thank little baby jesus... (a movie reference, I swear. I was holding my breath the whole time waiting for your blog to come up. I'm sooooo happy for you and your family. Congrats!!!!


Yeah Tertia!!! Your baby may or may not be ODD but he is 100% normal! :) I am so thrilled for you. Wishing you all the best.


Now, please start trying to enjoying this pregnancy. Yay!

Yippee! I am so very excited for you:)

Yay!!!! So relieved for both of you. Now I see where you get your sense of humor.

yay :)

Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations! Keep it up Lucky Number 7!!!

Really, truly happy for you. xoxo


And in the spirit of efficiency my vote goes for Max. Max Albertyn. Sounds good.


Oh, hooray!! Tertia, I am so HAPPY for you!!!

Congratulations! Now go rip the tags off those maternity clothes and put one of your new outfits on so you can breathe!


Woohoo!! I'm so thrilled for you!

Holy shit YAY!

heheheheh! YAYAYAYAYAYA! Best news I've heard in a long time! Congrats!!! WOWOWOWOOWOW

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