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I WISH people would tell me I look better with meat on my bones! ;) All good my dear. Happiest of Holidays to you and yours from BC Canada!

You are a factory that is manufacturing a baby ~ EAT my darling, eat!!!! (as my Mother would say) :) Isn't pregnancy wonderful! Just think about that delicious baby inside...I'm so jealous!!!

Take care & have a wonderful holiday with your beautiful family! T2

Having been pregnant with boys and girls - (and not at the same time, like you) - I can vouch for the fact that boys make you H-U-N-G-R-Y!!! As hungry as a horse! (And horses are hungry!)
Eat, drink (your allowed quota) and be merry! It's christmas AND you're pregnant! What a winner! x

11weeks post birth of baby #3 and I can tell you I'm not enjoying the extra meat on my bones. A friend said last night that I look lovely because "there is more of me"!! Definitely harder to shift the weight as one gets older but it can and WILL be done!! I picked up the most this last preg, a whopping 19kg!! So far have only lost about 8 kgs and now it's the season to eat!! I say don't worry too much when preg, the baby needs all the scoff he can get!! Merry Christmas darling heart. X

I am sure you look as gorgeous as ever Tertia!

Galfriend, you'll ALWAYS be G&D - forever - extra meat on your bones or not! ENJOY being preggies! Have a wonderful Xmas and may the new year bring all you wish for yourself, your family, and then some more! MWAH (air kiss)! xx

T, losing the pregnancy weight is NEVER easy! Oh how I wish it'll fall off now- it's been 3 months. I can fit into my pants but have that old muffin effect- LOVELY! NOT!

Have a wonderful holiday, T, meaty bones and all! You are completely justified in being a bit meaty! :-)

Happy Christmas to you!

Have a good Xmas and don't worry about the weight gain... it's all good... wee Max needs his grub :)

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