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Good for you, you are achieving so much. (Are you still getting in the occasional BJ)?

Can you tell any human interest stories about Nurture, or will that be too intrusive?

Don't encourage her, she is a pain. Arsehole! (her not you!)

You're the sort of person who's seen balance. You wave as you pass on your way from one extreme to the other.

Do your husband a favor. Get addicted to sex. He'd like that, I imagine.

Hey Tertia - my brother is bipolar and he goes through similar phases. Intense energy and creativity followed by blah, lack of interest and energy. You've been very open about your depression and anxiety and this intensity of yours could be linked, maybe it's not bipolar, but some sort of mood "thing" (there are lots of mood "things" that are not bipolar). My brother would not trade the creative, energetic phases of his bipolar where he's on fire to be free of the disorder. Just a thought.

You scare me.

Go easy on yourself. In the scheme of all the things you could be addicted to, this seems a benign thing (though as I type this I do recall people telling me that when you are involved with a workaholic it is not at all benign)


HappyGrl, I had the same thought. My husband has bi-polar disorder and was exactly the same in his periods of mania. He doesn't any more, as controlling his illness has decreased that as well as the crippling depression. Which is a huge relief to me. His obsession was cleaning, and it was freaky to see him vacuuming with a duster in the other hand at 3am.

As long as you are not experiencing the downward spiral part of the equation, enjoy it - I know how powerful it is. But yes, it is TOTALLY KNACKERING TO EVERYBODY AROUND YOU. But that is ok because you have already taken care of everything!

Take care.

Wow! Sister Mel said a swear word (ass....) I read it ~ she really wrote it! Only a sister can swear at a sister & get away with it ;)

I can relate as I sometimes have creative flows where I'm up all night working & obsessed about a new project~ I do some of my best work & am most prolific. Later, I'm able to cruse along & fill in the pieces until the next high.

You are a creative person & it's sometimes hard to be or live with a highly intelligent & creative person but there it is ~ so deal with it! T

Good heavens woman - I am exhausted just READING your post.

just enjoy it, and use this time to get as much done as possible. you will probably have a little crash later, but then you can rest, and relax, knowing that you got a lot done. i find that if i work with my energy cycles, and not against them, i am so much more productive.

Just don't start doing Tik or something ;)

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