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it could be worse:


Happy early birthday!

(And also. Not stalking. Just get refresh happy when avoiding going to work)

Hey, when you're 40, who needs to look good? One shoe and one old sock will go with your post-40 wardrobe just fine. (says the lady who is 41).

And HEY, recently my parents told me an old (OLD) story about me and it made me think of you (and the whole concept there is weird, but whatever...)

They were telling me how at my 4th birthday, they got me a great big pretty tricycle. They rolled it into the room to give it to me. I was very upset, and it took them awhile to get out of me what was upsetting me, and finally they understood. I was saying, "I want a present!" I wanted something to UNWRAP. Don't give me a stinkin' tricycle unless it is wrapped. I want a pretty present to unwrap.

Make sure you don't scar your children the way my parents scarred me by giving me unwrapped presents.

Hey, that old shoe and sock will go perfectly with your olive green sweats. I just hope the old shoe isn't an orthopedic, as wearing it might result in another trip to the podiatrist for you! :)

I hope they will wrap them nicely. Because I know how much you love that! :)

I see they are broken down by gender, as in my family. Adam BUYS you a shoe, but Kate is content with whatever she finds aroun the house.

And the attitude does not change with age :)

Ha. You're doing better than I. When Josh (just a tad younger than your delightful pair) was informed it was my birthday.

"NO!!! It is MY birthday."


I got real lucky with my Birthday Present this year, though i think my 4 year olds Mum had a bit to do with it. When i woke up on the day, i had a great fried breakfast waiting for me and my present was a great White Wine Gift Box. Which was put to good use that evening.

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