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LMAO..... does Marko know you posted this pic (which, by the way, is too cute fir words)

What a great photo!

Hehe, what a fun shot :)

Your bathtub is pretty nice, too.

You didn't leave them alone did you? Someone could have drown! ;-)

Oh my word....

Does Marko have any idea you put a bathtub photo of him on the 'net?


Beautiful, beautiful picture. What a happy childhood your children have!!!

OMG Marko is going to kill you! Love the pic!

You're going to get in trouble, but I'm betting it will be worth it. Great pic!

I'll bet Marko is an exhibitionist who wishes Tertia would post more nude pictures of him on her blog.

Em is right—I hope you watched Marko and Adam every second. And why aren't they wearing helmets??

What a gorgeous family!

Great photo! What's Kate got in her hand? It looks as if she is about to smack Marko!

so cute!

Gary would divorce me for posting a hairy chest bath pic!
Your hubby is clearly more chilled!!

Ahhhh...I love the look on Adam's face. He clearly adores his daddy.

Great pic...great-looking family.


Have to agree with Orange... do you know how dangerous bathing is without helmets???

I am just wondering where the hell the life jackets are Tertia! ;)

I love it!

Great picture. I agree, you can see Adams adoration of his daddy in this picture! You do have a beautiful family!

What an awesome pic...

The twins look SO much like their daddy - must have your gorgeous personality!

You are about to get a soggy sponge chucked at you!

You do know that now you are going to have give Marko a BJ just to placate him! Are you MENTAL woman!!

Stunning pic though!!

He, he...go Kate!

Hi Tertia,
More concerning is that you allow your husband to bath with your kids!

That's a great picture, Tertia!

Great picture!! Everyone looks so happy!

Seriously questioning your morals if you allow your husband to bathe with the children without wearing lifevests or having other appropriate floatation devices in the bathroom. hehe

Delurking to tell you what an adorable family you have! The pic is too cute!

Such a beautiful pic, my childhood albums are full of these types of pics. I see Kidwatch asked why you allow your husband to bath with your children... I remember up until the age of 7 I was allowed to bath with my dad (he did wear undies though) and it was never a problem. Is it different for others?

Why would it be questionable for your kids to bath with their daddy. People are so weird...I swear.

Also, Kate does look a bit like a serial killer...I'd be more worried about that! ;p)

Adam has some long, hairy legs for such a small chap! ;)

Oh my GOSH! This is great!! You have to share with us his reaction when he sees this. And please, tell me how you did this:) Oh what fun i could have....hehehe

I LOVE the tile in your bathroom!
And your kid is super cute too!

ummm....my photoshop is broken...would you mind snapping a photo of just hubby. YUMMY!

I had to smile at 'kidswatch' comment about your dh bathing with the kids. why not?

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