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Hurrah! Hurrah!

What a HUGE relief! Hope the rest of the results are good too.
Congrats on another boy!

Hooray! Truly, so very happy for you.

That is awesome news - I'm so happy for you, T!!!

Fabulous, amazing, wonderful news! Boys are the best!

Praise Jesus, precious T! So, so happy to hear the great news! Now I will be praying even harder that the great news continues.

Love, Laura

that is the most awesome news and has absolutely made my day!! here's to even better news on Fri/Mon!
woohoo!!! on a boy!

FANTASTIC!!! Friday will be here before you know it...and so will May 30th!

Congratulations! What great news. And I am glad to "hear" the relief and happiness from you. Congrats again.

Congratulations! Your due date is two days before mine!

I am also thrilled with your news. Take care and enjoy being pampered by your mom!

I have been nervously excited about your pg ever since your announcement. You know.... history and all. But this honestly makes me weep I am so happy! I know there are other hurdles to leap, but this was a BIG one. Gushing congrats on the new Albertyn boy! And a due date! All for free! (Well, after umpteen IVFs to knock some sense into your bits!)

Happy news!! Hope all the results come back good. Take it easy and enjoy the rest at your Mom's.

That's great news! Congratulations on another little boy. :)

So glad to hear the good news! Keeping all parts crossed for you. I want to say all kinds of great things about this baby but I will shut up until we hear more. Really happy! Rest up.

This is absolutely FANTASTIC news !!!! Congrats on the blue !!! oh and a happy belated bday !!

Congratulations Tertia! Fantastic news. Have a great Birthday and stay positive till Friday. Any photos of LN7?

That's WONDERFUL, Tertia! Happy, Happy Day!

FAB news! Congratulations :)

Awesome, Tertia! Congratulations! I'm eagerly waiting for our first ultrasound next Monday. Hoping I'm having good luck with this one too.

Very happy for you! Congratulations!

i told you, unprotected sex is -always- best in the end. (achem)

Wonderful news, T. Crossing my crossables for the CVS result.


Oh, I am so happy! Glad it went so well!

Congratulations, a boy, lovely just lovely.

- best news of the day!

Yay! Great relative risk. If no soft markers were seen - likelihood of something being wrong now is greatly reduced.

Baby boys are lovely. How wonderful.

Holy shit on a stick!!! Congratulations you boy making machine!!!!

Tertia, this ROCKS.

Congratulations!!! This is wonderful news. I was wondering how everything went and it sounds like it went as well as it possibly good. Fingers crossed for good results when they come in.

I have the biggest smile on my face. Another boy! I'm so very happy for you!

Way to go Mama :)

Congrats on your lil boy!! So happy all is well!

Oh, I am so happy to read such great news! I'm tickled blue:)

I'm so happy.

You are amazing, Tertia. SO happy for you! Congratulations!


Oh Tertia.....I remember when you did this with Kate and Adam. And I thought of you all day long. I had hoped you'd have something up before I left for work because I work in an archaic no internet accesss industry, and I had SUCH a long day and I've been dying to know. And I am SO happy for you.

And the odds for this baby are even better than for the other two!!!!!!!!(And yes, I am a dork who looked back for that)

I prayed for you. So glad everything looks good.

Oh BOY O BOY O BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So thrilled for you Tertia,I am all teary as i sit here with my legs crossed after an embryo transfer this morning!!!!
You have made my day and as usual inspire me to never let infertlility win!!!
Such wonderful news!! Take care and rest -take each stage of this pregnancy in your stride!!!
Lots of love from Australia!

Spectacular. Congratulations Tertia.

Wow, wow, wow. I'm thrilled for you. All my best wishes for Friday!

I am so happy for you! Now you will have to get a bigger car!!! Like a real mommy van - ha ha. Good luck for friday.

And.......EXHALE! I have been holding my breath along with you and this is, as you said, better than expected. What absolutley fabulous news. Hope that you enjoy your birthday today.....I am sure you will. XXX


So glad it is over and went as well as it did.
Hoping you get your results quickly and can really get excited. I'm getting excited for you.
I feel like you are leading the way again...


Great news all is ok! Good luck for the results, I know it is nerve racking to have to wait till the results are out!!

WOW!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!

Congratulations! That's all fantastic news!

..coming out of 'lurkdom' to post my congratualtions !!!
Yay for boys....I've two of the little monsters..how fun.
...very, very pleased for you ...A 'Big Hug' for you xx
Enjoy the rest and spoiling at your Mom's


Awesome news! I think things are going to be great. Take it easy!

Squeeeee! I am so SO thrilled for you! Not to mention that your due date is my birthday :D.

Oh Tertia, it is wonderful news! I will be thinking of you every step of the way. Good luck with the results. Take care of yourself and the little one.

Hey Tertia

Great news so far...and it's a boy - WOW!! I love being a boy mom to my two boys (..err three including Simon)and I also believe I am very much meant to be a boy mom. I look forward to reading the good news next week, take care of yourself. XXX

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