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Oh my word!
There is nothing as shiny as clothes from the '80s.
And nothing as big as '80s hair.
But the music is still fantastic.
What an era!

I remember the 80's.......shudder. How was any of it ever cool?


If Kate and Adam ever ask about these I think pretending it was Halloween or something might be smart!

Heh. We were in matric the same year and I found my dance photos the other day... How did we ever let anybody do that to our hair? In my pic the boys were wearing more makeup than the girls nogal...

Have you NO PRIDE woman. Why would you do this to yourself. I mean, was it not bad enough that you LOOKED like this, but now you share it with all the internets! Are you completely crazy?

:-) About that G&D comment I made earlier today. Am having some MAJOR second thoughts.

Oh my, I had no idea that the big hair, mall bangs, and shiny shoulder-padded clothes of the '80s was a worldwide trend. I was a 'tween for most of the eighties - so just imagine the same neon clothes and permed big hair on a gawky 12 year old with braces. Humiliating.

But at the time, I thought I was H.O.T.

Nice gloves.
It's good to know that EVERYONE looked just as, um, fierce, in the 80's.

The shiny clothes I could probably not see again but I so miss big hair. I really do. I graduated high school in 1990 (in New Jersey - people in the US will get that) and it seems as soon as I went to college all of the fun and fluff disappeared. My hair is meant to live large.

I hope that big hair comes back one more time before I'm a senior citizen so I can once again carry a full bottle of hair spray in my purse, and keep a second full bottle at my desk. Just like the old days. :)

Bahh haahhh! That's funny! Sorry, but it really is...

My memories of he 80's are Commodor 64 TV games, Space Quest, Leisure Larry, Pacman & Digger Computer Games, Liewe Heksie, Masters of the Universe, Sus & Daan, Crayola, BMX...etc. That should've given away my age... (6-ish..)

But I do recall "The permed look"

So, so funny! He, he...

oh my! shudder... i can pretend to be grossed out, as i have not outed myself on the internet... suffice to say that i could have been at the same matric dance as you were. yaay for perms. in fact, bottom photo, bottom row, third from the right? my twin sister from another mother... love the white tights.

i often wonder what we will say about today's photos in 20 yeards.

Wow! You definitely embraced the 80's!!! I graduated high school in 1989 and while I certainly have my fair share of embarrassing 80's photos (not so much big hair for me but I definitely had the feathered bangs), I don't think I was quite so fashionable. :+)

I burn't my matric dance photos - I recall a bright shiny orange dress and a band around my head - I looked like a gypsy. And DONT forget the gold Lady Di shoes!!!! That was 1985!!!

Swoon ... swoon

MY EYES!! Those white stockings. Oh.my.word.

You are proof that one can get better instead of getting older. Or maybe it was just the poodle dog hair of the 80s. Hard to believe we paid hard, cold cash to have hair that looked like that.

Ahaaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


Ahahahaha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *wheese*

You've come a long way, baby.

awesome. rad.

I really really wanted to look like you in the 80s with the permed hair and shiny clothes. but too dorky to pull it off. Boy am I glad now! :) Of course, I have more than 1 photo of me at dances in sweater dresses. Don't know if that fad made it to SA, but oooh, that was a doosy.

I thought Texas girls had big hair in the 80s-but I guess it was a worldwide phenomenon!

In the early 90s I was a flower girl in a wedding.
They had shiny hot pink dresses.
It was scary.


ugh..the 80's!! Quite possibley the worst fashion decade EVER!!!!

Oh wow! Love the gloves

PMSL!! My photos are just as frightening! And we thought we were just too beautiful! Thankfully fashion has moved on a bit :)

Smoking hot indeed! Those white gloves truely compliment that ravishing orange dress and marvelously poufy hair! LOVE IT!

Some how the 80's were this great equalizer, men and women, attractive and unattractive, we all somehow ended up looking like drag queens! My god the make-up, the shoulder pads, the hair!

I'm assuming it was Halloween?

LOL - just kidding...I am too ashamed to take out my own pics from that era...graduated in 1987, so you KNOW those are some SCARY pics!

I had no idea the infamous '80s hair was worldwide. I have mapped out the specific spot of the ozone for which I am personally responsible.

Oh.My.God. I broke out into a snorting convulsion. YOU MADE MY WEEK!

Bwhahahahhahahahaha! Oh god I love the 80's!

OMG the purple thing in that first pic on her head...tell me I'm not the only, one you see that to right?!?!?!

Tertia-babes, like a fine merlot, you are definitely improving with age! Ye gads.

Madonna just called, she wants her gloves back!

Oh, the eighties...

Not kind to any of us.

You won't catch me posting me in my New Romantic splendour, either.

Nice! My loins are definitely stirring. Grrrrowwwrr!

Are you sure you're not from New Jersey? Egad! The clothes! The hair! Thanks for the memories and the big laugh.


THIS is exactly why I am so glad to have graduated highschool in the late nineties.

um, sweetie??? 1986 was 22 years ago, not 18. not to make you feel even older or anything ;)

never mind the white gloves - it was that shiny, burnt orange dress that I couldn't tear my eyes away from! (Sorry for late comment - just got back from mabula, so am catching up!) x

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