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Ahhh, that's the best possible news!
Friday will be here before you know it...

What a relief! And hooray for boys!

Oh, boy! Fantastic news, Tertia! I am thrilled for you that everything looks good. Much love to you. -J.

Awesome news, congrats Tertia, I'm exhaling for you right now! And another boy too, how wonderful!


BRILLIANT news. Am thrilled to bits, please take it easy. xx

So glad to hear this news, T! You were my first waking thought this morning - thank you for posting the update!

Enjoy the relaxing time at your mom's, and HOORAY for boys! ;-) (Kate gets to enjoy being your One-And-Only Princess)


SO GLAD that everything went well. I was so sure it would. Rest easy, and don't fret about Friday!

awwww tertia congratufuckinglations! i am so very pleased for you. i have been following your blog since before adam and kate and have leapt for joy and shared tears with you along the way. here's to LN7!!!!!

fantastic news Tertia, feet up and I hope the next few days pass quickly!

Yeah!!!! I'm so thrilled for you. I love boys...and I love girls :) Babies....what's not to love? May the good news keep coming!!!

Oh - great for you. I love boys too - having one of my own. How cool.

That is wonderful news and I hope your results come back positive as well. Congrats on having another boy!!

That is amazing. I'm so happy for you.

Such awesome news!!! Take it easy at your mother's house and try to rest.

Yeah so happy for you....

I am so thrilled for you. Congrats. Rest well

Brilliant, brilliant news

Yay for Tertia!!
I am so glad it all went well. This is one miracle baby boy!

Stunning news! Am so happy for you! And also THRILLED it's a boy! Was Kate born 2nd when you had the twins? If so - then you're exactly the same as me, and you can tell everyone that you have a boy sandwich!!

Yay! What fantastic news!! Am holding thumbs for the results on Friday.

Another wonderful son! It makes me smile (having just had my 2nd son). Glad the scan went well. We are all hanging by a thread with you.

What a wonderful early birthday present! I am so relieved and really thrilled for you! Well done!!!!

Wonderful news, so so happy for you.

What great news! So happy for you, Tertia!

Congratulations! So very excited for you. I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and am looking forward to reading about your experience while going through it slightly behind you. Have a good day relaxing at your mom's!

So very happy for you!

- Samiam

Whoop whoop!
Trying not to cry over here! What lovely news to wake up to!

Simply thrilled for you, Tertia.

WOOOHOOO!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you! But, I can't believe it's a boy! LOL

Thats so great T, glad the scan went well.
Sosososososo happy for you!

Yay, yay, yay!!! I am sooo excited and happy for you. I am sending super-strong good vibes from Pinelands to Durbanville for Friday's results. And I'm thrilled it's a boy! Woohoo! And, just to get in there first - happy birthday for tomorrow! Hope you have a fabulous, gorgeous, special day.

Fantastic News! From one boy mom to another (I have 3 boys!) Take it easy. #7 was always my lucky number growing up! YEAH! So happy for you!

Relax and look after yourself now!
So glad that the scan went well! Yipee for another boy!

OH WOW!! So very happy for you!!! I'm sure it's only continued good news from here!!!

Waiting for the results with you. (Only I can have a bit of wine in the meantime. :) Don't hate me.)

YAY! That is wonderful news!!!!

Congratulations! I am so glad everything went well.

Am thrilled for you. Boys rock! May is a good month for you. I remember reading your book some time ago and you mention (I think this was when you were busy with the IVF that resulted in A & K) that you had been pg in every month except for May. Just look at how well that turned out.
I will continue to think good thoughts for you for Friday.

Tertia: I am so, so happy for you. I will keep on praying for a good result from the CVS. Love from Chicago!

Oh, hooray. I'm so happy for you all.

Oh, Tertia, congratulations. What great news. Happy baby boy!

Awesome news, congrats! Take it easy and enjoy.

so glad to hear it - may the good news keep on coming!

Was thinking of you the whole morning. So, so glad it went well.

AWESOME!!!!!!So happy to see good news this morning. Your boy has the same due date as my boy..but May30,03!

That is excellent news. I am so very glad for you and I believe that everything will continue to go well. Congratulations on the boy! Praying for you.

awesome news and may babies are awesome people

Awesome news! I am so happy for you!

So relieved for you Tertia. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Oh, Tertia! I have tears streaming down my cheeks!! How amazing, I am so thrilled for you all! I'll keep you close until Friday or Monday. Rest well, my friend!

I'm tearing up over hear, Tertia. I don't comment very often, but I have been following your site for years, and I'm crossing all my bits for you.

Great news!! And Dooce is due 14th June. Quite sweet I think, since the 2 of you are my only daily blog reads.

oh, tertia, congrutlations! i'm beyond elated for you and your family. hope the good news keeps on coming and that all worries can be put to rest on friday. :) yay! a boy! and a due date! life is good. :)

Totally fabulous news, Tertia! Now...have a happy birthday.

Awesome news! The knowledge so far should "help" in the wait. I'll be checking on Friday to see. Have a great rest.

*standing ovation!*

So, so happy for you. Even a million miles away, the joy brings tears to a strangers eyes!!! Wishing you many more "miracles" and happiness.

(Little girls are beyond special, but little boys are just delicious (that's what my 3 year old miracle calls himself!!)



Oh, Tertia. I have been through ten pregnancy/infant losses, and have three living children. I am in tears for you -- so very happy for you and your family. Holding onto good hopes for Friday's results ...

Woop! Woop! I'll have your allocation of chardonnay! Big smiles! I can feel a Mexican Wave coming on.....

Yay! So very happy to hear this great news!

Oh Tertia that is absolutely GREAT news! Hope the CVS confirms the fabulousness of the baby...

Teary eyed when I read your wonderful news. I am so very happy for you!

Ah see, now you've made me cry! I am so pleased for you, Tertia!

Let your mom take good care of you and LN7...

WOOOOT. So happy for you. Thought about you the whole day.

So pleased to hear this news. Fingers crossed for more good results soon.

What a relief! Now REST!

And YAY for May 30! Thats my son's birthday too. :)

Yay!!! So relieved to hear it all went so well. Congrats on your son!


I have not commented yet with LN7, but it is time now. HIP HIP HORRAY! Crossing everything that the results on Friday are WONDERFUL, (I am sure they will be)! Congrats!

Congratulations Tertia, I am so happy for you.

I am thrilled that you have had good news, and am keeping my fingers crossed for more of the same. (P.S. Your due date is one day before my birthday - maybe I'll have an Albertyn birthday twin!)

I assumed you wouldn't post but I'm so glad you did! What wonderful news of your healthy baby boy, Congrats!

Fantastic news!

OMG what wonderful news Tertia. I'm soooo happy for you :)

Holy crap, that's exciting! Glad the scan was as great as it was.

Congratulations, Tertia. You and I are a long way from the forums (I want to say "The Labour of Love" forums...... but I think that it had a different URL than that....

Boys for both of us in 2009. How wonderful!!!

Yay! Here's to more NBHHY!

oh i am so very happy for you tertia! what a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday!!

Yay! Here's hoping that your run of good luck lasts and that the CVS results are perfect. Also, happy birthday.

It's all amazing news Tertia, I'm very happy for you guys!

Wow! What fabulous news.So happy all went so well with the scan.Boys are awesome-so special for Adam to have a brother! Look after YOU!

Fantastic news! I'm so relieved and happy for you!

Congrats a million times over! I've been following your blog for a while now and love it. This is icing on the cake :)

That is wonderful Tertia !!! Congrats.

yay great news. :)

Oh how I love happy news!

many congrats. many.

:) !!!!

I am so happy you updated us with the good news!

Hi from Spain!
This is my first comment in your blog. Just to say that I am so happy to read your results. I never thought I would care so much about a person I only know from the web, but I do, and I've had quite a lot of supporting thoughts for you and your baby in the last few days.
I love the way you share with all of us. It helps in some way, even if you don't have infertility problems or even nothing to do with infertility world, as in my case. But I think human suffering is universal, and all the experiences of everybody can help to understand and become sensitive and compassive with everyone.
Anyway, congratulations and good luck. 30th of May will arrive and will be a great, happy day for you and your family.
Love, Marina.

I couldnt help logging in quick tonight to see - and Wow, so so thrilled for you. You can do it, I know you can :-) lol Wends xxx

:-) big HUGE smiles :-))))) awesome awesome!!

Absolutely incredible ... and I'll be thinking of you over the next few days.

BTW - the bit that made me sit back in my seat and take a deep breath? The posting of the due date.

Wonderful news, Tertia. Congratulations.

Congratulations! I'm so relieved and happy for you.

This is just terrific news.

Great news Tertia! Keep up the good work :)

omigosh, how amazing is that????? i know 25 year olds with crappier eggs than you . . . you are a frkn miracle. i am sitting here crying like a baby (appropriate yah?) so happy that master albertyn is looking so good.

funny, a huge flock of kookaburras (australian birds that laugh hysterically and very loudly) woke me this morning, so i was laughing as i came down to check your blog (nothing wrong with a touch of OCD). they were a super happy appropriate omen as it turns out.

i wish for you a NORMAL pregnancy - like they are supposed to be, happy and easy and as comfortable as it can be, with no complications - you so deserve it.

just one thing, aim for the 20th of May - we May 20th people are awesome in our stubborn taurus-y ways.

can't wait for the next update. going to have a coffee and a bloody good cry now; this baby has touched my heart.

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