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PMSL about the bowel movements!!

It's usually referred to as simply Thanksgiving, and you wish someone a "Happy Thanksgiving". And, we also try to (or should) be thankful each and every day, but it's also nice to have a day off nationally to do so en mass. Yes turkeys are traditional fare, but some folks break from tradition. As I type this, I have a ham in the oven. Another popular, recent trend has been the turducken, which is a boneless turkey stuffed with chicken and duck. Seriously, you don't have turkey in SA? Not even imported? Don't know why I'm so surprised at that, other than I never realized that turkey might be unique to us.

Hey, you've got to remember that there are plenty of other readers who are not busy being 'Thankful'. LOL! In New Zealand it's just another working day.
Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US.
Stop playing with the doppler! Goodness knows what you might hear...do the boobs make noises? :)

I'm a vegetarian, so I'm having stuffing, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie - everything *except* the turkey!

And Tertia - you would love Thanksgiving because the day AFTER thanksgiving is massive sale day. The entire country goes crazy shopping starting at around 4am (that's when the stores open - people line up MUCH earlier). There are insanely good bargains to be had by all. I avoid that madness, but I bet you would love it. It's like Woolies sale day on a massive extra-large American scale, nation wide.

LOL...apparently not too busy ;-) Turkey breast is in the oven, as are the stuffing and green bean casserole. Yum! Thinking good thoughts on the results for your scan.

The latest twist on turducken is turbaconducken.

There was an insane video a few days ago of ex-VP candidate Sarah Palin speaking to the TV reporters at a turkey farm. Right behind her was a turkey slaughtering station with metal cones into which the turkeys were placed head first. The guy's snapping turkeys' necks and smiling for the camera, and nobody stopped to say, "Omigod, this is horrible! Let's use a different backdrop, shall we?"

That Julie really had the most dramatic Thanksgiving back in 2004. Mine are boring. No near-death experiences or newborns.

Tertia, you didn't tell us if your bowel sounds were good. Is your poop chute healthy and burbling away with gases?

I really cant imagine not having turkey. I think you could be quite rich if you brought them to SA. They're a staple of my diet.

Tertia - I am so totally indifferent to Thanksgiving food, and so is my friend who we spent T-giving with today. We had all of the snacks that my mother always served before thanksgiving dinner--so, little smoked sausages wrapped in bacon, shrimp, veggies and dip, artichoke-spinach dip, apple salad...entirely more satisfying than the Thanksgiving dinner spread.

Tertia - Yes, Thanksgiving Day is always spelled with a capital T. This differentiates it from the common noun form of thanksgiving, meaning "the act of giving thanks" (e.g., I am filled with joy and thanksgiving).

And, with the time difference, is it not...(drum roll)...FRIDAY!!? Now, where are those results?! Eagerly waiting with all bits crossed for you...

sorry for your doppler trouble, i was lucky to find the heart beat at first try. u should at least find ur own hb w it. i like playing w that thing, i even put the thing above my daughter's (1.5yr old) heart to let her hear her own strong hb, she liked it. good luck!

Tertia, darling, we do have turkeys in SA!! I have an American friend who is married to my daughters God Father and we're have Thanksgiving at our house tonight( Yes, a day late). She's cooking and I'm doing the table decor- it's all Autumny- yes I know it's Spring/Summer here but I'm going the traditional American way. Maybe it'll become a tradition in our family. It's also a way of celebrating with friends because we all do Christmas with our families, so it's kind of an early Christmas too. I've got so much to be THANKFUL for this year, especially my beautiful baby girl! (who kept me up last night!!!!)

P.S Have you never had a turkey at Christmas?

Yes, Tertia is talking nonsense. We do have turkey here in SA! We have a turkey every for Christmas lunch every year. But, the difference is that we don't really get it all year - it is only available around xmas time. The rest of the year, they're pretty hard to find. It is not really a staple food here. Most South Africans have it once a year only!!

Good luck for today T. Holding all my bits

Plenty of turkeys here in Australia, both literally and figuratively, but, alas, no Thanksgiving. It's a shame really because I quite like the idea of sitting around a table with family/friends, eating turkey and doing whatever else it is customary to do on this special day. From listening to American talk-radio (via podcast), I'm led to believe that in many families this includes lots of heated discussions about politics. But after the longest election campaign in recorded history, my guess is that most Americans are completely spent in this particular arena.

Wishing you well for tomorrow's results, Tertia.

I prefer duck - much more moist and tastier than turkey. Only thing is duck does not have as much flesh as turkey so if you are alot of people you have to prepare quite a few. The best turkey I had was in Italy and it was served with brandy butter. Goodluck for your results - I'm sure all will be OK.

I looked at your Facebook photos. Your tummy is not big at all!!!

I cannot imagine not having Thanksgiving...

We celebrate Thanksgiving and we live in JHB and we are South African. LOL I started a celebration 8 years ago... scheduled the last Sunday in November... I'm excited!

I don't know if you've already addressed this but this reminds me: Can you tell us a bit about Christmastime in SA? Where I come from, it's all about Santa and snow and white Christmases, so I'm interested to hear about the differences. :)

Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas.
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Just saying Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

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I'm getting used to making turkey as I live in the U.S. with an American husband and 3 American boys.
I had CVS done many years ago. It's tough waiting for the results. Good luck to you.

Well, yes, we do get turkey here in South Africa, but maybe to be more true to our roots we should roast a whole ostrich at Christmas? The leftovers would last until Easter.

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