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Tertia, I looked at a couple of the cartoons, why does Zuma have a shower spigot over his head in some of them?

Have you ever seen "This Hour has 22 Minutes". http://www.cbc.ca/22minutes/ Same type of humour. Love the South African Airlines blurb about China offering dredging and salvaging services if needed...

@ Val 10:55 PM
Zuma claimed during his rape trail (for allegedly raping a female guest in his house who was HIV+) that he took a shower afterwards. He'd known she was HIV+ and did not use a condom. He was acquitted of the rape charges but the shower comments continue to dog him.

Very entertaining reading. Thanks for that. Liked the one about the poet disappearing up his own bum. And the Peter de Villiers sex tape skandaal.

Best entry ever was on Mandela's birthday:
"Mandela given oxygen after trying to blow out 90 trick candles"

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