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I remember reading a study that said that no matter the size of the family, the oldest girl runs the show (what takeaways should we have? what DVD? etc). Even with older brothers. Seems to be true for everyone I've ever asked.

when richardcpryor said that women rule the world, he got laughs, but it was no joke.

(for the uninitiated, pryor observed that women have 51% of the vote and ALL of the pussy - every last damned bit of it.)

i was an only child. just think, perh ps kate is even now saving adam's marriage by training him so well. maybe that lack of female sib in my life is what cost me mine.

Lurve the photos - had tears in my eyes for some of them. Classics! Won't Kate and Adam laugh hard one day when they see them and realise that is Mum and Aunty Mel.

Hmmmm...wonder if Kate got her strong willed nature from her mom.

That Kate is a cheeky little sh*t, isn't she?

Love that photo of Marko as a young boy. You can certainly see the resemblence between Marko and Adam.

just read your twitter update... and then the heading of your previous blog entry! (For those who can't be bothered to check - twitter is saying that she needs to keep an eye on the husband and the previous blog entry is headed: I am not the jealous type )
Hmmm - some explaining madam Albertyn senior??

We have 4 people in our house and 4 tvs for that very reason! LOL

PS: Covering your ears will not keep you from seeing!! What is up with the bottles??? LOL

Keep your eyes covered ... COME ON, GET RID OF THE BOTTLES!!! Let your kids grow up for goodness sakes! How embarrasing that you encourage them to act like little babies with binkies and bottles!

Embarrassing for who Zerch? For you? Because it certainly isn't embarrassing for either them or myself. I prefer to let them grow up in their own time. They are three years old, not 17.

They r only toddlers once T, they will drop it eventually, but I promise you they won't go to school with a bottle and a dummy. Loved the pics !! You are one brave woman for sharing that, I admire that of you, u just don't give a shit, I wish I could be the same.

hey bok
Do not worry about the bottles, dummies, blankies etc. It will all happen in good time. I'm never sure what the rush is. If you are happy and they are happy, how can anyone critisize.

I can't see the rush in tossing bottles either... Who decided there was some mandatory cut off time? I know that if they fall asleep with a bottle between their teeth that that is bad.. but drinking from a bottle here and there... who cares?

People keep pressuring me to stop nursing my 15 month old. Whatever...

My girls are turning 4 on Oct 1st and only now has the last one left her dummy (and only because the dog ate it!). They all still very much have blankies that they sleep with. Funny enough our "first born" Olivia (by 60 seconds) also rules the roost and decides what is whatched on TV or what games are played - I try to give the others turns and MAKE the other two decide what to watch etc so that they can learn to be their own individual persons, but it is difficuilt.

At 13 yrs and 9 months, my son still goes to bed with his "plonky donkey" that his Dad bought him the day he was born (at the little craft shop inside Vincent Pallotti). It's a pillow in the shape of a donkey and it's covered in brightly striped fabric. He adores this pillow and takes it with him if he is sleeping out - whether it's at his grandparents or to friends...

Zerch here ... sorry I wasn't clear. It's embarrasing for YOU!!! My son is 3, so I'm not talking in hypotheticals. It's just that drinking out of a bottle is for babies, and a 3 year old is no longer a baby. There is a big difference between a 2 year old and a 3 year old. But, yeah, I suppose I have to admit that it's easier (for you) to let them do what they want.

The reason I brought up the bottle is because I know it's bad for their teeth. I didn't get mine off of it until 26 months (my 1st child.) My dentist fussed at me for a year. She said it affects their "adult teeth formation."

I just remembered.. my sister had her blankie well into her twenties. the exact same baby blankie. It disintegrated into a thin ribbon of binding and she kept it till that fell apart too. And she graduated from med school at the same time.

I'm turning 25 next month and I STILL have the teddy that was given to me by my Ouma before I was born that my mother couldn't separate me from! I don't think it's embarrassing at all - it actually represents lots of great memories.

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