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That ultrasound is so precious. I have never seen a baby with his/her feet up relaxing like that. How sweet! That has to make you and your mom feel better. It definitely made me smile.

I am thinking about you all. Hang in there.

I think Max is whistling with his feet up, hands clasped behind his head. Who is he, Tom Sawyer?

Maybe he's actually doing situps and he's destined to be a fitness guru.

"She/he... what's the difference?" LOL

So glad to hear that everything is going well!! That is the way that it alwasy works... no one can have ONE life change event at a time...

Honey...do you think you will remember to take time to breathe in between all that. Glad Max is doing so well.

That has got to be the cutest ultrasound I have ever seen. Mine were both looking straight at the "camera" so they looked like Skeletor. Cute. Max is awesome.

When it rains it pours, huh? Hang in there. If you weren't knocked up, I'd prescribe lots of wine. Maybe drinking purple grape juice out of a stemmed glass would have a similar psychological effect?


*stares* There's a baby inside you. I knew this, of course, but still ... Life can be so amazing and surreal. *smiles*

One moment at a time, Tertia, just keep breathing. Keeping your mom in my prayers ...

Tertia, what an UTTERLY GORGEOUS BABY you have inside you!

And as for your mama-- I'm so very sorry you all are going through this. She is as blessed in you as you are in her.

just catching up after a few days and saw the news about your mother. wishing all of you the strength and courage to face the coming months.

in the meantime, max looks absolutely beautiful.

all the best,

Gorgeous baby!

Very best wishes to your mother.

I can't believe everything that is going on with you and your family. It sounds like your Mom has great care, which has to add some comfort. I will continue to pray for her health.

Max looks amazing!

super gorgeous. i think this might be the kid that is totally chillaxed and easy going, which will be needed in the coming months.

i bet you feel better now you have a plan of action for dealing to the cancer. it will be the most managed cancer ever, totally beaten into submission by the combined wills of your family members. in fact, you are not only going to beat it, you are going to open a can of serious whoop ass on its butt . . .

Max is definitely having a great time in there. Whatever your uterus may have done wrong in the past, it seems that it's making up for it now (no jinxing! no evil eye! salt in all corners of the room!). Max looks like a very cool young Gary Cooper. "If you say that to me - smile".

Your mother will get through this and you will have another reason to admire her. My very good wishes to all of you.

Your hb is the second funniest in the world (the funniest is nodoubt snoring in our bedroom just now). Best wishes for his recovery, too.

About the new house - sounds very exciting!! You will have help, I'm sure. I think 98% of the population of SA read your blog, so just put in a help request ;-)

Times will be better again.

And I'm in high anticipation for the fun you will have a with a singleton... as experienced, super cool, G&D mom.

That's a gorgeous picture, Tertia. I'm so sorry about your mom, but so glad that you've got the trench-warfare experience to be such a great advocate for her. Big hug. Pat on back. Chin up.

Max is so cute. Take care of hubby - hopefully he is a trooper, but probably not since he is male - and your mom. Oh - Max too, which includes yourself. Moving - what fun. I swore when I moved in 2001, I was staying put. To cement the deal, I bought a huge solid oak bedroom set. It isn't going anywhere so I'm not going anywhere. I cannot even move either dresser to get the cat toys from underneath it.

What a great pic. of Max, totally doing sittups!

I will be keeping you mom in my thoughts in my prayers!

Hey Tertia, haven't commented for a while and now there's so much to say!

Firstly, congratulations on Max, what a foine foine effort... you are a winner! Hee hee...

And secondly, that's very scary news about your Mum and I know you must be reeling. I'm sorry to hear that your family is troubled and I wish you all the strength and courage you need to get through it.

What an adorable ultrasound! I have a similar one of my son, sitting back with his legs crossed, with his thumb in his mouth. Truly miraculous, that you get to see that!

And as for your mother, I am so sorry that you all have to go through this, but thank God you found it so early. I am an obsessive researcher, even when it is for someone else, and I did some Googling (as I am sure you have also) and the prognosis for stage 1C ovarian cancer is excellent, thank goodness. But the chemo and all is still awful, and the whole thing so stressful. Life can never be simple, can it.

I know so many people who have moved right around delivery time -- new family member, need bigger house. It will be hectic, but exciting, I'm sure.

You certainly don't have to worry about being bored, do you?

Great us picture. Max looks so comfy:)

sorry about Markos surgery. I had a friend who had that a few weeks ago. He was miserable for a week.

Just read the news about your mom. Sending good thoughts and prayers for her and all your family.

Good luck with the new house.

So this is delayed but the sentiment is the same--I am so, so sorry about your mom, but it sounds like it is very early which is great, considering. I am thinking good thoughts in her direction and hoping hard. Also, I hope that my comment and all of the wonderful people in the computer give you and your mom some positive feelings, knowing that we are all thinking of and hoping for your family.


Sounds like you have had quite a day and will continue to have them for a while. I will be praying for your mom as she goes through her chemo. Max seems to be pretty content in that uterus of yours, very adorable. Hope Marko recovers soon!

My brother and I call relaxing "maxing out". How appropriate for your little guy! He looks like he's pretty comfy in there.

You on the other hand...my goodness, you are BUSY. Better watch out you don't snag your Superwoman cape on something as you rush around. :-) I'm still praying for you and your family. Keep holding on, you are all doing a fantastic job.

Sending some good energy for you on all fronts. I do believe, that Oncologists are one of the few people you can trust to tell you the absolute truth; it's not always what you want to hear, but at least you KNOW - there is no guess work or deceit - we always appreciated that with our daughter's cancer. The one thing I can tell you about statistics and odds and survival rates (blah blah blah) is that NO statistic defines your mother - she has her own journey and she will be defined by nothing. She (and you) have every reason to believe in the absolute best outcome, EVERY reason. I believe.

And such a lovely ultrasound! so many celebrations ahead in your new home!

Thank you for posting to update us at such a difficult time. It is appreciated.

That is one gorgeous baby you have in there (Does Max not only have his feet up but also his hands resting behind his head?? That must be some comfy uterus you have there, woman!

I'm keeping you and your family in my prayers (I'm the Lordy type)!

I was born THE DAY my parents moved into the house where my mother still lives. My mother lay in a corner on a chaise longue timing contractions as the moving men carried in the furniture. Then they went to the hospital. I was born that evening. (In justification, they hadn't meant to cut it that close, but I was a month overdue.)

Makes it very handy when calculating how long they've been in that house! "How long have we lived here?" "Well, how old is Elaine?"

Best of luck to your mum.

so glad Max is doing well. Keeping you and your family in my thoughts.

Hey, thats my nephew, he is a proper baby, how cute is that! Big feet and hands like his brother.
Ta for all your input at the doc, glad you are not being Scarlett on this one.

Hope Marko is resting comfortably and gets some good drugs. BIL had that same surgery a few weeks ago and he was miserable for a week.

All the best to your mom, will be thinking of you all and sending all my positive vibes your way.

Max is gorgeous, my 42 year old womb is jealous.

Lots of best wishes to your mother - you are both lucky to have such a great relationship, especially during trying times.

If there is any balance to things, you are due for a nice lull of uneventful ordinariness. (And more cute Max!)

That is one gorgeous scan picture - obviously gets his good looks from your blog fans! ;-)

T - I know the words "cancer patient" sound very, very scary, but in todays world, cancer (esp. stage 1) is very treatable and curable! The treatment is not pleasant - but, hey it works! Bit like IVF - it sucks to have to do it, but -IT WORKS! All these IVF babies and surviving cancer patients are proof of how far modern medicine has come!

Oh - and serious condolences on the recovering husbank! THATS what you're going to need all your time and energy for... concentrating on NOT killing him whilst he drives you nuts in his recovery! xx

what's the difference between having a girl and having a boy?

we'll remind marko that he didn't think there was one when his girls start dating and he's doing the wide legged stance, arms crossed/fists pushing biceps out thing.

That is such a cute picture! Seems like he's totally unfazed by what's going on in your life right now!

I'm glad you found a doctor you can feel confident in. Thinking of you all!

Hi Tertia

All my best wishes for your mom - please know that she will be in my thoughts and prayers.

As for Max - what sexy legs he has!!!

My God, I am tired for you just reading this post. It sounds like your Mom is going to receive excellent care and for that I am glad. Max is such an adorable boy!

I know how you feel. I'm exhausted from being in the first trimester with twins, I just found out I'm having three employees transferred to my department of two, so my team is more than doubling, my DH is out of town on business, and I have more work than I can possibly catch up on at this point. Thankfully, my eight-year-old daughter is a sweetie and she's been a big help to me when we get home.

I love how relaxed Max looks - as if to say, "Hey mom...I've got everything under control...have no fears!"
Your mom will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Yet another difficult journey for you. My appreciation goes out to you for sharing this with us.
Praying in Pennsylvania!

I think that that has to be THE clearest ultrasound pic I have ever seen. So cute! And I really REALLY love the name Max.

Still thinking of you all (and praying) concerning your mom.

We built our house while I was pregnant with our third (our twins were still tiny) and it was so HARD -- good luck with the whole moving thing! I now know why people thought we were insane to build at that point in our lives. I hope moving into a new home is easier than building one.

My husband would totally do the same thing -- ie. : He/She. Lol. Guys are so ridiculous sometimes!

Goodness, you have a lot on your plate! Wishing you all the best in everything. Sending lots of postive vibes and prayers for your Mom and Marko! Max is too adorable and those are some feet! A new house? How great-do you think you will have any trouble selling your current one?

That pic of Max is awesome! He totally looks like he's just lounging around waiting for the time to pass.

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