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Too funny Tertia. I love how that viewing spot lets you seem to be in the middle of the fish.

I'd still do you.

Oh fine if no one else will have sex with you I will (sigh), you have to supply the lube though.

oooo - get you!! Trying to steer the attention away from the fact that it is a FUGLY photo - and then you subtly drop in a mention about a certain cosmtic procedure you had done, that SOME OF US ARE GREEN WITH ENVY ABOUT!!!
BTW - I think you killed 1 nemo! Check him out - on the sand to your left!
Now if that isn't scared stiff with fins stuck out to the side, then I don't have tram lines on my forehead!!!

Another great caption could be "Oh no I've turned into fish food".

That picture rocks.

Oooh, ME!

lol @ the above comments

I love the picture. I'd totally want to have sex with you. Tee hee.

Ive a similarly unflattering photo of myself only its a crab tank. I love aquariums.

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