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You are so funny and cute, there can be only lovely pictures of you ;-)

I hope you'll have a bit more time for yourself and each other soon. Those busy years are so very hard. You're doing a great job in making everybody happy. Us blog readers included...

I think you just perfectly described the history of true love between a man and a woman trying to raise a family...I hate to put more writing obligations on you, but a book on marriage would be divine. I'll be holding on to the "fake it til you make it" motto...it worked in AA, why not now...LOL

What a perfect description of marriage. The pic of you hugging the TV is hysterical.

soldier on tee.

do you hate being quoted? if yes, don't read on. if no...let's turn to p.6 of SO CLOSE, by oh my....TERTIA ALBERTYN. "marko is the first guy whom i have never been able to wrap around my little finger; he gives as much sh!t as he gets, he stands up to me, he didn't turn into a wimp within six months of our dating...."

there's one good quality of marko's that you already know about...he stands up to you and you couldn't respect him (much alone marry him) if he didn't.

love the tv, and are those new highlights? love em!

Ah, husband maintenance, good girl, Tertia.

technology soothes all wounds.

It may just be the pic ... but asshole husband and HD TV aside.... what the hell have you got on your feet?? They look like brown sheep skin slippers!!!!
Please tell me I'm wrong!!

Isn't it funny how husbands can be so easily pleased by the things we do and vice versa? We just need to learn to keep up the continual cycle which is sometimes difficult as at times it feels artificial. Years ago I learned in therapy that it really isn't, as would any of us continue to say or do nice things for someone if all we got in return was negative feedback or no feed back at all? Of course not, it would be unhealthy to do so. The trick, like you have discovered, is to remember all those good things about each other, which is easier, when the husband is loving us back. I often forget this too, but I have to say, nothing puts me in the mood for a Sunday morning shag than a Saturday that was spent by both of us doing the house chores. I feel relaxed that everything is done, loved that he took care of the stuff I could not, or didn't want to do and nurtured that he took care of our home. Of course, I have a feeling that he would have traded quite a few Sunday morning shags for that television. Well done T!

It is sheepskin slippers!!

Admit, it turns you on a little.

So...what's Marko doing to maintain relationship happiness? Tell me he's not just sitting on his rump watching TV instead of spending quality time focused on his wife and kids.

I swear by this method. We have used the fake it method several times throughout our marriage so far. I'm sure we'll use many more times.

Unflattering? Flippin' ugly I would say. And yes Kirsty, those are sheepskins which I hate, sheep should be in meadows, not on feet!
PS, Gary says you don't get that connecter thing and we also need a new TV. Not believing him!

I hear you loud and clear. My own husband can be a grumpy bastard. And when he is, he blames it on not getting laid enough. Of course, I love nothing more after the end of a long day of work, parenting and housekeeping than to put out for someone who has been a grumpy bastard all day.


That said, getting laid does cheer him up immensely. Perhaps I should hire a live-in hooker?

I think it's amazing how much our husbands need us. They actually need to hear our approval and feel our affection, or their lives get all dark and icky.
And they think WE'RE dangerous because we cry.

Tertia, honey, when are you ever NOT gorgeous? ;)

You are absolutely right, Tertia. Thanks for writing about this - I really need to get motivated, because lately all I want to do is deck my husband. I just sent him to read this blog entry. I know I'm going to hear it when he gets to the part about the TV. But to be honest, he should just be grateful if he even gets sex any time in the near future. Much less a TV.

You made me laugh and I don't even have a husband to relate this to! BTW I havent forgotten about the coaching offer...I take it the guys are doing well? You can drop me a line when they're back on the radar.

We ALWAYS make the effort to kiss hello when we get home. And depending on who gets home first they open the door and we always do the welcoming smile.

That always starts our evening off well.

Good on you. My husband and I are saved by our date nights -- every wednesday evening the babysitter takes over at 5 and we go to gym then out somewhere for dinner. Nothing fancy, just the chance to have an actual conversation for a couple of hours that doesn't involve the kids. Babysitter + restaurant bills are not cheap, but we've decided they're a necessary extravagance - and they're a darn sight cheaper than a new TV, actually :-)

My hubby needs to read this!!! My love language is physical touch, whilst his is "golf, supersport, salticrax & Castle Lager".... Fake it till you make it... great advise!

aaarrrgg just lost my reply .. so here goies again

Christ on a stick.. this could me my life complete with the overpriced hd tv which we bought last friday.

Here I was thinking i should go the counselling route to sort this stuff out. One blog and you have pulled me back and made me aware that women are going through these things and I AM NOT ALONE.

I am so chuffed that I will be blogging about this too soon

OMG- you always make me laugh out loud!

oh how funny!

My husband wanted the HDTV while I was pregnant. I sensed that this was his last desperate grab at his pre-baby days and consented. I can relate, that's for sure.....

this absolutely works! guaranteed! and tv's help too. for my husband it's outdoorsy crap - if he can buy something that folds down to nothing and weighs 3 oz he's very very happy.

Hi! Found your blog via Hair Thursday and I think this post is perfection! I really needed to read this today.

I'm really more convinced that my DH and I have the same marriage you guys have, except with one child instead of two. I really need to try to see if this faking thing works. My DH has been very a$$holish lately too.

Well, that works for me. My wife, works, makes messes and works a few hours a week. I drive a couple of hours back and forth to work, then help dinner, cleaning, laundry, lawn (2 acres), pick up boys after school, practice and/or games and work a full time professional job. I could add more, but you probably would not believe me. What do I get for my efforts, lets see. NOTHING, not even a hug or kiss. I get the look like, "your support to work to support your family, you should be so lucky." If I knew just one female, young, attractive and smart that would truly appreciate a good looking, smart, funny, intelligent guy, I would seriously think about leaving! I think I now know how good wives feel when they have piss poor husbands! Well, I think I will take my big boy shoes and get to steppin.

Oh my ga, you took the words out of my mouth. This is my feeling exact. Maybe I too will try a bit of kindness. That too will last a couple of weeks.

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