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Argh! I'm so sorry to hear that!

NO WAY!!!!! I think I've check every hour for any info. Sorry, T, I'll keep you close this weekend.

Oi how's that for a fun-filled weekend...

man, this is gonna be a looooong weekend....

Bugger! well here is wishing to a fun-filled fast going weekend!

So irritating, shit, sorry darling. I have just tried calling you and chatting on skype and my normal phone but cant get through. Bugger. Bugger.Bugger. Hang in there Ou Sis. x

Wow, that just seems cruel. I wish there was something we could do, to get the result sooner! A bribe, maybe? :-P

I'm very sorry to hear that your weekend is being spoiled by anxiety. Keeping everything crossed that you will be opening that packet on Monday, not returning it.


I know what the first thing I'll do when I get to work on Monday, and it's not work-related.

Ai Maar my F..... How can they torture like this must be illegal.try survive the weekend.Started readindg your book and cannot put it down,thank goodness hubbie is away til Mon so can hibernate and read to my hearts content.very weird reading the opp side of our infertility woes,we had the krappy sperm senario.....

i hope the weekend zooms by on rollerblades and skateboards for you

Hang in there!

oh poop. this might be the longest weekend of your life. i think that we all need to join virtual hands around the world, to make a huge magic circle and keep you safe.

sending the best best wishes and thoughts and hopes your way T.


I'm sorry- waiting sucks. I'll keep sending positive thoughts for good news!

Pbbtthhhhhh fetal assessment center!

Try not to go crazy this weekend. BTW,y ou cracked me up in your last post, as I imagined you sitting around listening to your bowels while wearing too-tight clothes b/c you refuse to put on maternity things.

Oy! Hope the weekend goes speedily for you.


waiting sucks. more for you than for us, but still...don't they realize that we all wanted those results back today :)

Argh! How am I, er I mean you, supposed to last the weekend!!!

For what its worth, NBHHY.

Thinking of you

Stay calm, keep busy the whole weekend.

Ellen7 is comfy at the moment, so just hang in there.

Thinking positive thoughts for you.


This is no the timeframe you wanted to hear, and I know it. Perhaps you could *accidentally* post their number and we could all call innocently and see if they've made any progress and could give you a call directly? I figure if we call them every 27 minutes on even hours, and every 23 on odd (woulnd't want them to figure out our pattern), maybe they'll realize this isn't the time to be "la de da" with results?

Sign me up for the first shift!

(Seriously, though, I adore you and know the waiting is agony. I've got all of my bits crossed - it is hard to type with them this way - and hope you hear at the earliest possible moment.)

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