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only person i've ever known personally to have endometriosis was best man at my wedding. she had sufficient pain during her periods to need morphine for pain control. hormone therapy made it worse; surgical removal of the growth only resulted in more growth that was even worse. the internal bleeding was so bad that she'd have abdominal swelling so bad people would mistake her for six months pregnant (assuming they saw her out of her bed, which she'd generally stay in writhing in pain).

she also had been pregnant a number of times, which seemed to end prematurely because of cervical incompetence of one sort or another. she indicated that if she tried it again, they'd have to sew her shut and keep her in bed for the whole thing.

eventually, she opted for a full hysterectomy. that pretty much took care of it.

Just a point regarding endo - I have endo, it was diagnosed when I had my ectopic and I was told my tubes were a mess... proceed straight to IVF.

I read in a magazine that pycnogenol (pine bark) helps with endo, so I started taking it.

Penetration pain during intercourse decreased notably. My period cramping decreased notably.

My subsequent IVF cycle was a success.

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