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watching this video was definitely the high point of my day - adorable!

I see we're working on our table-dancing skills...LOL And in costume, too!

My older son's favorite son when he was two was "Rio" by Duran Duran...he thought it was about a river...

I love it!

And Kate has REALLY got it goin on!!!!!! The fat tail wagging is the perfect touch.

*We have the nearly-same dinosaur suit* Baby was Godzilla for Halloween and Daddy made a spray-painted Tokyo skyscraper out of a big box to wear as an accessory/background scenery :D

What great dancers you have there! So adorable.

My three year old says she wants to take dancing lessons until she's 17 so she can be a REAL dancing queen. The only non-kid thing they listen to is ABBA. Your kids have got the MOVES!

Oh I love, love, LOVE this. Really a perfect sparkle to end the day with. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Heh! Love it!

Did they get their solid gold moves from you or Marko?

Too cute!

My kids (2 and 5) love Abba too! You are never too young!!!

Lani :-)

With those moves (and sense of costuming), Kate won't need Botox, boob work or tattoos!

Oh, how utterly adorable! You have a very nice voice, btw!

OMG! So precious and so hilarious. I heart Kate and Adam.

MAMMA MIA! they're fantastic. keep up the videotaping, i dont think we do enough of it. xoxoxo

This has got to be the CUTEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

Hilarious!! I love Kate's costume, they've both got some moves. Also, I love hearing you say Adam. I can't describe the difference, but your accent makes it sound lovely.

Tertia, on what has perhaps been one of the shittiest days ever, your children have made me laugh my ass off. In fact, I hereby declare them the coolest kids ever. Kate and Adam are my hero!

They are toooooooo cute!
How do you restrain yourself from eating them up???

Oh my goodness, that was the cutest thing EVER! I especially loved Kate's little wiggly move. Yep. They've got talent, those two. Wonder where they get it from? ;)

Tertia seriously laughing out loud. That wiggle dance that Kate does? BRILLIANT! Cutest kids ever (um, besides my little tornado of course).

I saw this earlier, but just now had a chance to write - it is an excellent birthday present. It gave me an ear to ear grin!

This Made my week. WAAAAAAAAAAH.

That croc suit kills me!!!!

Really cute!!! I also LOVE ABBA.

BTW, I'm seeing your Dr. Lazareth in October for my boobs (and maybe a bit of Lipo). Am excited and scared shitless.

Looks like my gym session this morning... :) We also ended up singing our way through Dancing Queen... The ABBA revival!

Ag my moeder. That is the sweetest thing I have EVER seen. Amazing how much rythm they have at that age. And Kate's big eyes just swallowed me up. You are very blessed. xxx

O.M.G. that was hysterical! "...and WIGGLE...WIGGLE..."!

Awesome. :)

My 2-year-ol loves Abba too. Especially "Mamma Mia," which she thinks is about her. (Her name is Maria, and she sings "Mamma Ria" instead.)

Whenever we visit my parents, my daughter--same age as Adam and Kate---runs up to my dad's study and requests that he play Chiquitita. They dance and peruse the booklet from the boxed set together--she wants to see "where they were on a picnic" and "where they were on a boat" and so on. I recently learned from my 3-year-old the names of all the ABBA members (for the record--Freda, Agnetha, Benny, and Bjorn)(and if you joke and pronounce it "bajorn," she will get mad and correct you ("no, bYORN!!")).

I agree wholeheartedly--never too early!

I really like Adam's repertoire of dance moves!!

Thank you, thank you for sharing these cutie patooties!

Oh my goodness, they are sooooooo cute! Kate's little dino costume is so precious! I just want to hug her! Cute cute cute. This made my morning!

OMG, that is SO cute, Tertia! And that costume... just fits Kate's personality to a "T", after all you've told us about her affection for dinosaurs and creepy-crawlies. How can you stand all that cuteness? (And won't they just die when you show them this in ten years!) :-)

Could anything be sweeter than that smile she gives you at the end!

That is so adorable! I love how they are teaching each other dance moves! SO CUTE!

Aw man that is fantastic... sadly my boys (6 & 8) won't perform for me any more 'No because then you'll put us on the INTERNET!' Spoil sports... I see your 2 have no such privacy clauses yet. So enjoy this stuff!

OMG, Tertia! How does she know how to wiggle her hips up and down like that!?!?

TOOOOO cute!!!!

You are in so much trouble! teeheeee

My kids loved watching that. My son still doesn't get how Kate and Adams are twins because "one is a boy and one is a girl!" And, why you have a "funny accent." LOL

We loved Mama Mia, btw. Saw it the weekend it came out.

I had a friend in University who was from South Africa, and I didn't realize how much I missed his particular accent (a mix of British and Dutch?) until I heard you. I almost had tears in my eyes!

And how cute are you? And Adam and Kate? TOO CUTE!

I'm glad to hear your voice, it will give your blog more "texture" when I read.

Ohhhh this made me smile! Thank you for sharing!

I absolutely love it. They are so totally adorable. And I could listen to you talk all day. Seriously.

The ABBA propaganda needs to be started real early. There's tons of generations - millions of generations - who need to have their auditory canals attuned to ABBA's ear worms before the world ends. Amazing how every loves that music.... even my 13 year old son secretly sings ABBA when he thinks no one is watching.

That is some of the classiest table dancing I've ever seen! You are such a fun mum!

Jislaaik bokkie -dont moments like this just make the whole parenthood thang SO WORTH WHILE! God knew we needed these moments....you know... to make up for all the other k*k ones. I loved this clip and could soooo relate.

Groovy Adam and Alligator Kate made my day! Thanks for sharing that.

This is actually a pretty accurate rendition of what that scene looked like in the movie. ;-)

I'm afraid they have White Kid's Disease--not much rhythm but cute nonetheless.

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