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Your little ones have the most beautiful eyes! And yes, I will hope that you are feeling well thanks to the pill, not the alternative. All my best to you and your family.

The way you make it sound, it is surprising that they sat still long enough to get that picture. Getting my two boys to sit still for anything is like nailing jello to a wall. Yours are adorable nevertheless!

I understand your pessimism, but I have a feeling this one is going to stick. Good luck just the same!

OH my word!!! So so so precious!!!!

That first paragraph is really ambiguous. Sounds like something happened. Please trust for this moment and don't live in any possible future sadness and therefore talking as if it's so. This moment, you are wonderfully pregnant. What a joy!!

congrats!!! i'm glad the zofran is working for you -- also try a prenate w/o iron in it. i was crazy sick with my first baby, and just eliminating the iron in my prenate helped. once i got over the sickness, i went back to a full prenate with iron in it. adorable school pic, btw! i love how it's not posed and is very candid feeling. :)

No no no... You're SUPPOSED to say the children got their good looks from their father...Because you still have yours!! ;)
(That's what I say about my kid's stubborness. They get that from me, since their dad still has his!!)

Breathtaking -- you have the most gorgeous children! And you're going to have another one!!!! "Under construction!"

Glad you're feeling better -- Zofran worked for me when I had a cervical ectopic pregnancy and they administered that awful "chemo" drug, methotrexate (sp?), for several doses. It's crazy expensive here in the states without prescription coverage.

Get some rest!! As I type this, I'm due in 11 days with my third and taking care of my older two kids (6 and 3) is bringing me to my knees! I guess I'm having a bit of Buyer's Remorse (kidding!), but I think it's only my severe anxiety about the upcoming birth and changes to our little family of 4. Wait and see, my dear, wait and see!!

Be well, T!

yay for feeling better :)
you've got yourself some cuteness.

I heart Zofran too, and know from experience as a labor and delivery nurse and from very personal experience that it has worked for me when nothing else did. It is amazing the difference that it makes, and the dosage can be adjusted up. That makes it a wonder drug in my estimation, so I am taking a positive attitude that gorgeous and divine Albertyn Child # 3 is just fine. The picture is amazing and your children look just so happy.

Good grief. The are gorgeous! And huge! When did they get so big? I am thrilled that you're feeling better.

I LOVE it! I took Zofran for 7 months during my pregnancy.
I couldn't have survived without it!

Your kids are adorable! Love the school pic.


They are adorable - and from the young pictures you have of you and Marko, so like you guys! Adam is the spit of Marko - and Kate is so much like you!


Yay for the Zofran. I took it the whole way through the pregnancy even during delivery day. You can get it injected if you feel very poorly.

Extremely gorgeous! What a lucky mother you are :)

I have had two hyperemesis pregnancies and Zofran was the only thing that worked- first pregnancy I took it from 8 weeks until delivery and second pregnancy I was on a Zofran pump for about 5 months. One thing I HIGHLY recommend is you eat a lot of fiber and/or take an herbal laxatives. Zofran poops are like childbirth and the end product is almost as big as a child despite coming out of a much smaller area. Elegant and classy, I know but I have to keep it real. :)

Best of luck to you and I'm sending you lucky vibes and good thoughts all the way from Georgia in the USA.

Hang in there - you're in my thoughts and I'm glad you're feeling better!
:) Becky

I hate to be the dissent here, but I had severe hyperemesis with my twin pregnancy and I hated Zofran. It stopped the puking, but I still felt nauseous all the time, without the temporary relief of puking. But why I hated it most is the side effect that I'm surprised hasn't been mentioned more. It made me unbearably constipated no matter what I ate or did.

I took Phenergan instead. I still puked a few times a day, but in between puking I felt much better than I did on the Zofran, and I much preferred it. Just in case the Zofran doesn't work out.

i keep coming back to check on your progress (yes ruth, its been a WHOLE DAY since you found out - like much will have changed!P), with a smile in my heart. as my oops baby (now 13 months, born when i was 46 - with a 22 year gap to last kid :0, after a complex pregnancy history) develops each day, i am constantly re-experiencing, with great joy, my older childrens' infancies. you, i am CERTAIN, will do something similar.

imagine all the joy you have found with ben, adam and kate already - despite the dark days and the gray days and the heart-searing agony days - being repeated with a new little person. you might think that your heart could not expand any further, and then it will. you can relive all the lovely stuff while a new delightful life unfolds. i hope that baby knows how many people the world over are willing her (oh hell, i have a 50% chance of being right don't I?) to stay in place for a few months more. she is a beacon of light to a huge body of us who love her already. and if she doesn't make it, hearts across the planet will break for you and with you. she is here now for as long as she can be, and she is wanted - so wanted. as, darling T, are you and your mad whirligig kids and man and rose!

having my oops baby makes using contraception very difficult, as i simply want another one. my head says that i will be over 48, and how could i expect a good outcome blah blah blah, but my heart keeps telling me to ignore that and just do it. i think my heart might know yours, as they say similar things! bastard assholes!!!

the fact that the oops baby fossicks out her dad's condom stash and bites the packets makes me suspect that she wants another one as well - and that she is only pretending not to know what a wholey condom might mean in a few more months.

grow well little baby; grow strong and free and make your momma as sick as sick can be. we love you already; we want you in our world; we want to see your face smattered across our computer screens for years to come as your momma whinges and wines about how much sleep she is STILL not getting, and pretends that's why she hits the wine so much. we want to see your feet smeared with good SA dust, and your body silhouetted against that great magical sky under which your family has grown already. oh, and my god, does YOUR MOMMA love you or what? she is up there all pretendey and tough and faux detached, but every fibre of her being is lined up ready to act if you should raise one little finger. she loves you so bad she could die from that kind of love. that's the kind of momma you have. you could not have picked a better momma if you tried. she is the one for you - just ask your brothers and sister.

grow baby, grow.

that comment above by ruth made me cry tears of joy and true bliss. it may have something to do with my hormones as I gave birth to my 3rd baby ten days ago. so well written, Ruth. so beautiful. tertia darling heart, we all love you, asshole. xx

oh and yes I DID post this from my phone...

Gosh, T. I'm not sure you got a look in. They look so much like Marko.

Another updating pretty pathetically regularly. Just wanting to hear anything. I think it's the Zofran. Magic stuff!

Hope you continue feeling better and that your surprise continues to thrive.

Thankgoodness for Zofran !!!So so glad for you Tertia!!It really worked for me!
But i cannot emphasize enough that you must must drink water,eat lots of fibre and REALLY consider a laxative as the constipation is SO BAD!!!!!however,
Zofran really is MAGIC!!!
PS Absolutely loved what Ruth wrote-so divine.
Also have to confess checking blog all the time for updates!!!So happy for you Tertia

Zofran = best stuff ever.

I love those two faces - they are wonderfully clever, mischeivious and darling all at once.

I am hoping LN7 is female - Marko deserves to be in the minority. Between you, Miss Fifi, and LN7, I think he will be finally behave.

We're all rooting for you, Tertia. There is not a potential person more loved in all the world right now.

LN7, now that is a unique name. I am gonna enjoy the hell out of your pregnancy. Glad you're feeling some relief.

I believe... how long 'til we get some belly pix?

Your kids are gorgeous! Of course, they get that from their internet aunties!
Glad you feel better, I've been thinking of you.XXX

Gorgeous photo!
I believe this LN7 will stick. It's not only LN7, but also LN3 - as in your 3rd pregnancy in 18 months and also your 3rd child. Those are all auspicious numbers and this bodes well for a successful outcome!
Not sure if you remember, but when you had your "couch incident" pregnancy, I emailed to say I was in exactly the same boat - with a surprise pregnancy and my daughter (2nd child) was only 7 months old!
Anyway - mine stuck, and my LN3 has just had his 1st birthday!
He is an absolute blessing every day! Yes - 3 is hard work, esp with such a small gap, but from the day he arrived, I have never regretted a moment!
I know it takes a while to get used to the fact that there will be another little one in the house, but once you have reached that point - sit back, relish in this pregnancy (probably your last, you being ancient and all ;-) )and look forward to whats to come.
Trust me - there is always enough love in your heart and room in your home for another baby!
Congrats again!!

Tertia - I am keeping you close in prayer...and thanks for any updates you can give. So glad you are feeling better!

And the kids' pic? Quite possibly THE CUTEST thing I've seen in a long time (besides my own kids' pictures, naturally).


I come here and read this post first, and automatically assumed that you got pregnant again and it had died already!!!!!!! Im not kidding, I read the previous post, yay, okay, good baby, alive and youre telling everyone. THEN, I re-read this post and get all sad again b/c the baby died. WTF, WOMAN, IT TOOK ME THREE READINGS TO REALIZE THAT IT IS STILL ALIVE.

Now that I am clear on that, CONGRATULATIONS!!! Im praying that you get your happy singleton pg and newborn-phase. I was also hella sick w/ my dd and I took Compazine. That shit was amazing and WAY cheaper than Zofran.

Yes you are right they are just gorgeous! Sending thoughts and prayers from over here.

I second the user that took Phenergan- I took that too (on top of the Zofran when things were really bad) and it was awesome BUT it will knock you the hell out. I mean, sleep for 24 hours knock you out so you might only want to take that when someone else can watch the kiddos.

The kids are absolutely gorgeous and I am thrilled for you. Sure, something dreadful might happen but what if it doesn't? WOW. WOW I say again.

Gorgeous! But step down a bit Tertia, I DO see some Marko in them. Heh.

Hoping you are feeling better and the little free loader in your belling is doing well and thriving. Sometimes life surprises you, yes? :)

I *heart* Zofran too- the stuff has kept me alive through 2 of my 3 hyperemesis gravidarum pregnancies.

If it gets bad- and you have the orally disintegrating tablets- you can take them vaginally :-) It really makes such a difference.

Your kids are stunning!
I just wanted to comment because i bought your book yesterday and am devouring it!!!!! It is my life saver as this week we found out that DH has NO NORMAL SPERM. Quite distressing. Thank you for putting your experience into words and helping us put a funny face on all of this.

Mmm..apparently our DH wanted some the same night...because you and I are exactly pregnant the same time. And I too, got viciously sick this time. Im on Zofran as well. I do like it...it keeps the spins at a minimum. Hope you begin to feel better soon. And a happy and healthy 9months to you:)

So glad Zofran is working for you too. I too took it for 7 months with my DD as another poster did. It was my best friend. I was taking 30 pills in 5 days in the beginning and thank goodness for drug coverage cause it would have been $750 for that 30 pills! I tried Phenergan and Reglan and both gave me terrible side effects and I didn't have any with Zofran! Good luck that this works for you!

Ruth (pass me a tissue) and Foster (me too!) said it better than I could have.

PS -- I had a weird dream that I came to SA to visit you, just for a day, and then flew home to Chicago. V.v. strange. Then I caught up on your blog today and learned about LN7. Hhmmmm. Seems you were on my mind for a BIG reason.

oh they are beautiful children t...

I can see where the other Moms could be 'not really happy' with the photos. Not that they're BAD, it's just that they're hard to categorize, they're not formal photos with rigid poses (like we're used to and like our family is used to getting in their Christmas cards) BUT they're not really casual snapshots either. And if you have a hard time embracing the New and the Different, well then of course you're "not really happy" with something new and different.

I also think that if the artist is not prepared to deal with ANY answer, they should not ask questions. Or else it's just begging to be praised. I hope that your photographer friend asked for some constructive criticism.

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