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Bloody marvelous!

Hooray! I have such good feelings about LN7.

Bloody marvellous!

yay! :)

Woohoo!! :)

Thank goodness!! Have been on pins and needles hoping good things for you!!

Makes me smile. :-) <--- me

Very happy to hear it.


Yeah LN7! I can't help but think s/he is here to stay.

I am just one week ahead of you, 12w3d. Just had that much-discussed NT scan today. Now I gnaw my fingernails till the results are in next week.

Woohoo excellent news.

I'm _so_ glad to hear that! :-)


Awesome. :)

Lovely news hon!

How exciting. Gorgeous and divine. That is a lovely present.

YAY!!! :)

Congrats on fantastic news!!!!

I'm so happy for you Tertia! One day at a time! :)


Here's looking at you, kid!


Amazing and wonderful!

What a HUGE relief!



Fantastic news G&D Tertia. I have a really good feeling about LN7 too. Ixx



How completely bizzare ... naturally conceived AND doing well. It's the eighth wonder of the world. Or Ninth. How many existing wonders of the world are there? My brain function has shut down.

such good news!!! v. v. happy for you.



Congratulations! Strong and healthy thoughts for LN7!

Congrats! That's awesome! It's fun being pregnant along side of you. :) I'm 8w, 1d, but they weren't going to do an U/S until 18 weeks, so I'm doing that new "First Look" test (not sure if they do that in SA?) just for the ultrasound. Will be somewhere around 11 or 12 weeks then. Woohoo!

wow tertia, that's just amazing!! i am getting so excited for you!

My prediction, Girl (Emma?) born early with advanced warning. Some time in the hospital but all will work out ok.

Yay!!! And, yay for fingers!! Keeping all of my bits crossed for you...Please continue to keep us posted!

Woo hoo!

that's great! Hope it helps you feel confidant, even if only for a little while, until you start jonesing for the next LBC

This little sausage really is doing well, hey? That is so divine. I am praying so hard for a smooth easy road for you and this baby.

Let me first say congrats on the pregnancy,I hope everything goes well.
Now, I just read about your boobs.They are fabulous,but I wondered what will happen to them with this pregnancy? Do you still have them?If you do will they now become gigantic? Please give me some info, I'm so curious!!

Freakin awesome darls!!!! xxx

Thank goodness!!
Was trying so HARD not to ask!

Good to hear. Any feeling as to whether LN7 is a boy or a girl? I think it's a girl this time ;)

oh T. how wonderful! amazing.



That's wonderful!! I am so happy for you.

Oh my God!!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Can't believe that this is all happening!!! And it's not even my body. Is that wierd or what? I've read your blog way too long. Must stop, but I can't help come back for more.

Wow, I haven't checked in on you in a while and OMG!!! Congratulations!

25% there. praying for you.

WOOOHOOOOO! Grow, baby, grow!

Awesome news! Are you believing it yet??

Kisses to LN7 from us!
(and you & the rascals, too)

aaaaaaawwww... i'm surrounded by pregnant women and new babies!!!

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