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And a wonderful name it is. Max. I like it.

As for the bump, my stomach should only look that good not pregnant!

I voted for Max. It is what we are naming our third boy, due this coming February. I really like it, and it goes with Adam and Kate well :)You look great, Btw! Congrats!

Gorgeous!and your bum is still small :) i like max..

I absolutely LOVE it. Yay for Max! May he grow big and strong. Your belly looks wonderful.

Its a lovely name - up to date without being too trendy, and fits with Adam and Kate beautifully. (and also goes lovely with Ben and Luke, so a great all rounder!)

Just out of interest, whats Kate's middle name? I dont remember you mentioning middle names before.

and you still look smaller than me, 9 months post birth ;-)

Your baby bump is beautiful. I am SO happy for you and as Julie from A Little Pregnant would say....nbhhy. My best to your family!

Awesome name - really like it. Had the fear factor that you were going to choose James which is "our" name but it seems we are safe for now! lol.

lovely tummy lovely name... :-)

I love it. Strong, sturdy boy's name. Flows well.

You look darling. You have lovely arms.

I very much like the name. Tertia. I'm wishing you all the very best for a happy and healthy pregnancy and son! (You look great, BTW). :)

Love the name! I am only a couple weeks ahead of you (17 weeks this week) and I have the same situation with the baby bump. I wasn't ready to announce it, but this baby has it's own agenda! I'm even *gulp* in my maternity pants already. As always, you look fabulous.

Love your bump!! Gorgeous name :)

love the name max! you look stunning, nothing to worry about. you're making me broody, and my little boy is only 3 months old.

You look great T! A real yummy mummy!!!
Love the name too.

I love the name! What a great fit!

I love your little boep. You are looking great Tercia.

Max is my son's middle name. Absolutely love it!!!!

You look fantastic! Congrats once again. Max is good, it feels right.

That looks pretty *real*.
Wonderfully real.

Max Johan is a very fine name.

You look gorgeous!

My belly shot at 12 weeks, 5 days looks about the same as your 15 week one.


It is much more fun to have a big bump so you definitely look pregnant, not just bloated. I'm 27 weeks now and much, much bigger.

Wonderful name and you look fabulous.

At 16 weeks I am a doughy lump of flab. Really not a pretty sight. You, on the other hand, look magazine fabulous. Envy! And that is a great name. I really like the middle name as well.

You look wonderful! I love the name. What is Kate's middle name and do Adam and Kate know yet?

What a lovely name! Great choice. :-)

You look gorgeous my dear. So does Dooce but in all honesty, I look more pregnant than she does and nothing has lived in this uterus for three years now. (I use the term "lived" loosely.) You are perfect exactly as you are!

Love the name!! This is just so exciting.

Yes, you are positively massive, good grief! I'm guessing poor little Max is sharing room with that melon you swallowed. But nonetheless, looking good!

You are GORGEOUS. Also, Max is a great name. He'll love it.

Max Johan Albertyn is lovely! And so is that belly. You look fab.

What a lovely name.

Doppler was totally my crutch this last pregnancy. I could handle long stretches between scans, but I was a complete doppler addict. My motto was whatever it takes to get through the day.

I love his name. It's very strong and I like the family connection too. You look great and fabulous. Keep up the courage!

yay! i love the name and love the picture!

Great name!

Love the name! You look fab!!!!

Gorgeous -- the name and the belly. Best wishes.

Love the name, and you look fantastic.

Nice name & a nice baby bump.

Speaking of body changes, how are the fake boobs faring holding up to pregnancy? (No photos necessary).

Awww! You look very pregnant but still very slim. Lucky you :-).

I love the name. It is cute for a baby yet manly for a man. Does that make sense? And you look gorgeous! Love the bump! It isn't huge at all, it is nice and neat and no stretch marks. Not that you'll get any when you didn't with two passengers. I can't wait to see pictures of it as it gets bigger and bigger!

That is a FABULOUS name and your belly is so cute! I know you feel huge, but you've had more pregnancies than Dooce, so don't worry too much you whale! :-))

But seriously. My fingers are so crossed.

My very favourite name.... sounds wonderful and goes with the other two.

You look fantastic!!


The old knockers are looking quite full too. What happens with them during pregnancy - in consideration of the boob job. Max is definitely a cool name.

Max, the belly, ALL GOOD!!!

:) A beautiful name. This post made me smile for you.

congrats! truly beautiful. keep thinking positive.

Yay for Max!!!

Awwwww! You look gorgeous. I love the name you have chosen.

hey, that is such a cute, cute, super freaking cute bump!!!! the Max bump! love the name, was my choice too....you look totally gorgeously mummy, thats beside the crazy looking eyes looking through the camera! eh eh! dont EVER feel fat or huge, you and Max just look good enough to HUG!!! FOR REAL!
love ya

Excellent name, Tertia! I love it! BTW, you look fab! I'm 7 1/2 weeks along with twins and I'm sure you remember what that's like. I think I'll be looking like you next week. I just found out I had to suck it in to button my trousers today. I think I'll be moving to the rubber band button next week.

Hey in this photo am I supposed to be looking at the THIRD EYE the BOOP or those newly designed bits tucked away there - oops the Nitida too good and now doing the talking - we must coffee sometime.

What about Maximillion Expectus Johannes --- :o)

Love the name - fits in well. And you look great. My belly is almost that big and I'm NOT pregnant (well, unless I'm giving birth to 20 pounds of Christmas cookies).

Congrats my friend.

- Samiam

Love the name, especially since I had chosen it for Addie, had she been a boy :) Now what will I ever do when I have that "whoops" pregnancy when I'm 40 and done with the baby making?

You look wonderful. I think I look more pregnant than you, though, and my baby is 4 months old now. :( I don't think my bump, sadly, is going anywhere anytime soon.

Oh my word, you look beautiful. How lucky you are little Max - you are going to love your new family!

It's a wonderful name and you look wonderful too!

Love Max and you look fabulous!

Farkin Hell! Are you sure there aren't 2 in there?? Looks good on you though! Enjoy - remember this is your last pregnancy because you are ANCIENT!! x

Love love love his name

Dooce actually looks, at 15 weeks, like I haven't looked since I was, uh, maybe ever. You on the the other hand look lovely and pregnant!
How is the pregnancy affecting your new boobs?

That is a great name.

So tell us ... how does it feel to simultaneously have pregnancy boobs + implants? I've often wondered if such a combo would be unwieldy.

Beautiful bump! And love the name.

Have you felt any movement yet? I started feeling movement nearly every day around 16 weeks with my second pregnancy. It was almost more reassuring than any ultrasound could be!

v. good looking

how gorgeous is that? you are blooming gorgeous. and the name is perfect.
enjoy the zen days . . . you have earned them.

The pictures don't compare, you are twisting to take the picture, which just doubles your waist, have someone else take your picture if you must compare yourself with Dooce. But remember she is due June 14th so is 2 weeks behind you, unless her dates have changed. And the closer you get to 20 weeks the more the uterus moves out of the cradle of the pelvis, so you will be showing more, plus, more pregnancies, etc, you know, more changes in the muscles. So cut yourself some slack. I love the name, it is lovely.

Your 15w photo looks suspiciously like my 14w week photo, hehe. And yes, I was a bit flabbergasted to look at Dooce and see how tiny she was when I feel huge.

I love the name Max.

Congratulations, Tertia, on the coming of Max, his perfect name, and your beautiful couldn't-possibly-be-forty belly.

I really like Johan, and it goes very well with Max.
Beautiful bump you have growing there! :)

That is a good, solid name. Max was on my list for boys, but then I went and had two girls.


Your bump is beautiful!!

You've got a lovely shape.
He's got a lovely name.


You are looking beautiful, Tertia!

Max Johan sounds perfect!

Glad you are feeling a little more relaxed...Are you enjoying this yet?! (If not, please let that be your next step :) Only 25 more weeks of your last pregnancy ever to soak up and truly appreciate!

I love the name. My own Max is named Max after my father's father, with a middle name of Leo, after my husband's father. So of course, now I feel like I have a vested interest in your Max. :)

I have a Max....now aged 20, and he's gorgeous and wonderful.
Yours will be too.
All the best.
Christa xx

Fabulous bump. It makes me want one of my own!

love the name, it is perfect!

Max Johan sounds perfect! And you look great.

Tertia, you look MAHVELOUS!!! Love, love love the name. All the best to you and your fam...And..do the beautiful Adam and Kate know yet?


first off.. you look wonderful! i've been reading this blog forever and a day. when you commented on my facebook status today, i almost fell over. you're like a celebrity to me.. commenting on little MY facebook status. i'm gushing over here so i'll stop before you call the authorities.

I love the name. And the bump looks good:)

LOVE the name!! Incidentally my recently born niece was nicknamed Max while in utero (my sis-in-law had a 'feeling' she was having a boy but never had it confirmed) and lo it turned out to be a beautiful girl named Lily. So good choice, I particularly like it with the middle name chosen. :)

You look simply D&G and the name is simply superb!

I have a precious Max sleeping gently beside me as I type this... at four months, he's grown into his name nicely and I too love it... and you look absolutely amazing and gorgeous and I never look that good not pregnant much less 15 weeks along. I guess it's where you start, eh. And at four months postpartum - yuck is all I can say. Flaunt it, you fertile thing you...

I love his name - thanks for sharing! And I, personally, think you look fan-flipping-tastic!

Tertia, you look fabulous! Max Johan is a great name!

You are so cute! I love it!

You look stunning...amazing, beautiful! I ove his name! I loved having my doppler!

I love the name! It was on my list of names when you wanted suggestions. I love your belly shot!

Gorgeous name and gorgeous Momma!

Gorgeous name - and you look fantastic!

OMG Alice - I felt the same way when Tertia commented on my FB status. I was all gushy and stoked, for like, THE WHOLE DAY!!

See how much we love you T.

Love Max. Love the bump. Love "Zen like"!! Yay all round!!!


And I think Max is a very strong name. I hope he will bring you and Marco Maximum joy and happiness.

Can`t wait to read more about Max and his wherabouts in mommy`s tummy!

You look fabulous, Tertia! Max is strong name which clearly LN7 is!!!

Lovely neat belly, Congratulations btw :)

What -- Dooce is pregnant? Obviously I don't keep up!

Seriously happy about your pregnancy -- Max is a gift.

My uncle's name is Johan. In malay it means, the winner, champion :)

It's been over a year since I dropped by and I am overjoyed to hear about Max. I haven't read the whole story - which I will after this post. I just wanted to say congrats from an old IVFC'er. Take care, S

Very cute bump! And I love the name. I am so glad everything is going well.

I have a Max! Great name! :-) Congrats.

I like the name - and I congratulate :) Nice picture, by the way :)

Love the name very macho and strong good choice there guys.

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