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I voted on the other site, but just wanted to add my comment that bangs can make you MISERABLE when you are not used to them. I am also an all one length type of gal & have gone with long layers many times & loved them. You can still do the pony tail thing or whatever. But bangs require styling, unless you just happen to be blessed with perfect hair, which I am not. And anything that requires styling can lose its styling over any little weather kink. Many's the day I walked out with great looking hair only to look like a freak by lunch. I'm growing out my last set & I'll NEVER have bangs again.

I second Lisa's comments, bangs are tough when a) you are not used to them and b) you live in pony-tail land.

I am looking forward to watching you succeed at dieting and working out! Ever try running? Seeing as how you admit to an addictive personality, you might like it (runners are freaks, you'd fit right in, join us!) WAY cheaper than a trainer.

OR...if I were you, I'd grab a surf board and hang out with your sister Mel on the weekends.

How very cool! You'll have to post after pics :)

I just have to say that I have sideswept bangs and love them. LOVE THEM. Will probably never grow them out. In fact, years from now, when sideswept bangs are considered "dated", I'll still be rocking them. I'M A REBEL THAT WAY. ;)

It's all in the cut. Make sure your stylist cuts them at an angle so they blend into the side of your hair, opposed to a blunt cut. Also, a little texturizing at the ends will make them lay better across your forehead. Plus, this type of bang cut grows out easily - they just blend into the hair over time.

As for styling, I have naturally wavy hair that I let air-dry (just like you), and the only time I spend styling is the 60 seconds spent on drying my bangs. That's it. It's easy as pie.

That being said, there are MANY who should not wear bangs, but your hair's texture, weight, and lack of major cowlick would be conducive for that style.

(Also, ponytail bangs? Sexy. So very sexy.)

I like the bangs idea. But, if you have that sensory thing going on, it's quite possible they will drive you crazy. I have always worn my hair long and recently got sideswept bangs. They look great. When I wear them down. But more than half the time they're buggin' me, so I twist them up, tuck them in and secure them with bobby pins. I guess it's nice to have the option of wearing bangs, but do consider that when they tickle your head, they may bug you.

Do the side swept bangs!!! I love mine, and I was really worried about styling them every day because I'm also a wash and wear/ponytail girl. It takes me maybe 1 minute longer than it did before the bangs, and I find that my hair looks like I really styled the whole thing just by fiddling with the bangs. I do pin mine back when I'm doing housework type things, but for work hours I really feel like my hair is "done" even though I spent very little time on it.


It may take getting used to the bangs, but if they are done right they'll stay out of your eyes, particularly if the longest point is one that you can tuck behind an ear, or pull in to the pony tail. Also? You can use a cute head band or thin scarf-band to pull them off your face when you have a pony tail if you'd like.

I like your hair more on the blonder side, but agree that a few well placed low-lights can bring out the blonder a bit more.

I think it is the perfect look for going in to summer. Just don't get the bangs too heavy or too blunt.

Please post before & after for us!


Oh, and have you tried something like Bumble & Bumble Surf spray, rather than mousse? It may give you the texture, but not the definition that mousse can give. Think of what your hair feels like after a swim in the ocean. You too can make a spray using a bottle, several tablespoons of sea salt and water for the bargainist in you. :)

I had to "wikipedia" Bangs! What the hell! So, is it just a fringe? Who the hell would have known there were so many ways to wear a "bang".

Oh, and I when I hear Bang, I think "shag". Am I the only one?

Number 2 looks nice but I voted for number 1 (in the minority I see!) because I think that bangs (not a SA word that!)/a fringe would look nice but would irritate the hell out of you a) because slightly higher maintenance and b) cos of having hair in your face and on your eyes - knowing that you are sensitive to textures etc on your skin.

My initial thought was #1 because the bangs could be annoying to deal with, but I voted #2 because, a) i agree it would compliment your face more and b) hair grows back! It doesn't hurt to try the bangs and see if you like it. I did it a couple years back and not only did it look great, but it was nice getting all the compliments. I grew it out mainly because I didn't have the extra $$$ for the special styling - a simple trim is free, but haircuts cost extra where I'm from. But it was great while it lasted! I say try it and be sure to post a pic :-)

Tertia, dear: Greetings from Chicago! Like you my hair naturally has that grown-out perm look. I also share all these traits with you: Naturally dark brown with blond highlights, Chemically-processed hair, oily at roots, Thick hair with individually fine strands, Would prefer to keep length longer. What the two choices offered on Hair Thursday don't take into account is the way that hair like ours tends to poof out when it's layered unless we blow dry or flat iron. Doesn't sound like either of us is going to do that except for special occasions. I also wear mine all one length and pretty long. The only change I am considering is bangs. I don't mind flat ironing just the bangs every day (otherwise I get a crazy cowlick).

Get the bangs! :) I was also on Hair Thursday! And was nervous about getting bangs...always hated them in the past...but side swept ones are great! This is me:


(second update)


back from vacation, so i am late in commenting - and probably nobody will see this, but i have to...

anyway, what did you do??
number two would be perfect for you! make sure you update us!

plus, i had bangs and then grew them longer - if you have layered hair, they are no problem to grow if that is what you decide at some point...

hugs from europe!

Gute Arbeit hier! Gute Inhalte.

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