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Wow, that is awesome. Serves him right for getting into your cupboard!

Wait till he's asleep, rub some more fake tan into his hands then take photos pretending they're the original yellow hands.


Yellow skin? Omigod. He's turning into Homer Simpson. Don't give him any beer or donuts.

That's so funny!

One of my first "mom moments" -- when I had any time for myself at all, was to carefully apply fake tan to my legs, only to discover they were white as ever the next morning, and that I'd actually applied sun block! i understand why people stop trying after a while!

Bwahahahaha excellent!

Ok. I think I speak for everyone when I say we're going to need pictures. Not of the bunnies. Of the hands. We just HAVE to see Marko's hands. :)

haha. lemon juice will help take it off :-P

ok, that is damn funny!

hahahahaha - suck it up marko, you are not sick, your hands are just yellow . . . .

Forgive me if this is a sensitive subject, Tertia, but... *only* Bruno? Did I miss something? Does he no longer have a playmate?

As for the yellow hands, I thought you were going to say that the bunnies had PEED on Marko! LOL Now THAT would be really funny! ROFL

Oh, Tertia! This takes me back 25 years..my son and daughter, very close to the age of Adam and Kate, decided that bunnies would be the BEST pets. Mind you, we already had 2 dog and 2 cats.

These bunnies, Bunz and Benjamin to be exact, were such lovely pets. They were litter trained, and would hop around the house like family members. The only times they ever, ever had a mistake "out of the box", was when one of the cats would lie down in their cage while they were out and about. Said cat, or should I say FAT CAT, would be blocking the bunnie's access to their litter box! Wonderful sweet pets!

They are very clean, very smart (vet told me smarter that cats and dogs!), and THEY DON'T STINK!!


Yay for great tool skills.

he poor dude... works his fingers to the bone, turns yellow, and gets laughed at!
i did not laugh, i swear!

I'm laughing so hard my eyes are watering - thanks for a much needed laugh today. My husband heard me laughing and is now laughing with me as I read him the story too.

Poor Marko.
Sounds like an amazing set up for the bunnies though with all his hard work.

Haven't posted in AGES so almost must give you a BIG CONGRATULATIONS on "lucky # 7" ! Fingers continued to be crossed for you.


THAT IS CLASSIC!! I have a sore tummy from laughing!! Men!

What happened to the pup, Peter died? Do you still have Shelley? Or was it the other way round?

Mwahhahaha! Love it!!


and the best part is, he only has himself to blame!!!

Brilliant! Maybe you should send him for a fake tan spray job - then it won't be so obvious....?

Oh My What a Pawpaw!!Glad my hubbie is not the only over the top DIY guy,we also spend way more than planned with arb 'little' projects.The yellow hands had hubbie & I sceeeching with laughter serves him right for sratching in your stuff!!At least it was only fake tan ??

Oh Lord! That's hysterical! My ex-husband put instant nail glue in his eyes - thought it was eye drops!! Hahahahaha!

Poor Marko--too funny!

Bloody Funny

OMG how funny! Wish you had gotten a picture of Marko with yellow hands.

we absolutely MUST have photos of his hands. Dont care how you do it. just do it pls! hysterical. sounds like something out of an enid blyton story I read my boys. what a laugh. thanks!

That guy deserves a medal!!!
I am sitting here laughing out loud. That's one of the funniest stories ever, I'm going to be cackling for days!

Haha... Bunny pictures coming out fuzzy....because bunnies really are fuzzy. I need more sleep.

ha haha ha haha ha ha haha classic!

That is pretty damn funny! I'm just curious how even the tan is. A couple of months ago, when getting large with this baby, and quite exhausted, but hadn't given up trying to look half-way decent.... I made my husband put tanning lotion on my legs for me. I thought it would be fine, him being very detail oriented in general, very thorough, very much a DIY guy (definitely one of his best qualities!), and he used to be a house-painter. Huge mistake! Big orange streaks down my legs! I laughed, but was quite self-conscious while out and about with strangers. Strangely, I thought, he wasn't even ashamed of his failure!

Love it! You must post a photo.

that is tooo cute!! And sooo funny!!

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