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what, no helmets? tee hee... stir, stir, stir...

is this where i make the comment that she should be wearing a helmet?
(then again, i suppose dinosaurs have hard heads!)

Hahahahaaaaaaa!!! I totally missed that! Hilarious! OMG, if the parenting police kakked me out because of no helmets on a tiny bike, imagine the skandaal of sitting on a motorbike sans helmet!

Hehe, love the outfits!
Looks like they're having an absolute ball :)

My first thought was "Has Tertia learned nothing from the great helmet scandal of '08?". Folks, let's just presume they were sitting on daddy's motorbike, not going for an actual ride.

No helmets required for sitting, surely

Looks like lots of fun!!

OH MY GOD where are their helmets, woman?!!!!??!? hahaha :-) Adam and Kate are darling...and so is Marko!

I love the croc suit ! Where can i buy one ? That would be for my son of course...not me :)

Bad wife!!!!Bad Mom!!!!! no helmets........on any of them!!!! Shit, no leaving the helmet fiasco behind this year!!!!;-)( Thank God , us "normal" parents realise these are posed pics only!!!!!)

Thank God the Helmet Police can't see that Adam and Kate aren't wearing shoes, either. If they could, they'd really sock it to you. Hahaha...

I remember life before we all had to be so damn safe all the time. It was a lot more fun.


Well, darn. So many people beat me to the helmets thing! :) We are stinkers, aren't we?

LOVE the costumes!



Just so we're clear, that was sarcasm and a joke all rolled into one.

Marko looks like a fun papa.

I always love it when you post pics where we can see how beautiful SA is.

The cute kids and hottie husband and nice too :)

Handsome hubby, beautiful children, awesome bike and check out that view. Can we say jealous? LOL

I agree that is one hot husband.

Great photos and Adam sooooooo looks like his father!

Kate actually allowed Adam to wear HER crocodile costume? Wow. Your children are so incredibly hip. You know how cool they are, right?

did you let him BUY that? And do the kids normally spend their days in those costumes?

See now, all those months ago, poor Tertia had to carry the blame for not ensuring that her children wore helmets on their training trikes... We were all led to believe that SHE was the irresponsible one.

Where is the Father's helmet? Huh? Huh?

What kind of example is this...?

Buwaahhhahhh.... LOL!

Those children look like their dad.

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