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Hahaha! You two are cute!

Too funny. Sounds like a conversation between my husband and I. Funny I didn't remember him snoring either before marriage.

Haha you guys are funny. Send him to and ear nose and throat specialist. Maybe he needs the inside of his nose lasered. Its not a big job and it leaves the nose free so no need to breathe through the mouth. I had it done and same with my husband. He said I don't snore any more!

Kim - he went to the ENT yesterday and is having that operations within the next few weeks, praise the lord!

ha, tell him that the relatively new perfect boobs are off limits until he gets an equally new perfect (sound free) nose - you can surely convince him they were really done just for him . . .

altho, knowing what the start of a naturally caused pregnancy feels like, your whole body is probably off limits forever!

super cute tho, LN7 is one lucky ankle biter.

I love the way the dynamic between couples change as you grow older together. And the way young love will absolutely "never" turn into "that"! Wait until the 1st "yes dear" from your dearly beloved.... it's all downhill from there :)

roflol, I got married a month ago, had no idea my wife would snore so loudly ;)

You two make me laugh. THATS what I love about being married. You can totally chill out with one another and not be all highly strung and up your own arse. :-)

ROFL...y'all are too funny.

Tertia + Marko = True Love

Ha ha ha, at least I know before getting married that fiance snoring sounds like a chicken bone caught in the garbage disposal.
He's worth it though. :)

Excuse me. No one gossips about other people's secret virtues.
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