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'Good luck' sounds very understated and Terribly British of me, but, heck, you know what I mean, right?



I know what you mean. I'm trying so hard not to think about the negative... but getting so excited at the same time. I think I'll just curl up and die if I lose this one too.

thanks for the update, and glad it was a good one. completely understand the pudding analogy, though i doubt anyone here would consider this pg anything less than very well deserved.

I am starving, but I know I will get pudding someday. I appreciate your thoughts on not talking about LN7, but even though I am still starving, I want to hear updates and wish only the best for you. You're doing a great job!

Can you split the difference to go with the middle of your calculations and the measurements? A half week works out if you can get in 3 days before 27 November rather than a full week before. It's even a Monday rather than a weekend! And I am so happy that this one has everything working at this stage, despite all the downsides of attempting to think about the whole "to term" and "childbirth" part for you.

Phew! Arms and legs are a GOOD sign! Yeah!
The test has to be done between 10-13 weeks, right? So November 27 still sounds too far off to me, whatever the calculations are now...I would bring it forward. Especially as waiting to have that test is a source of stress.
I would do it as close to 10 weeks as possible, based on the measurements (not your LMP, which seems to be the least reliable base for calculation). Can you ask for it in a week's time?

AWESOME! Wiggling arms and legs! Fantastic news!!!

I've got everything crossed for you...


First trimester ultrasound measurement +/- 3 days is what I'd use for calculations of how far along you are. And Yay about wriggly babies!

I'm so happy you've gotten this far, I love hearing any good updates you have. I'm starving too, but I know pudding is in my future too. Please keep us updated when you can. You are an inspiration of what can happen and sometimes does. Hang in there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

I am 10 weeks today! I go in to hear the heartbeats on Wednesday and I get to see them again on November 17th for my first trimester scan. For now I'm just holding my breath and feeling comforted in the fact that I'm so tired all the time.

we had a messy natural conception for number 2 and never got my dates to add up/make sense. We ended up missing our nuchal scan window because of mess ups with dates and scans and rubbish NHS hospital.

In the end though we managed to get it done at 14+5 (nearly a fortnight late) - the scanner was excellent and although couldnt 100% confirm because of dates he did most of the work no problem.

But, we dont have the history you do - so i can understand why you want your dates right.

Really hoping that everything goes well this time. ((awkward back tapping hug))

Wishing you the best. It does make sense that you should ignore your last period, since you are irregular, and since one of the measurements is 9 weeks and the other is 10 weeks, maybe go by the earlier measurement (so you won't do it too early) and then do it in two weeks or so. But I'm sure your doctor has this all figured out.

I thought of you all weekend while waiting for my period to start. "Uh-oh, I'm pulling a Tertia!" I thought. But 4 days late and 10 minutes after I bought the damn test, here is my period.

Whew! Now I can concentrate on thinking good thoughts for you again!

You're going to be nervous for each new milestone, obviously. I hadn't anywhere near the pregnancy complications of some, and I still lived and died between milestones. I actually appreciate that the medical field has created these, or else the long nine month stretch would've had me in a straightjacket. With an expandable belly.

Tertia - why do you have to do a CVS?

If I were you, I'd just say "thanks" for the baby; and accept it in whatever condition you get it! And not fret too much over all the tests and invasive procedures. All the worry etc can't be good for you anyway! (Speaking as the mom of an autistic child, who would far rather have him as he is, than not at all!)

Congratulations Tertia! So thrilled for you. I've been reading your blog for a few years now - I started back when I was starving! I now have a 17 month old (4th IVF attempt) and am 17 weeks pg with my latest IVF. I hope that some day I get a lovely surprise like LN7!! I'm holding my breath that everything works out for you this time.

Have you thought about having a Nuclear Translucency Test instead of a CVS? You should have it done between 11 and 13 weeks and it just requires an ultrasound and blood test. It gives you odds of the baby having horrible diseases like Downs and if the odds are high, they recommend an Amnio. If not, you're good to go. There's no risk involved, unlike the CVS.

Best of luck and keep the updates coming.

Best wishes. Try to relax a little...

Plus, it all sounds so beautifully (absurdly!) normal, and most of us just aren't used to normal ... we don't know what to do with normal. Our normality is the opposite of everyone else's normality.

This ones a boy.

Good to hear things are going well so far. I reckon this one will be okay.

Hoping you get to breath a huge sigh of relief after the CVS!

Heidi, check your facts.

First of all, Down syndrome is not a disease. It's a genetic condition marked by the presence of an extra 21st chromosome that affects all areas of development.

Secondly, Down syndrome is not horrible. My oldest son has Down syndrome (he was diagnosed prenatally via amnio) and he's probably the best thing that has ever happened to me. I know several other parents who feel this same way, and I've never met a mother or father who has a child with Down syndrome who doesn't adore him or her just the way he or she is. Shame on you, Heidi, for not having your facts straight before opening your mouth.

I am delurking to say.... AWESOME I am so hoping I am reading about, and seeing pictures of LN7 next summer!!
Fingers crossed!! or all my bits are crossed that is..

I don't care about dates or when or how. I'll take LIVE. You are in my thoughts - we'll wait together.

Thank, you Anne!

And, I have to agree - shame on you, Heidi! Would you have said, what if the baby has a horrible sensory issue - or horrible autism -or horrible allergies??? Unless you have given birth to a child with Down Syndrome, making a blatant statement like that is hurtful and ignorant.

I, too, have a son with Down Syndrome. It is NOT a disease and Andrew is a welcome member of our family and the darling of his school and community.

I would also like to ask any mother - WHAT child does NOT have special needs? I, for one, have four children - 3 from IVF and an OOPS that happened to have Down Syndrome. My three that are "typical" (note the use of typical vs. normal - all of my children are normal) - have just as many needs - if not MORE than my one with a genetic issue.

Tertia, I am sorry if we are sounding off in your comments. I do know your previous history, and while I admittedly did not agree with some of the choices you have made in the past, I will always love YOU.

I do hope that if you get news from your CVS that indicates Downs or a possiblity of it, that you would reach out to me and other moms like me before making any decisions. FEAR is a mother of an issue and problem - and is our worst enemy. We think that if we can somehow control the fear (or eliminate it) that all will be well and we can move on. What I found is that my fear of Downs was irrational and unfounded and my youngest son has been one of the most precious gifts of my life.

I am praying that all is well with LN7.

Hey, you will be having yours the same time my grandchild is due - what fun!!

luck, luck!


CVS = Amnio? Why have you decided to have one? There is a chance it can cause a miscarriage. Why take chances? You can have blood tests and fetal abnormality scans done in its place. Not as conclusive, but no risk to your baby.

Sorry if I offended Anne, Molly or anyone else out there. I wasn't trying to be offensive. I have no idea what I would do if any test came back positive but it is a relief when they come back negative. The point I was trying to make was that Amnio and CVS should be a last resort because of the risk to the baby.

I think I'll go back to lurking in future.

Best wishes Tertia.

I think Heidi meant a NUCHAL translucency test, not a nuclear... though that sounds good too. Can you get them in SA? It's taken off in Europe. Totally riskfree & combines with blood tests to give quite reliable odds on various 'abnormalities'.Good luck Tertia.

Keep chanting NBHHY! It will all be ok.

T, back to your feelings about talking about LN7, I don't think you should worry because it actually gives us starving people some hope of a miracle....you are living, walking proof, and I am cheering on the sidelines!!!!

Why CVS?

Isn't that dangerously unnecessary?

As one mother who got to eat pudding while others were starving to another, congratulations!!!! I'll be honest, I haven't written that yet because I've been holding my breath. Having been through just a smidge of what you have I was waiting to hear more before throwing in my congratulations, but it sounds like they are in order!! Count me in on those who want to hear about LN7!

My pudding is just about the same age as your twins and is a sweet and yummy as a pudding can be! *hugs*

Bah! Bad computer ate my comment!

Anyway, what I wanted to say is that I'm also a mom who got to eat pudding while you and so many others were still starving, and I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I've been holding back on saying that until now because I was still waiting for more good news and cofirmation that things were looking good before getting too excited. Terrible what infertility and miscarriage does to a person, isn't it? But things are looking good and I'm SO excited for you and LN7!!!!

I, for one, love hearing about LN7, so please write away.

And my pudding is about the same age as your twins and is the sweetest most delectable pudding ever! (Just like your Adam, my Tristan is a snuggler and a kisser and I adore it. My Alyssa, on the other hand, is more like your Kate and is a reluctant kisser and snuggler, with the exception of Oma who gets all the love.)

I'm so happy for you Tertia! I wish you continued good luck with your pudding!

Ok, NOW my comments show up. Sheesh! Sorry!

do you know how many happy sighs and tearful eyes this post would have caused around the world? more people read your blog than are voting in the american election. well, not really, but it feels way more important.

i don't know why you have to have the cvs, but can't the docs give you less invasive much much more baby-safe tests . . . or can't they just let the little beastie in peace as she has already got this far without any help (except for you and marko's completely inappropriate sexual behaviour - hell, don't you know what INFERTILE means???)

grow lil baby, grow.

Thank you for posting! I think you're holding up amazingly well, considering how terrifying it must be for you to allow yourself to hope. (I wish by some magical emotional transference process your readers could do all the hoping and worrying for you so that you didn't have to stress about anything until the epidural kicks in.)

Just glad to hear things are good!

aaaaaaawww kyoooot!

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