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No shoes?!My poor little child wears shoes and long sleeves all the time. I'm always so worried about him getting cold, and half the time sweat is pouring down his face in the car, from the heat, lol.
He's only a year and a bit, no real talking yet, so I never know when he's uncomfortable.Sigh.He's dad suggests we let him walk around kaalvoet(now that summer's vaguely here in C.T at last) But I shudder at the thought-what if he steps in something and cuts his foot and it becomes infected? what then? Yesterday he ate the topsoil off the lawn...I freaked out, obviously, but dad says just leave him be.So I'm trying, and just waiting for the day when he can talk!

As a teen I always had to bring my car everywhere because I hated feeling "stuck" at parties. I wanted to leave when I wanted to leave. Period.

One of my most vivid memories is of the night we brought my oldest child home from the hospital. We were tucking her into her bassinette next to our bed for the night. It was a hot, sticky, June night but we had our air conditioner on. I had her little hat in my hand and I was WEEPING because I didn't know whether she should wear it or not. I remember sobbing to my husband, "If she has it on she might be too hot, but if I don't put it on she'll be too cold! What do I do????" It was simply agonizing. And I knew with my personality I'd be facing thousands of such agonizing decisions in her life. Ack!

I'm a reluctant kisser and hugger too. I like my personal space and get agitated when someone (other than husband or kids) wanders into it. My daughter is the same way. I can see her stiffen up if someone comes to give her a hug or put their arm around her. She is NEVER encouraged to hug and kiss when she doesn't want to do it.

My son on the other hand, gives hugs and kisses to anyone near him. He's just like his father! ;)

my mother is 75, and i am 47. when we go out she says: "take a jacket, you will get cold." i say: "its ok mum, i'm fine." she says: "but its cold, and you need a jacket. do you want to borrow one of mine"? i say: "no, its fine mum, don;t worry." she says:" hang on, i'll get you my red cardigan, or my black coat." i say (thru clenched teeth): "MUM, i am not cold, and i don't need a jacket, thank you." she says:"but you should take one, just in case." no matter what i say, its the same - cold, hot, tired, hungry, etc etc etc. she rearranges my furniture, finishes my conversations, cleans up my plate before i have finished eating and makes me food i don't like . . .
she is my mother, i love her, but she may end up buried beneath her precious camellia tree if she doesnt stop before i am 70!

ROFL!! Aren't we mothers a weird breed? It's so NICE to know I'm not alone in that crazy kind of mothering behaviour.

After dropping Nellie off at nursery, I nearly went home one day to fetch her another jersey because the one she had on was too thin... but then I remembered that she had another one in her bag of clothes (that stays permanently at school in case of emergency) so I went and raided it, and made her wear both. If I hadn't remembered that, I think I just might have really made the trip home and back again! Hee hee! I think we all obsess - to a greater or lesser degree.

For a minute I thought you were saying you have oppositional defiant disorder...but then I figured it out. I am slow... :)

Congrats on LN7 doing well so far!

My oldest is 12 and slowly I've learned to let go and let be. If I offer a jacket and she refuses then she gets cold and next time she might listen. It has taken... oh... 12 years to get to this point and I'm not totally there yet either. Sometimes my control freak tendencies with her kick in and I make us both miserable.

I love this post! So sweet. "Mommy, you are such a pain." LOL!

I wouldn't classify myself as a big worrier and yet the whole too hot/too cold issues causes me no end of worrying and stress, particularly at night. I am always worried that my daughter is too hot or too cold. Not to mention when she spends Wednesdays at my Moms house and my Mom always thinks she is cold so overdresses her. Ack! She is just starting to talk so I look forward to when she can tell me how she feels.

Tertia, I hate to say this but you've made me feel good because, despite all my worrying, this (warmth/coldness) is one thing I have never worried about much! I am a total control freak, but about different stuff, I suppose. Also Kate is hilarious.

You have just summed up all of parenting in one phrase - "I hope I don't fuck my children up too much".

This is every parents goal for their kids. We will all fuck them up in small ways completely unintentionally while we try to do the right thing the best we know. But we are all trying to NOT fuck them up TOO much.

You're doing fine. The teenage years however will most likely drive you into raging alcoholism. At least that's what they're doing to me.

Tertia, your posts always make me laugh. Not at you, with you.

I (and everyone else around me (read family)) thought that I must be a really odd ball. Nice to know I'm not alone.

I have been known to ask time off from work, just to quickly dash home to get another change of clothes for peanut because I suddendly realized that it was too hot/cold and the idea that my poor kid was going to sweat/freeze for the rest of the day, bothered me so much that I couldn't concentrate. That's why my daughter always had the biggest nappy bag of all the kids at nursery ... Just in case, it rains, it's hot, it's cold, extra nappies, just in case too many poopy accidents... Leaving the house was a nightmare. It took forever to get everything just right, just in case...

That's why I HATE GOING ON HOLIDAY. What if.... I loose my passport, forget the milk, didn't pack enough clothes, crap. Let's just stay home!

I felt a real sence of achievement the first time we went out, without an extra set of clothes, and I didn't wipe her face/hands, feet until we climbed back in the car. (germophobic (sp?)).

She's five now. I'm hoping that when she goes not school next year, I'll be able to let her go without wetwipes in her school bag, just in case she gets dirty, has giant boogers, whatever....

no shoes? do kids in south africa go to school without shoes? (forgive me if this is obvious to everyone but me...)
i usually wear layers, i absolutely hate being too hot or too cold. not sure how to tell with babies. are you supposed to check their extremities? room temp and car temp is one thing my husband and i argue about. and nighttime bedroom temp. he likes it warm, i need it cool. etc

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